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Apple iPhone 5: Hands-on Preview

You won’t expect a hands-on preview from someone like me.

HALLO, NELLY II (Nelly zwei)!




The all-new Lightning Connector err… something + the headphone jack at the bottom.

Knowing myself, I was at the in-denial stage when the iPhone 5 came out. First of all, people wanted to switch towards the Samsung Galaxy SIII due to its screen size (4.8″), while the iPhone 5’s screen is only 4 inches.

Credits to Mudra for this thingy ;D Danke danke sehr sehr schoen! Haha!

Now let’s see why I chose the iPhone 5…

Side Note: I lost my iPhone 4S during a free concert. I actually regret it, sigh. Wherever it is, well, at least I have the Find My iPhone App! Bwahawrhawrhawr! But seriously, I really miss my phone.

Nummer Eins: It’s 4″ screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9 is manageable enough, as compared to a phone with a 4.8″ screen.

Now I realize why Apple does not like to further expand its phone line’s screens–they don’t like their phones to look like a “phablet.” SIII is considered a phablet, just like the Galaxy Note series and the all-new Galaxy SIV (S4). It just looks funny that the S-series is catching up towards the Galaxy Note.

Watching 16:9 movies and taking videos with the said aspect ratio is very convenient since you’ll really experience a HD feel — no worries! There are some apps that support 16:9 aspect ratio, just have them updated if ever! (:

Nummer Zwei: Accuracy and Precision + Speed = UPGRADED

Like the iPhone 4S, when pressing the virtual keyboard, it can never be denied that its accuracy and precision is close enough to where the finger points its direction, unlike Android, sometimes, the accuracy and precision is questionable (will explain this via YouTube) and at the same time, it’s slower compared to that of the iOS.

Nummer Drei: It really feels small and light with a high-end feel

It’s like you’re touching the iTouch 5th gen, but with the phone! Also, you’ll think that it’s much more convenient when you’re going to show it to your close and best friends… like they’re getting jealous (joke only!).

Nummer Vier: BACKUP from iTunes! (Well, if you’re using a Mac computer + Time Machine backup)

One thing that I like about the iPhone 5 is that, you get backup from iTunes, if your laptop is an MBP most likely. That’s one reason why if you’re an iPhone user, it’s strongly recommended that you’re a Mac user.

Nummer Fuenf: If you live in the Philippines, you’re absolutely going to embrace the unlocked/open-line feature.

I much prefer my phones to be open-line rather than having them SIM-locked. SIM-locked phones restrict you to only one SIM card, but if you have a phone that allows all types of SIMs, then you’re lucky. However, this is not totally exclusive to the iPhone 5 since the iPhone 4/4S has it too! HAHA!

Nummer Sechs: LTE feature!

It acts like 3G, only faster. Yes, this is absolutely true, and it really helps me when I’m checking FB via Cellular Data, provided that I do the ritual first before surfing the net. LOL.

Well, just look out for more once I upload a YouTube video regarding this one. HAHA, don’t ask me for FAQ because there are more decent reviews right there HAHA.

Nostalgia: The Addams Family

Ever since, I am a Cartoon Network junkie. However, one of the now-defunct cartoons is still much better than the newer ones that are aired (except Adventure Time and Chowder).

Even though Disney and Nickelodeon are better than CN, nothing beats the presence and the impact of this channel.

Here, I’ll show you this… cartoon, called “The Addams Family.”

This is not a horror cartoon. n fact, this is a macabre cartoon with loads of humor with it.


With Scooby-Doo!

Naaah, the old cartoons are much better than now. Ugh. Parang hindi na maa-appreciate ng mga younger generation ang mga new cartoons rather than the old ones. Of course, the old cartoons are better and more fun, though!

Premierminister Margaret Thatcher hat gestorben

Naaahhh… that is “Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died.”

Pardon mein Deutsch, however, even though I used German for the title itself, Frau Thatcher is actually a Briton.

She died of a stroke at the age of 87.

She pioneered on what it is called as “Thatcherism,” which is a form of neoliberalism that supports the workforce. She is also known as the “Iron Lady” of British politics due to her conservative-authoritarian political beliefs.

After all, I’d say that she was the older version of Frau. Dr. Angela Merkel. Die Kanzlerin, on the other hand, is the “Iron Lady” of German politics, known for her strong-willed personality and charisma.


She pushed for privatization, lower taxes, and deregulation. And she sought to keep Britain from surrendering any of its sovereignty to the European Union.

Exactly, as it is. Her style of governing the British economy at her time is often viewed as “Reaganomics” in the United States of America. No other Iron Lady would do that like her. After all, she nailed it!

