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TheLasallian: Windows vs Mac today

“While we’re on the topic of immortal technologies and wonders which will stand the test of time, let’s look into one of the more common inventions that serve as the bedrock for all future technologies: the computer. Specifically, our generations’ computer software and operating systems for Mac and Windows. Face it: this is what you’ll be harking back to when you rant to your grandchildren in 2050. So let’s discuss how both are doing, and who prefers what, if such a stereotype may apply.”

When it comes to choosing the ideal computer, many factors come into play. Performance, budget, and durability are just some of the key factors that help Lasallians and the rest in determining which computer suits them. On one hand, we will hear some people claim that Mac is good simply because it’s “Mac,” while some supporters prefer Windows because it is the OS they grew up with, making the features close to second-nature in terms of ease of use.

“The OS I am using has helped me in my profession especially since I’m a freelance photographer,” says JoJo, a Mac user. “I do a lot of photo editing, email correspondence with clients, storage of data, not to mention burning CDs to be submitted to clients.”

When IGN came out with an article putting Mac’s OS X Mountain Lion up against Window’s platform Windows 7, it resulted in pretty much a virtual tie. Mac’s media programs may be more complete compared to their Windows counterparts, but they are usually expensive and are not really ideal for gaming purposes. Windows on the other hand, can run multiple apps and is the perfect gaming platform but it doesn’t really have the “modern” look makes it seem more user-friendly and makes navigation a bit more difficult.

“I might shift to a Windows laptop when my Macbook breaks down, due to Apple being so proprietary,” Jojo adds. “Not to mention being pricey.”

Indeed Mac took the world by storm not only with its unique design, but also because its software is much more straightforward compared to its Windows counterparts. Today, owning a Mac seems to have this separate-from-the-pack mentality, but is it really worth it considering that one of the downsides of Mac is that it’s difficult to cross platforms?

“Using Windows is less of a hassle, since it’s easier to convert things,” Hale Berry De Vera (I, AE-BSA) says. “And besides that, a lot of people use Windows!” The perception dominates.

Everyone, at some point in their life, has had an encounter with a Windows computer. This is not something against Macs, but given that the current price of a Mac (average for desktop and laptop is P51,920) is much higher than that of Windows (average new desktop PC is P20,000), one would expect to see Windows-powered computers everywhere.

Certainly these considerations will ensure that debates on which OS is better will continue to rage on despite the advancements that both OS’s have made. What we can say is that the most suitable program for you would be the one that suits your needs (and wants). But make sure you pick just one to rant about to your grandkids, and stick to it.

As much as I enjoy the benefits of an Apple MBP, I still believe that Windows is the most dominant.

Now let me tell you the history of Apple Mac line’s lean towards the mainstream culture.

Even though a regular Mac costs like a minimum of 50,000, it is no denying that it is starting to lean towards the mainstream culture. This is the start of the actual competition between Windows and Macs (Read: Actual). Before, Macs are exclusively for the elite (you said it right, the elite group, not the middle-class group), so you expect to see a Mac when you’re in Class-A universities, local or abroad.

Since Windows is still the dominant operating system so far, people start to anticipate what the next OS would be. However, for Mac users, they do not mind whether it’s an OSX Leopard or the all-new OSX Mountain Lion since the interface of OSX does not change, except for the trackpad’s function and the Finder Window.

So let’s try to balance the pros and cons of both OS’s.

– Capable of creating, recording, modifying, converting, accepting and using .avi format when it comes to videos/movie clips.
– Not really good when viewing .mov formats (personal experience). You still have to download VLC Media Player to achieve this.
– The Notepad offers plain text as is (as compared to TextEdit, you still have to go to Format to make Plain Text).
– You will never have any problems using Microsoft Office (yes, Macs have MS Office designed for them).
– Sending music/videos/files to smartphones via Bluetooth won’t be a problem.
– Explores the contents of your iPhone directly without the help of iTunes/iPhoto.
– Excellent choice for most gamers and game aficionados.
– Has a Paint application, like DUH!
– Does not support RAW picture files (you need to install your DSLR’s provided software!).
– When capturing a screenshot (colloquial: screencap), you have to go to Paint, which is hassle.
– High-quality graphics is not perfect, but excellent enough, albeit non-retina.
– Its minimum price fits the needs and desires of the average consumer.
– Windows Movie Maker does not support .mp4, unless… (could a Windows user please answer this for me!?).
– Installing a PC Cillin program or an Anti-Virus software may be required or optional.
– Viewing of online documents/websites have a not-so-good font feel.

