There is more to Pacman than boxing…|DOWNFALL… is it or is it not!?

Well, after his “defeat” from Bradley, I was expecting his defeat. Very predictable.

Kaya nga hindi nga ako interesado kapag may laban siya at shit, eh! What he did is to fight for profit gains. If that’s what he was thinking, he would make MORE money in public service/politics rather than in boxing.

Mr. Pacman, there is more to you and your life than boxing. You’re a recording artist, politician, what more!? Of course, it’s not yet the end of your career yet, however, you pushed yourself for “MORE, MORE!” This is it. The Filipinos are starting to become delusional when you are having a fight with another boxer (mostly Mejicano). Whenever you have a fight, the Filipinos think it’s a big deal for you to win. However, it’s time for a break.

I think you have to focus on public service. That way, it is a much more refreshing start for your political career. You could serve the Filipinos in a much safer and in a less painful way. I think you still have your celebrity status somehow without being a consistent winner.


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