Apple iPhone 5: Hands-on Preview

You won’t expect a hands-on preview from someone like me.

HALLO, NELLY II (Nelly zwei)!




The all-new Lightning Connector err… something + the headphone jack at the bottom.

Knowing myself, I was at the in-denial stage when the iPhone 5 came out. First of all, people wanted to switch towards the Samsung Galaxy SIII due to its screen size (4.8″), while the iPhone 5’s screen is only 4 inches.

Credits to Mudra for this thingy ;D Danke danke sehr sehr schoen! Haha!

Now let’s see why I chose the iPhone 5…

Side Note: I lost my iPhone 4S during a free concert. I actually regret it, sigh. Wherever it is, well, at least I have the Find My iPhone App! Bwahawrhawrhawr! But seriously, I really miss my phone.

Nummer Eins: It’s 4″ screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9 is manageable enough, as compared to a phone with a 4.8″ screen.

Now I realize why Apple does not like to further expand its phone line’s screens–they don’t like their phones to look like a “phablet.” SIII is considered a phablet, just like the Galaxy Note series and the all-new Galaxy SIV (S4). It just looks funny that the S-series is catching up towards the Galaxy Note.

Watching 16:9 movies and taking videos with the said aspect ratio is very convenient since you’ll really experience a HD feel — no worries! There are some apps that support 16:9 aspect ratio, just have them updated if ever! (:

Nummer Zwei: Accuracy and Precision + Speed = UPGRADED

Like the iPhone 4S, when pressing the virtual keyboard, it can never be denied that its accuracy and precision is close enough to where the finger points its direction, unlike Android, sometimes, the accuracy and precision is questionable (will explain this via YouTube) and at the same time, it’s slower compared to that of the iOS.

Nummer Drei: It really feels small and light with a high-end feel

It’s like you’re touching the iTouch 5th gen, but with the phone! Also, you’ll think that it’s much more convenient when you’re going to show it to your close and best friends… like they’re getting jealous (joke only!).

Nummer Vier: BACKUP from iTunes! (Well, if you’re using a Mac computer + Time Machine backup)

One thing that I like about the iPhone 5 is that, you get backup from iTunes, if your laptop is an MBP most likely. That’s one reason why if you’re an iPhone user, it’s strongly recommended that you’re a Mac user.

Nummer Fuenf: If you live in the Philippines, you’re absolutely going to embrace the unlocked/open-line feature.

I much prefer my phones to be open-line rather than having them SIM-locked. SIM-locked phones restrict you to only one SIM card, but if you have a phone that allows all types of SIMs, then you’re lucky. However, this is not totally exclusive to the iPhone 5 since the iPhone 4/4S has it too! HAHA!

Nummer Sechs: LTE feature!

It acts like 3G, only faster. Yes, this is absolutely true, and it really helps me when I’m checking FB via Cellular Data, provided that I do the ritual first before surfing the net. LOL.

Well, just look out for more once I upload a YouTube video regarding this one. HAHA, don’t ask me for FAQ because there are more decent reviews right there HAHA.


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