Monthly Archives: January 2014

Very Important Announcement: HIATUS

This applies to both this blog and MSPanythinginrandom.

Well, there are no other words to explain more, but it’s still not yet goodbye. After all, I am going on a hiatus as a blogger, for now. (:

Even the official Facebook page for both blogs are on a hiatus as well, since I’m going towards another journey. Chos. ((:

I’ll be back. (PROMISE!)

A Blessed Happy New Year to Everyone!

Apologies if I didn’t post a blog entry about greeting everyone a Merry Christmas since other people (particularly Muslims, Hindus and Jews) do not celebrate this holiday. Furthermore, I would still like to greet everyone a blessed Happy New Year since this is 2014, where this time, everything will be good as new.

I will post my memories on 2013… but for the meanwhile, I prefer not to post just YET!

Anyways, 2013 was the year when I first met my admirer who eventually stepped into my pride (not attending the grad ball and missing the chance to become a Dean’s Lister just because of him! He’s NOT my type at the first place… at all!) but on a lighter note, I discovered one of the greatest actors in the Japanese entertainment industry who is no other than THE adorable Sakai Masato-sama. This is where I started to embrace ALL things Japanese just because of him.

Overall, he’s our poster boy! HAHA! New Year, new crush. Sakai Masato IS still my crush although he’s no longer available! HAHAHAH!