Kevin Rudd as Australian Prime Minister, take two!|Again, Mr. Rudd is at it again!

I’d say that this is for the good of Australia since the country deserves better.

Nothing really controversial has happened in Australia, except that it is still under surveillance when it comes to Internet filtering (yes, that really means that Australia is one of the least Internet-friendly countries in the world).

I’m not really familiar about Australian politics as a whole and Mr. Rudd’s local and foreign policies. Even though he has a fair share of controversies with Julia Gillard, at least he is more discreet and is more than professional. Also, you’ll never hear of him creating such oppressive policies unlike ex-PM Gillard who is, according to most sources, a racist (given that she migrated to Australia from Wales).

Of course, more respects and power to Mr. Rudd!


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  1. Gosh! You’re so well informed. And your research skills leave me breathless!

  2. Interesting perspective on Australian politics. I feel Rudd is a good policy maker::)

    • Molybdenum Studios

      I think so, too! And the mere fact that he could speak Mandarin Chinese makes him faaaaar better than Julia Gillard! (:

  3. I wish I could add to that, but I think you’ve covered it all.

    My only suggestion to your readers would be;;;;; In case Rudd doesn’t stop Tony Abbott becoming PM, buy a one way ticket to NZ.

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