Iceland: A Mystical Paradise|The Icelandic Flag

Even though I never set on foot on Iceland, I’d like to discuss to you the homeland of Bjork!

Iceland is a European Nordic country situated near the Arctic Circle, and its capital, Reykjavik, is the northernmost capital city of a sovereign state in the world. Ever since, it is the most peaceful country in the world, considering its climate and geography. As of now, its population does not reach a million at all. It never achieved 1M people in the territory itself, so basically, almost everyone are familiar with one another.

Iceland is also known for its natural wonders, and two of the most famous are Vatnajokull and Strokkur. Detifoss also included.




You could never deny that these are very beautiful, so no wonder, Bjork was inspired by nature when she thought of writing her music — you’d never know, she flaunts it the right way, a’ryt.

For me, I would call it “exotic” despite being a European country (exotic does not only apply to Latin and African countries alone) — its language, derived from Old Norse, is “purified” to strengthen Icelandic national identity. It is close to the Faroese language, and its “Norse-ness” is really, distinctive. Not even the other Scandinavian languages could actually be related to Icelandic besides Faroese, despite being classified as “Germanic.”

Iceland Trivia:

It is a right-hand traffic country.
People do not only learn Icelandic; English (as in UK English) and Danish are also taught.
It is the most peaceful country in the world.
It is a train-free country (awww…).So far, Reykjavik is the only metropolitan area (as in CITY), but I do not know if this has changed.
There is no such thing as McDonald’s in Iceland.
Check out other things that are NOT in Iceland… (which is sad huhuhu).
Fermented shark is a delicacy in Iceland.
Magnus Scheving, the gymnast who portrayed Sportacus in Lazytown, hails from Iceland.
The Icelandic surname system is very unusual — most likely it’s a patronymic. For instance, Bjork’s surname is Gudmundsdottir (Gudmond’s Daughter), which is one example of a patronymic. So it’s most likely to happen that in a telephone directory, Icelanders are listed according to their first name (how awesome is that, right?). So, if you’re going to address an Icelandic person, you might as well address him/her through their first names. If in other countries, this is rude. However, for them, it’s not rude after all. I don’t really know if they observe honorific language.
You may find other err… many-to-mention trivia HERE and HERE.

Iceland is almost like Australia — usually, the cities, towns — if it’s a town, it really looks like you’re in the countryside. No joke, look at the photographs, it tells you everything. However, the difference is that, Iceland is much healthier to live in because it has greens and snow on it, unlike Australia, which is mostly desert.

One strange thing about Iceland is that, it’s the only country in Europe that would err… provide electricity due to its natural wonders that could generate power, energy and electricity for the whole Europe.

Its waters are pure, and need not to be chlorinated in any manner — potable enough if you’re in an Icelandic home.

Iceland and its wonders|If this was brought to the Philippines, people will treat it as a waterfall from Villa Escudero.|Indeed, Iceland is very green and its climate is mild, so it should be “Waterland” or Greenland rather.|Unusual water-FALL.

For more Icelandic beauty photographs, HERE is the source.


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