Ramon Bautista Invades DLSU via Marty’s!


For the very very very (nth times) first time, I saw Ramon Bautista!

I felt very delighted when he was there! Actually, he’s not very tall pala (in photos, he looks like a 6-footer guy, but actually, hindi siya aabot ng 6 feet), and he sort of looks old. Hmmmmm…

Wala talaga siyang ka-ere ere sa katawan! He does not even show some diva attitude! He’s a great guy who is a good sport!

SPOTTED: Ayun pala ang pogi, oh! Bwahahahahahaha!

Internet action superstar talaga ang lolo niyo!

Nagpo-pose pa, oh!





I should have brought his book about being Friend-Zoned, para ma-otograf pa niya, oh! Sayang! Pero at least satisfied na ako dahil na-kodakan ko naman siya, which I’m supposed to do to Alodia and Kitchie… and hoping that this “individual activity” coming from me would be successful with Saab Magalona and/or Tricia Gosingtian, and same with Kitchie and Alodia. Pero if Cristine Reyes will be in DLSU, aba, boycott natin para hindi papayag ang mga FSC Brothers!

This was of course, before I knew the sad news that Zaide will no longer be there anymore, which is sad. Oo nga, ‘yung Marty’s ‘ata ‘yung despedida ng Zaide! LOL!


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  1. *googling Ramon Bautista right now* 🙂

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