The dark side of owning an iOS product… and why is having one phone NOT enough

So I have some TERRIBLE news today. I lost my iPhone 5 (that is INSIDE the premises, NOT outside, I think), and I guess I was RIGHT all along. I should have switched to Android instead.

So yeah, moral of the story: Always have a cheap phone with you if your main keitai is no other than an Apple product.

Now what is frustrating is that, in the Philippines, stealing and pickpocketing is inevitable. I guess by chance, when I owned a Nokia phone, it never gets lost. It’s either being replaced, or damaged. Yes, my slide-able Nokia phone was rather damaged when I was in first year of college. And when I had the N8, oh, it also never got lost.

I guess I have to switch back to Nokia for good. At least it’s not only durable, but it’s also pickpocket-proof! No snatcher will ever be interested in stealing a Nokia phone, ever!

As a matter of fact, I’d rather have Nokia than a Samsung Galaxy S phone, or even an iPhone. I have to thank my pal Roxyisferox for promoting Nokia as the best phone ever “walked” on the planet Earth.

Right now I’m gonna use a cheap phone for now.

The dark side of owning an iPhone in the Philippines

What do you expect in Metro Manila (of course, as opposed to Davao City)? Full of pick-pocketers and dishonest people stealing other people’s personal property for money. That’s why it’s better if I simply resided in Davao instead–at least there is discipline in that area, and you could actually expose your iPhone everywhere, just for picture-taking.

Now what is even more frustrating is that, in the most dangerous places in Metro Manila, you have to keep your phone and guard it, or else, a lot of snatchers won’t hesitate to steal it.

I guess, Apple has FAILED again to attract the mainstream market despite its efforts. Though it made a lot of efforts to attract mainstream market consumers, only the consumers in the business market are the ones who are buying it. Well, what do you expect, they set the price very high, which does not attract budget consumers at all.

It’s better to own an iPad or maybe an iPod touch in Metro Manila because they’re less costly than an iPhone (imagine, 16GB costs like 30,000 pesos, which is actually very painful!). Though I still like to own an iPhone on the inside (well, the apps do not frustrate and it unleashes one’s creativity), I have to work hard and achieve something first since in Philippine society, owning an iPhone means luxury. No kidding, people will think you are already an elite-class person once you own an iPhone, which is actually quite annoying.

To the elitist consumers out there, shoving Apple products to everyone’s throats won’t make you an “expert” power user. It will simply make you more elitist. If you own a MacBook Pro, iPhone and an iPad at the same time, then YOU ALREADY! I am not jealous whatsoever, it’s only that the Philippines frustrates me when it comes to imposing stricter laws on pickpocketers. I guess we need a leader like Ka Rody Duterte so that everyone who will steal other people’s personal property will receive a bitchslap from the death squad forces.

Two phones are enough

Owning a cheap phone is actually a good idea if a person owns an iPhone in the Philippines, for emergency calls. Now what is actually frustrating is that, there are some people you need to contact, but you can’t due to the fact that your phone was stolen.

I think I should own another phone which is very cheap and isn’t attractive towards snatchers. Something that is durable and has very long battery life, or go for an iPod touch which is a good alternative for an iPhone (well, without the phone, but at least you could access the Internet through Wi-Fi).

I think I should go instead for an iPod touch/iPad mini with retina display 64GB instead. There’s nothing really special on the iPhone 5s, except for slight modifications. Also, these options are cheaper compared to a 16GB iPhone 5s.

Aiming for a Japanese keitai

Hmmm… do you think it’s a good idea for me to hunt down for Japanese mobile phones? Fella GirlTalker megumiii just gave me another idea to buy a personal keitai in Japan–but it’s quite hard to choose which phone since most of them do not include built in WLAN capability on it. Just 3G. Which is very much frustrating.

Just in case I have more time, I should go again to Japan to hunt down for a new mobile phone. Prolly a Sony Xperia phone won’t hurt (HEY! I actually like Sony phones due to their sleekness, which an iPhone does not have at all).


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  1. as much as having iPhone or iGadgets are interesting, but still, if I will be thinking of buying a smartphone, it will not be an Apple gadget, especially iPhone. Maarte na nga interface niya, nakawin pa. I feel like, so many people here in the Philippines would kill for iPhone.

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    First, I am sorry for what happened to MSP and to her iPhone 5.

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