Insights on Feuerbach’s atheistic philosophy

I believe that these statements and arguments that Feuerbach explained in his atheistic philosophy is that, he caters people who do not believe that there is a God, though there are many religions that are actually atheistic just before Feuerbach entered the scene. Feuerbach’s atheistic philosophy is a mere attack towards Christianity because of the latter’s “authoritarian nature.” From someone who comes from a prayerful family, there are some points where I do agree with Feuerbach–that man lowers his attributes in order to worship God as a supreme being. This made me come up with an impression that “God” becomes authoritarian through the Bible, the Church and the Vatican–which has been distorting the theistic beliefs of Christians for so long. In fact, there is actually no such thing as an “authoritarian” deity, but this “deity” is more of a guide and a problem-solver, contrary to how extremely-religious people think about God. Another thing, I agree with Feuerbach to some extent that “theism is a disguised form of atheism.” This statement applies to people who will use the name of God as a form of power-tripping (otherwise known as an “authoritarian”) form of superiority complex. Overall, religion is man-made. It actually dates back during the time before the common era (BCE)–it is man who established religion as a group of people through society. It means that it is a society that dictates on what people should do, and if you do things that are usually out of the norm, you are labelled as a social outcast. It is society that acts as an “authoritarian god” that dictates one’s life according to social norms.


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