CGMA should have been like (the former) PM Thatcher, yet the former is actually more self-important and an exploiter compared to the latter, who is authoritarian, yet managed to bring Britain’s glory and had a great relationship with former US President Ronald Reagan and former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev (dudes, it’s GOR-ba-CHAWFF). She was also known to be anti-communist like former Polish president Lech “Weinachtsmann” Walesa.

If the UK had her as a strong-willed leader, Germany also has their very own Frau Dr. Merkel who is even more strong-willed but remains low-key.

PS: She’s the “Daw Suu” of Europe.

What Apple does not even tell you!

I hate to say this, but even though I’m an Apple fan, people are now explaining its dark side. Dark side!? Is there such thing.

From censoring some apps on the App Store, I could not help but cringe on why Apple is too hard to get in terms of accessibility. Financially-wise, I don’t think it’s too difficult to gain accessibility to Apple products for as long as you have the money. However, in terms of the apps itself, there comes the problem. You have to download the full version of this app or upgrade it — but you have to pay for it.

I’d say = OOOH jailbreak my iPhone!?

I’d say: NO. I have an Apple ID. I only download free apps.

Side Note: Granted, Apple might be so-called “original”, but then, I don’t think they deserve some sympathy when they screamed lawsuit against Samsung. As as matter of fact, upon checking these pics, this means, Apple is as unoriginal as the rest of gadget brands, eh?

To paraphrase a meme pic I saw: Sells overpriced gadgets, files lawsuit for money.

– Roxyisferox via FB

The only unique thing about Apple is its proprietary-wise strategies. Only Apple products have the right to have Mac OS X and iOS in them. I’d say… so Apple is still assuming that its customers/consumers are from the elite class!?

I love Apple, Inc., okay? I love that company so much that I bought a book about Steve Jobs (whoopsie, I haven’t read it yet!). However, the way it made rules for its iPods (iTunes first, not copy directly crap and that errrr… .mp4 videos only) has also been adapted by Sony PSPs, and not to imagine some if its technologies:

– Capacitive touchscreen + multi-touch
– Irreplaceable battery
– Lack of memory expansion slot (which sucks)
– Proprietary Bluetooth (Bluetooth is designed for transferring files, okay?)

However, its good side is that, it tends to be more accurate and precise compared to other mobile phones and tablets. Imagine, you are using iOS products at ease while you’re having a hard time to navigate other mobile OS functions (nothing against them, though), meaning to say that Apple is more user-friendly (the more the expensive, the more user-friendly a gadget is).

It is to be taken note that Steve Jobs is a “re-inventor” but it should be owed to Steve Wozniak and Jonathan Ive why these products emerging in the mainstream market are becoming even more popular among consumers.

Is it too awkward to have an iTouch if you have an iPhone?

To those who think I’m too boastful to handle, at least I do not have the reputation of looking down to people who do not own an Apple product. If ever I look down on those people, then you have a problem.

Yes, I do own an iPhone 4S (credits to mudra, anyway), but at least I am happy of having one. I post photos of my iPhone NOT to brag, but to open my audience to most of my friends who are not aware of the news yet. So if you think that I feel jealous of people who has an iPhone 5, well, no. I actually like the design of the iTouch 5th generation better — it’s more attractive than the iPhone 5 in person.

So to speak, I’m again aiming for the silver one, in 64GB, yet it costs like 22,000 PHP. Despite that, it’s no problem compared to something that costs like 50,000 pesos.

So why silver? I guess you might not give a damn about this, but I know someone who owns a blue one, and I don’t want to be unoriginal. Another has the pink one, and the yellow-green one (the lime color)? Nahhh… too nerdy. The black one is okay, but my fave Japanese vlogger Kouhei has it, and I’m not too fond of black-colored iOS products.

Also, if some of you think that I’m living the luxurious life, you’re wrong again. In fact, I will only transfer music files and some video-only apps that will be beneficial in cinematography since this thing has video stabilization (which the 4S, sadly, lacks). No, I won’t title it as a “review” again, I’ll make it as a “hands-on preview” so that nobody in YouTube or in WordPress will complain again why the hell I call this a review and all that.

The iPhone will only be reserved for phone calls, text messages, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, net browsing, et cetera. I won’t use it much as a videocamera for the sake of its memory capacity (64GB is not enough for me to contain bigger files, after all).

Granted, the iPod should only be a music and video player, yet the iTouch is designed as training wheels for the iPhone, according to the late Steve Jobs, without the phone and the SIM card slot. It’s just like a smaller version of the iPad mini Wi-Fi only.

Violent reactions?

I finally got my iPhone 5 and my err… ummm… 5D Mark III!

Hurrah for the prizes I’ve got from the Asian Network Development Corporation! Hahaha!

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