J-Dorama Review: Legal High

I don’t think this would be the best J-Drama for me so far, but I guess this is a must-watch.


The whole series is waaaaay different from what I usually watch on television. This is a comedy series that contains the following stars: Yui Aragaki (Machiko Mayuzumi), Masato Sakai (Kensuke Komikado), Kotaro Satomi (Hattori) and last but not least, the iconic legend Katsuhisa Namase who portays Miki Choichiro, Komikado-sensei’s worst opponent.

Kensuke is actually a very arrogant and sarcastic rich lawyer who has never lost a lawsuit. But deep down inside, he also has a serious side despite his intolerable antics towards Machiko. Meanwhile, Machiko is somewhat quite reserved and is more righteous and emotional, in contrast to Kensuke’s attitude.


This is for me, Yui Aragaki’s comedy role as a lawyer. I really cannot imagine her being too funny in some sort, since her personality reflects on the ideal Japanese woman: the Yamato Nadeshiko (you’ll see all the shows she was featured in).

However, I’d like to say this one: Gakky doesn’t seem to fit the role of a lawyer at all. It was actually Masato Sakai who nailed the whole series ever–in Tagalog, siya ang nagdala.

In other words, Sakai’s acting is more neutral despite exaggerating the role of Komikado Kensuke, unlike most actors who exaggerate their roles in an over-acting manner. Sakai is a charmer; he could actually be a better actor compared to other Japanese actors who just err… bring their talent through their good looks (haha, I will still finish the other doramas that I have uploaded). Gakky, on the other hand, seemed to be more like the roles of Frodo and Harry Potter (portrayed by Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe, respectively)–in other words, the main protagonists’ role is actually more weak, and has the traits of a sidekick more than the protagonist. After all, this makes Sakai’s role a “backup solution.”


Also, this is one way to learn new words in Japanese, and this is a recommended drama for those who are taking ISJ-LMG in DLSU, and to those Japanophiles who are learning Nihongo.

The subtitles should actually be slower for like, half a second, especially with Komikado-sensei’s lines! The challenge of subbing someone’s fast speech is quite difficult. Yeah, challenging but at least if you’re not going to watch it on TV, it would be good.

Rating (highest is 4.0, lowest is 1.0): 3.0-3.5


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