Mac OS
– Excellent choice for viewing and utilizing/maximizing .mov video formats.
– Supports .mp4 format in iMovie.
– Consistent development and updates for iMovie (as compared to Windows Movie Maker).
– More conducive for utilizing Photoshop and Lightroom at the same time.
– Its Preview and iPhoto supports and reads (recognizes) RAW formats.
– A must-have for photographers and cinematographers just in case they have the money.
– Screencapping should not be a problem at all since you only have to press Command+Shift+3 (yes, all at the same time!).
– Retina display!? More expensive, and you need to find suitable software that would par with the MBP with Retina for better performance.
– Its minimum price is not suitable for the average consumer.
– Has its own music editing application.
– Is basically lesser prone to viruses, hence, the price.
– For crying out loud, it’s like your average PC — it slows down, too!
– It has its own PhotoBooth application for maximization of webcam use.
– It does not create/record .avi video format files, nor does it perform conversions to .avi format.
– Viewing of online documents/websites have a better font feel.

Overall, it should be a tie. Both operating systems have their own pros and cons, but stick to something that really suits your personality and needs. Windows is a flexible operating system, however, it is not an open-source OS. It is a commercialized OS, but universal. Mac OS, on the other hand, is absolutely proprietary, and if you’re going to install a Mac OS on a non-Mac, it’s alright, but there are issues that would make it a waste rather than a convenience.

I think the reason why I decided to switch to Mac is because I do not like the look and feel of Windows 7. I certainly do not know how it is to use Windows 8 as a PC. Hmmm… should I still make the Mac as a backup and buy another PC again!? Help!

I hope Felice Fawn would be enlightened. Okay, I’m biased, however, she should look at the pros and cons of each OS so that she would hmmm… well long story!

Rico Yan before his… matinee years

All of these are from FB… hehehe

Leme Cam app review




If you want to learn the basics of vintage photography or lomography in some sense, the Leme Cam app is really for you. Experimenting with this toy really helps you take a photo of a very memorable scene, maybe your childhood years or maybe something that is worth remembering.

Apologies to everyone

Sorry for not being able to update this blog, I know there are some people who are starting to unfollow me, though.

But anyways, I really did not blog back because my group did not even manage to pass that dreadful day… and I almost wanted to commit suicide just because of that. You know me… haha.

I could no longer make much of myself. I think it’s time for me to work harder and ARGH! I have to be more attentive in class. DAFUQ.

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Film Review: Hanamizuki


Hanamizuki is about a story of two lovers who met on a train. Sae is aspiring to enter Waseda University while Kouhei is a fisherman in Hokkaido. At the beginning of the movie, Sae goes on a journey to go to where she was born: Nova Scotia, Canada.

Well, I really cannot tell the synopsis! Just watch the movie if you want to find out more!

I really find the movie very interesting. It is like the interaction between fiction and reality (yes, check out my original Osaka Monogatari).

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400th post!

It’s officially a grand hello to 2012.

I really do not know why, but I should create this post ASAP.

First of all, I’d like to acknowledge how great the Happy Holidays was last year, but this year, I would start not to slack off ever again. Oh noes.

Anyways, I’ll post some photographs straight to the Photoblog… I cannot really say anything really good right now.

Happy New Year everyone, and hello 2013!

Hello 2013! Hope that this would be a great year, but before that, I must announce that I’ll be making the 400th post. Wait for it when I go back from vacay to reality.