Yamette kudasai yo, Shittakaburi!

Untitled-5Komikado says, “Before you judge someone, visit mspanythinginrandom.wordpress.com not only because of the author’s personal opinions/POVs, but this is also a blog that is INFORMATIVE and will EDUCATE YOU! YEAH!”

In other words, it means, “Stop it, know-it-all(s)!”

Educate yourself first before spewing off words that offend everyone. If you think I am wrong and you are right, then fuck you!

Side Note: In other words, know-it-all people have the gravest insecurities ever, unless they come from UP (no kidding, I may have been against the ISKO school because I always believed that it is a training/breeding ground for know-it-all people) and/or they’re intellectually blessed with a very high IQ.

Intellectually blessed ba kamo?

I don’t actually find most of the GIRLTalkers and err… Fashion Pulis fans THAT credible. If you want MORE LEGIT information, then go to PinoyExchange.com, even though people will laugh at you for using the jargons given at that forum. At least people there will educate you and provide you very legit information about celebrities. However, ingat-ingat lang because there are a lot of trolls there in PEX, unlike in GIRLTalk, it’s mostly opinion-based and first- and/or second-hand accounts are merely interpreted through their POVs (well yeah, I think GIRLTalk is not that credible, although informative).

Meanwhile, Fashion PULIS netizens are only just spewing comments that would equate to a rant–most of them are quite BIASED with their comments. Also, they mostly defend celebrities with a questionable character (which know-it-all people usually do, HA HA HA!). Defending these douche-y celebrities won’t make you more credible because your moral principles in life are VERY much questionable, to the point that I wanted to tell you this: Make sure that you’re intelligent and at the same time, morally-laden before you spew comments that defend them. In Filipino, reflect-reflect lang kapag may time.

Now why am I saying this? It’s because morality nowadays is getting fucked up to the point that having good manners and observing sensitivity towards others is no longer given importance. I hated the fact that whoever has a questionable personality, they are the “star” of the spotlight, while the more mannered ones are left behind. For the love of Buddha, nobody thinks that having good manners and observing proper etiquette is for everyone’s benefit. Being rude is acceptable, normal and tolerable, while being polite is being “too formal” and too “old-school.”

Now what is too old-school about being polite and observing proper etiquette?

Id being unethical cool? No it isn’t. It is UN-cool. Being direct and straightforward, feisty and at the same time outspoken is acceptable, despite having no breeding.


It’s OKAY to be outspoken, frank and straightforward WITH SUBSTANCE. You could be straightforward for as long as you make it constructive.

Well, here goes:

These are (some of) the articles that you have to read (and to feed your mind literally lolz) before you judge someone (most of them uebrigens, are flashback articles):

Anne of a thousand hits – Sorry guys, no matter how much you think that Ricky Lo is a lame host, I respect him MORE than I respect Tito Bhoy (lolz). Look at the feistiest celebrities (Tita Bisaya, for instance) and Bashing 101–they commend him despite his lapses in interviewing and hosting. Besides, his articles in Philstar are neutral and does not spew off biases.
Issue ng Cristine Reyes versus Sarah Geronimo sa Juicy – Even though Cristy Fermin is controversial and at the same time questionable in character, I still respect her, especially when it comes to AA, she does not have anything good to say towards the skank.
POP ROCK IN THE PHILIPPINES – After all, you are not considered as a “true fan” of pop rock music if you don’t really like Yeng (just because your standards are based on face value and fashion sense alone). Yeng defines what pop-rock really means in general.
Is It Okay to Date Your Best Friend’s Ex? – The author tsismosa-ako may be biased about Kim Chiu, however, this is a must-read when you want to know why delicadeza should still be observed (most of the time), even among best friends and their partners.

Most Filipino netizens think that it is OKAY to judge someone based on their actions… what if these actions are like, let’s say, for everyone’s good? Meaning to say that they glorify SUPERFICIALITY.

However, I don’t view them AS A WHOLE. I view them based on personal experience. Before you judge, re-evaluate your standards and your POVs. That way, you will feel enlightened.


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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