What Apple does not even tell you!

I hate to say this, but even though I’m an Apple fan, people are now explaining its dark side. Dark side!? Is there such thing.

From censoring some apps on the App Store, I could not help but cringe on why Apple is too hard to get in terms of accessibility. Financially-wise, I don’t think it’s too difficult to gain accessibility to Apple products for as long as you have the money. However, in terms of the apps itself, there comes the problem. You have to download the full version of this app or upgrade it — but you have to pay for it.

I’d say = OOOH jailbreak my iPhone!?

I’d say: NO. I have an Apple ID. I only download free apps.

Side Note: Granted, Apple might be so-called “original”, but then, I don’t think they deserve some sympathy when they screamed lawsuit against Samsung. As as matter of fact, upon checking these pics, this means, Apple is as unoriginal as the rest of gadget brands, eh?

To paraphrase a meme pic I saw: Sells overpriced gadgets, files lawsuit for money.

– Roxyisferox via FB

The only unique thing about Apple is its proprietary-wise strategies. Only Apple products have the right to have Mac OS X and iOS in them. I’d say… so Apple is still assuming that its customers/consumers are from the elite class!?

I love Apple, Inc., okay? I love that company so much that I bought a book about Steve Jobs (whoopsie, I haven’t read it yet!). However, the way it made rules for its iPods (iTunes first, not copy directly crap and that errrr… .mp4 videos only) has also been adapted by Sony PSPs, and not to imagine some if its technologies:

– Capacitive touchscreen + multi-touch
– Irreplaceable battery
– Lack of memory expansion slot (which sucks)
– Proprietary Bluetooth (Bluetooth is designed for transferring files, okay?)

However, its good side is that, it tends to be more accurate and precise compared to other mobile phones and tablets. Imagine, you are using iOS products at ease while you’re having a hard time to navigate other mobile OS functions (nothing against them, though), meaning to say that Apple is more user-friendly (the more the expensive, the more user-friendly a gadget is).

It is to be taken note that Steve Jobs is a “re-inventor” but it should be owed to Steve Wozniak and Jonathan Ive why these products emerging in the mainstream market are becoming even more popular among consumers.


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