The Golden Rules in Life

1.) Meekness (particularly meek-mindedness) is next to stupidity.

Meek-mindedness is a hindrance to one’s self-development, I must say. Meekness cannot actually raise their middle fingers against a know-it-all friendly society. People who are meek-minded do not ask permission from the younger people, and they often choose their life partners to be the much more unapproachable–for meek-minded women, they choose guys who often abuse the family-oriented system. For meek-minded guys, however, they choose gals who often have an attitude problem and speaks in an irritating manner. That is why I won’t ever accommodate or entertain suitors who are meek-minded. To be honest, a meek-minded person cannot actually get into an argument with a know-it-all. In short, all they say is “yes” because they cannot have the guts to raise their middle fingers towards a know-it-all person.

Meek-minded people allow themselves to be submissive towards know-it-alls, but MCD’s are actually backfighting them. If know-it-all walking contradictions would therefore treat meek-minded people as “under” them, then they could actually contribute towards slavery.

2.) Egalitarianism is hierarchy’s worst enemy.

Hierarchy is a bitch. Whether everyone likes it, OR LIKES IT, egalitarianism becomes hostile towards a know-it-all friendly society. In other words, egalitarianism embraces communism. This is where parents should have a fair share of asking permission from their children. If children (or let’s say teens) should ask for permission from their parents most of the time, then why can’t parents do the same? Parents who also ask permission from their children as the latter often does to the former is a sign of embracing egalitarianism. Hierarchy, on the other hand, is often in black-and-white and is often one-sided. There is no such thing as flexibility and it often reflects on what the caste system is. The class system is actually more flexible. If egalitarianism is hierarchy’s worst enemy, it is also an opposing response towards Confucianism. It is also the enemy of societies that think in black-and-white, therefore, if egalitarianism is imposed in a black-and-white society, then it will oppress that said society itself. Hierarchy allows meddling of minors, while egalitarianism doesn’t. As a matter of fact, an egalitarian society therefore must be a know-it-all oppressive society. Egalitarianism should also therefore become intolerant towards sexism (eradicate the habit of spoiling men in their society).

Meek-minded people in an egalitarian society must therefore learn to stand up and straighten up their beliefs, and abandon their faux traditional minds. Actually, what makes them meek is their background–if they do something without thinking, they must be exposed more in an egalitarian society wherein know-it-all people are often oppressed and unwelcomed; and when meek-minded people start to get rid of these know-it-all people, then they must therefore be enlightened.

3.) A know-it-all friendly society will never be progressive unless they abandon their backward-ish beliefs.

If a know-it-all society is therefore hostile towards introverts, they actually welcome those who have superiority complex. Arrogance and air-headedness is therefore welcomed and admired, and at the same time when one does not conform to the social norm, he or she is therefore discriminated. As a matter of fact, people with a know-it-all mentality contribute to what is called as the “Law of Detraction,” which is often (falsely) associated with crab mentality (crab mentality is originally “to help” people). Detracting people just to get that “thing” or “position” is a know-it-all mentality. If a society is hostile towards know-it-all people, then it is more progressive than a know-it-all friendly society.

Watch out for my next article, “The know-it-all culture of the Philippines.”


About Molybdenum Studios

I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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  1. I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post
    is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my problem.
    You’re incredible! Thanks!

  2. Reblogged this on Spitfire Rants and Thoughts over the Kimchi & Adobo and commented:
    While I could not say anything for now, I hereby sharing yet another intelligent and mind-awakening piece writen by my friend MolybdenumStudios. I still recognize hierarchy, especially here in the Philippines. It’s just that the possible abuses that hierarchy is about to bring are things for me to puke on. While hierarchy exercises respect and authority within social and corporate ladder, it also brings out chauvisnistic tendencies of the upper echelon in a social and corporate setting. Hierarchy also brings out double-standards among the rich and poor, the older and the younger, men and women, supervisors/managers and subordinates, etc.

    While I don’t deny my ‘meek’ side, I think about ‘meekness’ plays a double-edged sword just like hierarcy—-it imposes subordination and at the same time, it worsens the abusive side of the know-it-alls and chauvinistic people.

    Lastly, I simply cannot understand some people out there prefer to appear smart that usually borders arrogance and superiority complex, and they don’t even care if they appear like that. There is a sheer difference between NATURALLY CONFIDENT than being just a mere POMPOUS BITCH.

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