Late Post: Hands-on Preview of the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) Super Slim


The console comes up with a controller (DualShock 3), RCA connector (A/V jack), AC power plug (Type G/British plug), Quick Start Manual and Warranty something manual. Well, the specifications include 500 GB (there’s also 250 GB) internal memory, XMB Operating System and err… Wi-Fi capable. Oh, wait… the PS3 could also be like a DVD player and at the same time play Blu-Ray movies. It also supports external HDD via USB ports plus charging mobile phones. (:

The Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim is the PS3 lineup’s latest hardware model to date… but this time, there were a few additions and subtractions with this thingy. Well, let’s weigh it in:


1.) If you got used to the PSP, you will also easily familiarize yourself with the system.

2.) Built-in Wi-Fi! LOLz!

3.) You could play music, movies and view photos, of course. Just plug in your external hard drive/flash drive and there you have it! But first, you have to place PHOTO, MUSIC, VIDEO as your folder names. One folder for each label!

4.) You could browse the Internet!

5.) You could set your time via the Internet (yep, date and time!), so that it will be synchronized with your time and timezone. (:

6.) Screenshots! Ahaha, anyways, Google some tips to screenshot your performances. BTW, Tekken 6 and Soulcalibur V supports screenshots, but make sure you press the PS button then go to Photo (Achtung: Only Tekken 6 supports screenshots at ALL times, while SCV only supports screenshots in some parts only).

7.) Free Online Gameplay (Tekken 6).

8.) Dualshock 3 (predecessor is SIXAXIS for some lawsuit reasons by Sony) could always be charged without a need for an AA battery. (:

9.) The manuals do not have to be very looooooooooong and very thick mainly because manufacturers expect PS3 users/gamers to familiarize with the PS3 and or make use of the Internet. Besides, printing a LONG, THICK manual is only a waste of paper and trees.

10.) Like any laptop, it accepts charging of iPhones (:

11.) It has 500GB max. hard drive memory (yay! That is very PS3 to me, though!). Here, NO NEED to use the Memory Stick for PS2.

12.) It plays BLU-RAY discs.

13.) It has OPEN-REGION/region-free games (well, almost every game that comes into the PS3 is not region-locked. My Tekken Tag 2 game is targeted for the European market and is PAL in color, but glad to know that it is compatible with an NTSC PS3 unit). I was never asked in Datablitz whether my PS3 comes from the United States or not, as compared to the Xbox 360 where everyone is asked whether the Xbox unit only plays US and/or NTSC games. (I will make a separate article about programming lockout–e.g., SIM-locked, region-locked.)

14.) The PS3 Super Slim also comes in different colors–no wonder I chose BLUE instead of WHITE. Sadly, they don’t have a pink one.


1.) Meh, no backwards compatibility (Not compatible when it comes to installing Linux plus when you wish to play PS2 games–you have to go to the PS Store online if you would like to play PS2 games).

2.) You have to eject the disc by pressing the “LEFT” button found on the console (not on the controller!).

3.) You have to buy yourself a separate HDMI cable if you want BETTER graphics (yes, to Tekken fans, take note of that one!).


5.) You have to register a PSN with another country especially if you live in the Philippines (I hate to say this, but I registered my address in Hong Kong, rather than in the US. Regionalistic-wise, I chose HK despite its PAL-oriented TV system because it’s near PH, like DUH!). Sorry to Vietnamese people with a PS3, I didn’t see Vietnam there. Only Thailand and Indonesia, and also Malaysia. I do not know why they didn’t include the Philippines right there.

6.) The PS3 also does not accept video, music and photo formats other than MP4 (dunno with AVI, MPG or MKV), MP3 and JPG/PNG, respectively. Google if you want to know more about PS3 file format compatibility since I ain’t an expert in those things.

7.) There are some instances where your game receives an error if you enable your Internet connection–in Tekken Tag 2, it’s advisable to disable the PS3’s Wifi if you’re receiving erros about updates and whatsoever since I have experienced that. There are some games that are like that SO PLEASE MAKE SURE that you disable your Internet connection first in Settings before installing the game (yeah, it sucks since I cannot play online with TTT2).

8.) You have to quit the game if you’re going to Settings or view Photos, Music and/or Videos (it is mandatory, sadly).

Overall Take: It may not be a family-friendly console (well, obviously it’s a console for a power user) compared to the Wii, but anyways, it’s still a game console. However, the reason why I chose the PS3 is because of my personal preferences and of course, my standards.

Personal Opinion: Well, YES, I did not regret to own a PS3 despite being super slim (well, there are mixed reviews regarding this one–although I should have got the PS3 original slim rather) since it is still a PS3, no matter how you place it in context. My brother even said that both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 are game consoles recommended for the avid gamer if you’re not into rated G (as in General, for everyone, of all ages, whether you’re an infant or a senior citizen! LOL) games. He even said that most of Wii’s games are for kids (haha! Quite true, but there are some games that are not for kids and for family at all)–well, I think Street Fighter is also qualified to be a Wii game due to its “cartoonish” nature (compared to Tekken, which is a realistically-3D game). After all, anything that is cartoon-ish and/or anime-ish is/are accepted by the Wii (Fire Emblem is also cartoonish/anime-ism as well, despite its rating). Also, GTA V won’t ever be released on the Wii because it’s notorious for being a Rated M game.

If you like to own a PS3/Xbox, make sure that you’re ready for such games that are hardcore (hardcore means, not an eye-candy or a friendly game–in other words, brutal). When it comes to the Wii, make sure that you don’t get tired with the child-oriented games.

Personally, I ain’t a fan of Wii, and never will be a Wii fan, unless someone gives me a Wii console for Christmas (haha, no kidding). I just think that the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are much better consoles, to think that there are shooting games and Tom Clancy games that are released in both worlds. Lately, I recently purchased GTA V since it’s my bro’s favorite game of all time (maji de!?)–and I chose it on the PS3 because he already has an Xbox, and he isn’t using it anymore for many reasons (can’t blame him, though). After all, that is HIS Xbox, and whom am I to touch it? Since I’m the elder sister, I usually let him borrow my PS3 (he will get the Xbox version if he passes his subjects, at least he passed, no failures)–after all, anyone could access my PS3 if they know how to utilize it.


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