Blast from the Past: Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

Before the emergence of third-generation (3G) smartphones, the Personal Digital Assistant, also known as the PDA, started to boom in the electronics market. However, it was only catered to the professional/enterprise market, rather than in the consumer market.

The platform used was Windows Mobile (now the Windows Phone which is catered to the consumer smartphone market), and remember, it’s between the 65k- and 262k-dot touchscreen LCD monitor/s (the AMOLED and the retina display was still at its fetal stage) wherein you’ll only enjoy what’s on the screen, even though it’s too pixelated (yep, pixelated because you cannot compare it on something that has 300ppi as an LCD density — reserved for both the AMOLED and retina displays).

Most of these Personal Digital Assistants are Pocket PCs since their OS (which was Windows Mobile back then) is actually equal to the smaller version of Microsoft Windows overall. Heck, not even Android or the iOS, or even Symbian would par with the features that the Windows Mobile used to have.

So, PDAs were therefore the “pagers” of the 2000s era, whereas smartphones were like the late versions of earlier 2G, monochrome-screened phones.|The very popular Palm Treo 650.

Seriously, I do not see any difference between PDAs/Pocket PCs versus smartphones. In essence, Palm PDAs were succeeded by BlackBerry phones while O2 Xda’s were succeeded by Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones at the same time. The only difference is that, smartphones are mainstream PDAs, meaning to say that it is actually targeting the consumer market (in other words, it is not limited to the enterprise/business market).|O2 Xda II: The best PDA of all time.

I always wanted to have an O2 Xda phone. However, my thoughts and views changed when these PDAs transitioned through and leaned towards the mainstream market, this time, as smartphones. The cross-over from the business market towards the mainstream/consumer market made a big impact in the history of consumer electronics technology. It’s like the MacBook Pro closing the gap between the elite market and the mainstream market–in such a way that these upper mid-priced devices would become financially-accessible by the middle-class (yes, I’m really very proud to be part of the middle-class, and hopefully I would live a middle-class life as well).

During the early 2000s towards 2009, MBPs and PDAs were considered as luxury items. It is only when they started to lean towards the mainstream market in late 2010-early 2011. Signs of this cross-over emerged when the iPhone 4 was announced and released.

I hate to say this, but when people judge me for bringing gadgets as for “all-show,” nope, they don’t even know that I feel very much ashamed of myself when I do not bring my gadgets whenever I have a permit or if it’s allowed FOR DOCU PURPOSES only. Sa bagay, they did not fully experience being power users (like me, of course) even for a single day or for a week.

If I were to be asked right now, if I did not place myself in a hurry, I would still have my Satio phone, and I would have been ignoring several news and hypes about the iPhone. In other words, I won’t ever join the iPhone hype/peer pressure (I never had a great relationship with Nighty, otherwise known as the Nokia N8, nako, baka sasabihin niyo na namang maarte ako, well, I need Internet access via mobile, DUH!). Yep, my Satio phone has always been my Sony Ericsson dream, and I really miss it so much to the point that I wanted to cry just because I lost it in EGI Tower Taft (which is really dangerous if you leave your gadgets unattended, my other classmate lost his awesome Nokia Lumia phone right there–and he replaced it with an iPhone 5 LOL).|HP vs. O2

When I just had a glimpse on the iPhone 4S, that’s where I gave in towards the “hype.” Sadly, I lost it during a free concert, which is a shame because it costs like… double the price of the Satio (hahahaha! Won’t tell you how much the Satio is!). When I chose the iPhone 5, it was like my good-ol’ Nelly, and I called it, “Nelly II.”

If I could just own an Xda, I would be the happiest kid in the world, and not only that, I would actually be the first youngster (LOLjk) to own a Personal Digital Assistant.


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  1. Hi there, You have done a fantastic job. I will certainly digg it and personally suggest to my friends.
    I’m confident they’ll be benefited from this web site.

  2. i already know the price of sony ericsson satio… ehhehe! google lang naman iyan!
    anyway, i think I saw a palm gadget almost a decade ago. hindi pa coloured ang screen, pero I think the same population who are mad about iPhones and stuff won’t bother buying PalmTreo or older versions of Palm. That time, nung college ako and nung nagtatrabaho na ako sa Tronix, walang school kids, walang call center agents, wala sa banking sector (except execs) ang may-ari ng Palm.

    If that happens to be a smartphone, that would be one of the most indestructible smartphones ever.

    • Molybdenum Studios Founder and CEO

      Pero mas prefer ko ang Xda because the look and feel is not-so professional, but likewise, it’s still a PDA, so if I were to see myself in my pre-high school days owning an Xda, too awkward! LOL

      • Yeah! Awkward, pero at the same time, big time ang dating mo ‘teh! Mawindang sa ‘yo lahat ng mga kaklase mo nun, dinaig mo pa mga anak ng pulitiko nun! hhahahaah!

      • Molybdenum Studios Founder and CEO

        Well yeah! But since I’m a power user, I’d much prefer owning a PDA rather than being coerced to learn things that I’m not interested at (remember my Instagram post via FB), at least.

  3. I’m really enjoying the theme/design of your site. Do you ever run into any internet browser compatibility problems? A couple of my blog audience have complained about my website not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Firefox. Do you have any recommendations to help fix this issue?

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