Now there is such thing as foot surgery!?

Paris Hilton said, “How I wish my feet were smaller… they’re just too big! But they’re still cute, though.

However, Victoria Beckham said, “I hate my feet–they’re the most disgusting thing about me.”

Hmmm… if someone asks me, “Will you consider foot surgery?”

Well, I WILL consider it.|Before and after photos of foot surgery

Alright, if you’re going to be disgusted about plastic surgery, well, I’m open-minded about it.

First of all, I’d say that this is the most perfect type of surgery for me: Digit reduction in both my hands and feet will really make me more attractive than ever. As a matter of fact, my hands are too big for my height, and my feet are too wide for some shoes. I need this surgery as a personal choice (I much prefer having wider forehead and bigger ears, though. Genetics sucks dick, TBH).

I swore to myself not to look at Amber Tamblyn (well, not her fault if she’s a tall woman with extremely dainty feet–which is much more pleasing to look at!), but after looking at her feet (not a fan of Amber at all), well, I will go for it. I was cursed with all the ugliness–but I swore not to touch anything in my face. Well, there’s nothing really wrong when you want to change in yourself, right? After all, you can never change your attitude–improvement is the correct term.

If I were to go on a trip to Korea, might as well hunt for some clinics that allow and offer these type of surgeries (as far as I know, Korean women’s feet are very small, I think much smaller compared to Chinese women). Since I’m Asian, I’d prefer myself to look more Asian–after all, this will make me happy.


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