Is it too awkward to have an iTouch if you have an iPhone?

To those who think I’m too boastful to handle, at least I do not have the reputation of looking down to people who do not own an Apple product. If ever I look down on those people, then you have a problem.

Yes, I do own an iPhone 4S (credits to mudra, anyway), but at least I am happy of having one. I post photos of my iPhone NOT to brag, but to open my audience to most of my friends who are not aware of the news yet. So if you think that I feel jealous of people who has an iPhone 5, well, no. I actually like the design of the iTouch 5th generation better — it’s more attractive than the iPhone 5 in person.

So to speak, I’m again aiming for the silver one, in 64GB, yet it costs like 22,000 PHP. Despite that, it’s no problem compared to something that costs like 50,000 pesos.

So why silver? I guess you might not give a damn about this, but I know someone who owns a blue one, and I don’t want to be unoriginal. Another has the pink one, and the yellow-green one (the lime color)? Nahhh… too nerdy. The black one is okay, but my fave Japanese vlogger Kouhei has it, and I’m not too fond of black-colored iOS products.

Also, if some of you think that I’m living the luxurious life, you’re wrong again. In fact, I will only transfer music files and some video-only apps that will be beneficial in cinematography since this thing has video stabilization (which the 4S, sadly, lacks). No, I won’t title it as a “review” again, I’ll make it as a “hands-on preview” so that nobody in YouTube or in WordPress will complain again why the hell I call this a review and all that.

The iPhone will only be reserved for phone calls, text messages, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, net browsing, et cetera. I won’t use it much as a videocamera for the sake of its memory capacity (64GB is not enough for me to contain bigger files, after all).

Granted, the iPod should only be a music and video player, yet the iTouch is designed as training wheels for the iPhone, according to the late Steve Jobs, without the phone and the SIM card slot. It’s just like a smaller version of the iPad mini Wi-Fi only.

Violent reactions?


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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  1. If you can afford both, why not? Besides you’ve pretty much made your case and it seems whether comments affirm or negate your decision, you’d still go ahead and do what you want anyway. Or buy what you want, as is the case. 😉

  2. iTouch, tingin ko, nagpapa-redundant lang sa Apple gadgets. Meron nang iPad, iPhone, iPod, ano naman silbi ng iTouch?

    • Molybdenum Studios Founder and CEO

      Oh yes, and it’s a good thing that hindi na iTouch ang nakuha ko. Mas scary siyang hawakan (iTouch 5th gen) kesa sa iTouch 4th gen (and older models).

  3. paanong scary hawakan ang iTouch 5th gen?

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