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Rico Yan before his… matinee years

All of these are from FB… hehehe

Leme Cam app review




If you want to learn the basics of vintage photography or lomography in some sense, the Leme Cam app is really for you. Experimenting with this toy really helps you take a photo of a very memorable scene, maybe your childhood years or maybe something that is worth remembering.

Apologies to everyone

Sorry for not being able to update this blog, I know there are some people who are starting to unfollow me, though.

But anyways, I really did not blog back because my group did not even manage to pass that dreadful day… and I almost wanted to commit suicide just because of that. You know me… haha.

I could no longer make much of myself. I think it’s time for me to work harder and ARGH! I have to be more attentive in class. DAFUQ.

You could still be updated at MSPanythinginrandom and Molybdenum Studios Photography.

Film Review: Hanamizuki


Hanamizuki is about a story of two lovers who met on a train. Sae is aspiring to enter Waseda University while Kouhei is a fisherman in Hokkaido. At the beginning of the movie, Sae goes on a journey to go to where she was born: Nova Scotia, Canada.

Well, I really cannot tell the synopsis! Just watch the movie if you want to find out more!

I really find the movie very interesting. It is like the interaction between fiction and reality (yes, check out my original Osaka Monogatari).

I am now open to questions, queries, letters, personal messages, whatever!


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400th post!

It’s officially a grand hello to 2012.

I really do not know why, but I should create this post ASAP.

First of all, I’d like to acknowledge how great the Happy Holidays was last year, but this year, I would start not to slack off ever again. Oh noes.

Anyways, I’ll post some photographs straight to the Photoblog… I cannot really say anything really good right now.

Happy New Year everyone, and hello 2013!

Hello 2013! Hope that this would be a great year, but before that, I must announce that I’ll be making the 400th post. Wait for it when I go back from vacay to reality.