The new iPhone 5C and the latest iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C Blue iPhone 5S


Hello everyone… I’m BACK!

Anyways, since the all-new iPhone 5C and the latest iPhone 5S has been released, let me tell you some highlights about the launching:

Good News: The iPhone 5C is already there… which is a low-cost iPhone at last, while the iPhone 5S is obviously the successor to the iPhone 5.

Bad News: The original iPhone 5 is sadly, discontinued. But good news for the iPhone 4S, it is already a phone that is still existing, but offers 8GB of memory.

One thing that made the iPhone 5 discontinued is that, it was completely replaced by the iPhone 5C, and so far, the iPhone 5 suffered the same fate as the iPad 3rd gen.

The specs between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S did not change, and it’s obvious that the iPhone 5S had a/n S that means, “scanner.”

My take:

I think Apple has been very stingy when it comes to improving their iPhones’ specifications. The iPhone 5S still has an 8-megapixel camera but with f/2.2 aperture, maximum of 64GB internal memory and err… well, basically that’s it. I am not that impressed at the iPhone 5S since the specs are STILL THE SAME. They did not even bother to upgrade its memory capacity to a whooping 128GB and of course, camera megapixels did not increase to a whooping 12MP.

So far, Apple did not want its power user fans to expect too much. Oh well, but at least the 5S offers a gold color. (:

As for the 5C, Apple should have also offered a white front color because not all likes black. Also, black with bubblegum colors look toy-ish. No joking, people.

But if I were to be asked, I would still go for an iPhone. You know naman, kapag nakasanayan mo nang gumamit ng iPhone (especially if you’re a tech-savvy power user), you will embrace Apple iOS. Nyahahaha! (:<


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  1. Wish to have an iphone,, but. Yay,, poor girl here. ^^

    • Molybdenum Studios

      Hehehe… but not everyone loves the iPhone. Some prefer Android, though (but I myself am not an Android fan… hehe).

  2. until now i cannot make up my mind as to whether i prefer iOS or android. hehe! apple’s very restrictive kasi when it comes to apps. yung android naman, the screen keeps on getting bigger and bigger.

    • Molybdenum Studios

      Correct when it comes to Apple regulating apps for their products. In reality, the iPhone is actually targeted for the business market even though its apps are more on the consumer market. Pero ‘yung Android, ‘yun ang pang-masa for me (lol). ((:

      Kung dati, small, lightweight and slim phones were the norm, pero now, more on app convenience na. (:

  3. I agree with you, iphone5C should have stick with the black or white classic variants.

  4. Talaga sis. Black and colored lang ang 5c? Anti-black pa naman me pag sa iPhone. I really wanna get a new phone though and I was thinking 5c..

  5. well, I hate throwing my hateration towards anything APPLE. As much as I am feeling a bit of appreciation to iOS (as compared to BB-OS) and I find iphone 5C catchy for my eyes, iPhone 5C is the lower-cost iPhone but still higher-priced phone at Php20000+. Also, as I check on GSMArena, ang baba ng score ng iPhone 5C.

    • Molybdenum Studios

      That is just as expected. I also don’t like the 5C either for very shallow reasons: The front is black ((: and mas gusto ko pa naman ang white na front. Mukha pa siyang toy… that’s why.

  6. I have not done my research yet but how low-cost is a low-cost iPhone 5C?

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