Lessons Learned from Haiyan/Yolanda

What taught me a lesson from Haiyan/Yolanda is UNITY among the Filipino people and the Visayan people. It is now time for us to DROP our crab mentality and START UNITING AND JOINING FORCES with one another.

Indeed, most of the Filipino public officials should realize that P-Noy is no way to be a superhero. Hello, P-Noy is not a superhero, he’s not even Jesus Christ, and he is still a homo sapien after all. In fact, these public officials should DO THIER FREAKING JOB rather (and HELP P-Noy) than to immerse themselves with all these luxury items. It really makes me sick when these officials are not even moving!

In addition, it’s NOT ONLY Tacloban that was deeply affected by Haiyan. In fact, there are MORE places in Eastern Visayas that suffered a greater impact than Tacloban. Why focus only on Tacloban? Why not give equal treatment towards other devastated places just like how they view Tacloban?

After all, I was right. After the Napoles trial in the Senate, I guess Haiyan was a punishment from God, but the said super-typhoon with a massive Storm Signal greater than 4 hit the WRONG areas. I guess, God is sending a message to these politicians. Well, you cannot blame science. Science generally covers the grey areas, that’s why sometimes, you’ll wonder why if a storm is a punishment from God, it hits the wrong areas. Here, the situation would be Black and White if Haiyan/Yolanda hit the houses of the Napoles family, or even the houses of Tanda, Pogi and Sexy (well, I would give a round of applause if Haiyan hit those areas rather than Eastern Visayas).

Here, I really cannot help but donate my money from the alkansya. At least, I am helping those people in need, and Haiyan survivors.

Masasabi na natin na mas may asim pa ang mga artistang tumulong sa mga nangangailangan doon sa Silangang Kabisayaan, kumpara naman kay Tanda. Dito rin natin mapapansin kung gaano nila tinupad ang kasabihang, “Generosity out of Excess.” Buti na lang at sila pa ang may puso, gaya ni Angel Locsin, pati na rin si Megastar Sharon Cuneta at ang anak niyang si KC Concepcion.

Mahiya-hiya naman sana ang mga publikong opisyal na walang ginawa kundi unahin ang sariling luho. Pati na rin ang mga NAPULIS!

I guess after all, Haiyan, is cruel in nature. Yes, indeed. We should bring back the old veterans with the “asim” in them. Here, you’ll see how they love their country and chose to be Filipinos in the Philippines serving our country–which means that they deserve to be the public officials of our country, but as what Vic Sotto said, “You don’t need to run for a position to serve other people.”

I think Haiyan has taught us a lesson NOT to be racist to our own. The only reason why we think that it’s wrong is because we are racist to our own kind, which is fucking ridiculous. Besides, our leaders never set a good example to our country, which causes crab mentality. We should initiate social change by helping one another and drop crab mentality in our culture. Let us start helping our FELLOW Filipinos and co-operate with our foreign friends in order to re-build our country.

To these countries who sent donations to Haiyan survivors and victims, I really owe you a debt of gratitude, in behalf of all the Filipinos as a whole. I salute you for your efforts, especially to our allies US and Japan for sending us your generous side. To Japan, we really appreciate it that you’re paying it forward to us–after we helped you when your people suffered the cruelty of an earthquake and tsunami at the same time.

Indeed, it is saying that Visayas suffered an earthquake… then suffered a super-typhoon–which means that history of the 3/11 calamity in Japan repeated itself.

This is not yet the end of my post. I still have to share my sentiments later. I still do not know how to say all my sentiments just yet. I guess, this would be for now.


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