South Korea: Land of the Morning Calm

Gwanghamun Gate–the gateway to the famous Gyeongbokgung Palace

Country Profile

Official Name: Republic of Korea/Daehan Minguk
Capital: Seoul
Language: Korean (Hangungeo)
Currency: Korean Won
Type of Government: Republic
Head of State: Park Geun-hye

Traveller’s Basics

TV System: NTSC
AC Outlet: Europlug (Type-C), main outlet is Type F (Schuko Europlug, in other words, the German Europlug)
Traffic Type: Right-hand traffic (Left-hand drive)


– There is a machine where you could place your brolly on a plastic wrapper! (Oops, sorry if I did not took a pic of it)
– Contrary to popular belief, despite its cost of living, South Korea (particularly Seoul) offers lower goods prices.
– Seoulites are very friendly people. Well, if you think some Koreans you’ve met are rude, that’s because they either drop their values once they live in another country OR they simply learn from their mistakes. But either way, I think that they’re the classiest people I’ve ever met. They’re apologetic as well!
– Koreans speak English, though most of them speak it in an almost-fluent level.
– FREE WIFI everywhere!
– Tourist Policemen exists. Yes, that’s right! There are a lot of them roaming around the most famous shopping districts… and almost everywhere in Seoul.
– The police in Seoul will always roam around by partner.
– Seoul isn’t the only independent city surrounded by a province (Gyeonggi-do). Other cities are Busan, Incheon, Ulsan, Gwangju, Daegu and Daejeon.
– Seoul has MANY signs written in different languages: English, Japanese and Chinese. This means that Seoul is opening up itself as a tourist-friendly city. Many Japanese and Chinese tourists visit Seoul for err… more affordable prices (imagine Japanese people have easier access to communicate in Seoul).
– Well, no offense but in DLSU, Koreans have more class and breeding than the Chinese mainlanders.
– Err… Seoul is basically more Wi-Fi friendly than cellular friendly unlike Japan. In other words, Internet in Seoul has no, no, NO censorship! Swear!
– Multiple citizenship has finally been legalized–in other words, any Korean person is now allowed to retain their Korean nationality even though they’re willing to acquire another citizenship (Great news to Korean expats in the Philippines who speak fluent Filipino).
– There is a special day called, Korean Alphabet Day. People owe King Sejong the Great for creating an alphabet suited for Hangugeo.


There are LOTS of shops where you could buy K-Pop items, even PSY socks! Oh, well! There’s lots more things in Seoul that you might like! K-Poppers, South Korea is a MUST-VISIT!

Best tourist attractions

The Gyeongbokgung Palace may be the most visitable place, but take note that more and more people prefer to visit the Demilitarized Zone.

Famous Koreans

Rain (Bi) – K-Pop superstar
Jay Park – Korean-American rapper and former member of 2PM
Song Il-gook – actor, son of actress-politician Kim Eul-dong
Lee Young-ae – actress, often labelled as the “Oxygen Lady”
Jang Na-ra – actress, best known for starring as the lead character in “Bright Girl,” the first Korean drama to air in the Philippines just before the hallyu boom.
Shim Min-a – hitmaker and dancer, best known for the popular pre-Hallyu song, “Answer the Phone.”
Lee Minho – actor, best known for being Jun-pyo in “Boys Over Flowers.”
Lee Hyori – hitmaker, pop singer
Song Hye Kyo – actress, best known as the “perfect face” of Korean entertainment.

Well, no need to mention the K-Pop bands since I ain’t a fan of K-Pop, either.


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