Thoughts: iPod Touch 5th-generation 16GB model

Here’s the video 😀

Okay… there are some features removed and enhanced in some matter: NO REAR CAMERA AND THE STRAP HOOK BUTTON HAS BEEN REMOVED AS WELL.

Black panel at the front… silver at the back.

My take: Now Apple did not allow the iPad mini to be the first device to be the first neophyte device to be incorporated with a retina display. Now I see how backwards Apple really is. They did not actually incorporated video recording function in the iPhone 1st gen model and in the iPhone 3G. That’s something that I’d like to face-palm at. Also, they did not apply higher capacity immediately on the 1st-gen iTouch. They only did that on the 2nd- and 3rd-gen models.

…and then Apple has been suing Samsung for this and that!?

Seriously, Apple never learned a lesson or two. Too bad they only incorporated 8GB on the iTouch 4th-gen as the entry-level model, not the 16GB one. How backwards!


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