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Frankly speaking… Mark Joseph Solis and his plagiarism act!

Well, as a photography hobbyist, I find his actions too appalling and disgusting at the same time… and you will see in him that he has a sarcastic look–similar to Kurosaki-san of the Taxation Bureau (Hanzawa Naoki) and err… Benhur Luy, the opportunist whistle-blower.

If you think that he’s a photographer at his own right–think again! Does he even have his own Flickr account in the first place? Does he even OWN a deviantArt account as well? Does he prove that he has his own photography equipment?

Sometimes, you have to prove to anyone that you’re really GREAT in taking photos by SHOWING YOUR PORTFOLIO to everyone. I doubt he has his own Instagram account, or maybe his own portfolio.

Other ISKO people feel very ashamed of him, kaya as an outsider, mas lalo nang bumaba ang tingin ko sa UP just because they tolerated this guy and his lies–he comes from a poor family… RAW!?

Also, I really don’t think he deserves forgiveness. Hindi lang pala niya ginawa ‘yun ONCE, but he did it so many times that YES, he was CAUGHT in the ACT of stealing.

And don’t get me started about “You don’t know him personally” blah blah shit–ask any legit photographer out there and they will really find him appalling.

He shamed UP for the love of God. Kaya I was actually caught in a “verbal war” between an isko vs. me myself, for calling UP a “diploma mill.”

SORRY POE ah, taklesa lang po ang peg ko. Eh dala niya ang name ng school, kaya siyempre, ganyan talaga ang magiging reaction ng mga outsider people. Also, if he’s really a photographer, did he ever gave tips to his fellow hobbyists at the same time?

I doubt he’s really an amateur photographer.

My personal doubts about the PREMIER State-U, aka UP!

Pero despite HIS shenanigans, UP’s controversies continue to lurk around, and until UP does not fix its system, many outsiders will bash them to no end, granted that it’s a TOP UNIVERSITY. In fact, dinaig pa sila ng PUP when it comes to improving facilities. From my buddy Roxyisferox, she said that PUP never fails to maintain and to improve school facilities, and they didn’t have the need to install air conditioners at all, and I have seen one of PUP’s exterior buildings–it is very much improved and there are no signs of dilapidation, as compared to UP (been to the Human Kinetics err… something, not impressed by the quality of its facilities, and the locker rooms and restrooms… ay nako!).

As much as I hate ranting against UP, it is a sad reality that many people didn’t realize that this Solis guy is tolerated despite plagiarizing a lot of times–as compared to Kristel Tejada who deserved MORE SUPPORT. Accusing me of being in a compare-and-contrat mode? Kristel, as you can see, loved studying, and that is a sign of honesty. She was very honest, and hardworking–and people like her were just left behind to die! I pitied her just because she could no longer cope with paying the tuition fee on time–while Solis, on the other hand, is being tolerated because he HAS THE MONEY, while he’s claiming that he’s a poor dude.

A philstar column by Clapano, Mateo and Joven said:

“Watching Mark Solis’ interview on GMA News TV, where he claims that money problems forced him to resort to misrepresenting himself. I want to puke! I’ve seen his house in Las Piñas and the venue of the GMA-7 interview doesn’t look anything close to his house. He has more expensive gadgets than I have! I challenge the fact-finding committee of UP to investigate his and his family’s lifestyle,” Valte posted on her Facebook account.

Also, netizens were really very sure that Solis is FIT to be a Philippine politician.

“Basta magnanakaw, pwedeng-pwedeng tumakbo bilang pulitiko.”

Ahahaha… so rich thieves should get away from the law, and be higher than the law!? Jeezes, it makes me wanna vomit if HE WILL BE A POLITICIAN.

But UP’s controversies should not damage UP’s reputation–in fact, UP is still UP, and it’s not a problem to us. Kahit i-shove ng mga hardcore Maroons ang UP as NUMBER ONE STATE-U, ALAM NAMIN ‘YUN. Kaya if someone bashes UP, do not be butthurt! Not all people think UP as a “great” school, nor does any other private and state U in the world.

Oh, and one last word. If you misinterpret this one as jumping into conclusions, but I don’t buy into your lambastments. Comments are closed just to let you know that I do not accept rude comments. (:

The new iPhone 5C and the latest iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C Blue iPhone 5S


Hello everyone… I’m BACK!

Anyways, since the all-new iPhone 5C and the latest iPhone 5S has been released, let me tell you some highlights about the launching:

Good News: The iPhone 5C is already there… which is a low-cost iPhone at last, while the iPhone 5S is obviously the successor to the iPhone 5.

Bad News: The original iPhone 5 is sadly, discontinued. But good news for the iPhone 4S, it is already a phone that is still existing, but offers 8GB of memory.

One thing that made the iPhone 5 discontinued is that, it was completely replaced by the iPhone 5C, and so far, the iPhone 5 suffered the same fate as the iPad 3rd gen.

The specs between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S did not change, and it’s obvious that the iPhone 5S had a/n S that means, “scanner.”

My take:

I think Apple has been very stingy when it comes to improving their iPhones’ specifications. The iPhone 5S still has an 8-megapixel camera but with f/2.2 aperture, maximum of 64GB internal memory and err… well, basically that’s it. I am not that impressed at the iPhone 5S since the specs are STILL THE SAME. They did not even bother to upgrade its memory capacity to a whooping 128GB and of course, camera megapixels did not increase to a whooping 12MP.

So far, Apple did not want its power user fans to expect too much. Oh well, but at least the 5S offers a gold color. (:

As for the 5C, Apple should have also offered a white front color because not all likes black. Also, black with bubblegum colors look toy-ish. No joking, people.

But if I were to be asked, I would still go for an iPhone. You know naman, kapag nakasanayan mo nang gumamit ng iPhone (especially if you’re a tech-savvy power user), you will embrace Apple iOS. Nyahahaha! (:<


I could finally say this…

At last! I am graduating.

Here, I think it’s something that is honorable. As a matter of fact, my WHOLE YEARS OF STAY in DLSU has made me become a better person and err… reunite with someone whom I used to lambast before. But now, we are at truce.


Well, sorry to my lovely followers, but as a matter of fact, I have not really updated this website. Hehe, but YES, since I am actually on a real hiatus on blogging (I will go back for as soon as I have Photoshop in my hands, for I have a new Facebook page and Instagram account to share).

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Right now, I am currently learning Japanese. Well, not really as in FORMAL, but if I have time, I will immerse myself in the language and culture of Japan. Also, I am now working on this Kómi Says Memes wherein this is the page for ALL Legal High and Sakai Masato fans!