Western propaganda in the eyes of err… Korean!?

I really could not agree more with reality shows that have no real substance at all.

Shopping for children in third-world countries!? Yes, I understand that there are orphans, whether black or white, in the US. However, these celebrities couldn’t get enough of people “worshipping” them for their strong influence on the audience. If you guys think that Angelina Jolie adopts kids as a “trend for celebrities,” then that’s how media creates an exploitation propaganda for celebrities. Angelina would have been reputable as well, however, it shows that she would be nothing, if not for Tomb Raider, or if she weren’t John Voight’s child (Jon Voight is really a great actor, anyway).

Western promotion of “skinny rocks” and living in a luxurious life as “cool” does not make sense at all. I really have to agree with Paris Hilton. She would NEVER be that famous, if not for The Simple Life. She is not going to be simply famous because she belongs to the Hilton family. Despite that, she has a good side. She knows how to appreciate things, and usually does not go beyond the line if everything should never go beyond the limit.

Of course, what is even more head-turning is the part of sex exploitation. Surely, reputable people will always be left behind with those talentless people who became famous for nothing — this is what we call as standard-lowering at the present-day world. If you idolize Justin Bieber not because of his talents (in fact, he has a whiny voice, which for a guy, sucks) — but because of his popularity, people HATE him for a lot of reasons. Rebecca Black became a victim of negative attention because of her auto-tuned voice, despite being a YouTube sensation. Well, I really cannot hate Rebecca Black at all, I think she’s fine, it’s only that her voice is obviously auto-tuned. But… Justin Bieber!? There’s nothing really special at him. He’s only a short dude with a whiny voice. Bar none. I would say that his ex (maybe yes, maybe not) Selena Gomez would have been more substantial than him if they weren’t officially on. I feel sorry for Selena as well, because it seems that she’s one of those people who are also exploited for her cutesy image (ah, I hate her body shape, though).

People who would have been as reputable as the following:

– Zac Efron (I really like this guy for his humility)
– Ashlee Simpson
– Emily Browning
– Michelle Trachtenberg
– Scarlett Johansson (seriously, the media is only milking on her good looks and hot body!)
– P!nk
– Nicole Richie (I used to despise her before, but it seems that she does not manifest conceitedness)
– Natalie Portman
– Keira Knightley
– Kate Winslet

…would have been role models for the youth. If you’d rather idolize the following:

– Eva Longoria (Seriously, she looks like a classy whore without any talent… now we know why she parted with Tony Parker)
– Kim Kardashian (She’s sexy, and that’s about it)
– Rihanna
– Tori Spelling (She’s only rich… I doubt she has a talent in acting)
– Actors/actresses who manifest a sex-object-ish/diva attitude

…then you must be demure-minded. Oh well.

I hate to include AA Klenk right here, but if she were to fly her ass to the United States of America, she would be one of the diva-ish sex objects who’d rather be on a reality show… and become famous without any REAL achievements. She fits in there, seriously. Not in the Philippines, or East Asia. Not even in Europe (unless she starts a scandal naked right on the beach, though!). Also, it would be the time that Perez Hilton should write his anti-AArticles in a flowery language!

Lastly, I have to agree with the video regarding Tyra Banks. She’s influential in some ways alright, but she’s waaaaaay more overrated, almost surpassing Julia Roberts and Jessica Simpson (circa 2006~2009). She’s even less reputable than Ellen DeGeneres (Ellen is more substantial despite being a lesbo) for her being narcissistic and at the same time, showing that she qualifies to be a talk show host because she used to be THAT poor. Tyra’s show was better before the start of 2009~2010. She was the type of person who would tell people that they should love their body sizes. However, as time passed by, the recent Tyra version screwed up. She’s overrated. She cannot be Oprah in any way.

I really like how America expresses their liberalism when it comes to show business, however, they’re now lowering their standards. Konting scandal lang, ah! Big time ka! Daig pa nga sila ng Bollywood, eh! Now I know why I am more Asian than Western, although I appreciate something Western, and that is all about being liberal in some ways. The Western world also has a good side, and those are:

– SpongeBob SquarePants (This dude never gets overrated; it’s like the Tom and Jerry of Nickelodeon)
– Childhood cartoons- Powerpuff Girls
– Blues Clues
– Dora the Explorer

However, emulating everything Western and forgetting Eastern values starts the terminating of our cultural heritage. We’re welcoming their bad sides of their influences. You see, it’s not good.

Totoo, kapag sinabing kapag hindi tayo na-invade ng Estados Unidos, we would have been at-par with Japan in terms of economy. True, Americans exploit those countries they capture, and you cannot deny that at all. If the Americans did not even try to invade us, we would have been more Tagalog, Bisaya and we would have been a parliamentary rather than a presidential government. If you don’t even try to love the Philippines albeit its flaws, why not try to find the good side of the country (yes, I’m talking to you, know-it-all who cannot even appreciate the Philippines)?

The Philippines, so far is waaaay much better than the US in terms of family-orientedness, so it’s normal for the US government to promote family-first policies rather than individualism. It is really a living HELL for grannies in the States to live there forever, so it’s much better to promote family values in the US (Australia beats them after all LMAO). This should be a role model to all the countries, and I also hope that Japan would also do the same as well (Japan right now is individualistic, although most Japanese live with their parents. Also, their problem so far is the sexlessness due to their jobs — after all, what reduces population growth is job offerings — the more, the merrier).

Rawr! So you get it so far!


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