Latin America: Mysteriously Enchanted

Wikipedia|Brazil’s very own Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer).|Jose Mujica, Uruguay’s sovereign leader and the world’s poorest president.|I wonder who this person is, eh?|Three countries in one river… that is Iguazu.|Latin America sure is really… mystical.

Latin America, or the most of South America, is best known for its Iberian and Latin heritage. Most countries speak Spanish while Brazil is a Portuguese-speaking country. Guyana is an English-speaking country, Suriname as Dutch and French Guiana as French, since its a French Overseas Territory.

The most intriguing part when you talk about Latin America is that, Brazil could be accessed by a Philippine Passport holder without any need for a visa, just like when going to Israel for a tour. Also, Latin America (or South America in a majority sense) is known for Argentine icon Eva Peron whose corpse travelled to Europe due to a turbulent coup in her native Argentina. In the present-day South America, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner is the present-day iconic president of Argentina, Paolo Coelho as the bilingual Brazilian author of many famous books and quotations and of course, Jose Mujica, Uruguay’s president and the poorest world leader in the world.

After we shifted from Japan, North Korea, Israel towards Iceland and the rest of Scandinavia, Latin America would be a number one trip when you just have to tell me that it’s awesome.


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