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Belated Happy Holidays people!

Sorry for not posting greetings here, but I wish y’all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

My condolences go to the Sandy Hook massacre victims|President Barack Obama mourning for the deaths of the victims.

Another school shooting massacre is at it again. Well, this is much worse than that of Virginia Tech and Columbine massacre, because it involves mostly children. News|20-year old Adam Lanza is the identified gunman.

Seriously, carrying of firearms should be illegal already, except if you’re a policeman or something. It is really dangerous if you are like, opening fire on schools, I dunno with churches.

One thing I’d like to tell everyone: Safety cannot be maintained at 100%. Almost everything is dangerous and at the same time, unexpected.

I’d say that the USA is not as almost-perfect as Australia or Scandinavia. My condolences go to the grieving families.

Late post!

Goodbye, Ravi Shankar

Believe it or not, he’s an epic!|Such a legend that brought Indian music to the West, bravo!

Seriously, he reminds me of Sri Lankan-born sports writer Ronnie Nathanielsz, only that he does music!

He discusses how to play the sitar.

I’d say that he’s really a legend, a Pandit who brought classical Indian music to the West.

His ageing aura indicates how he lived for 92 years!

…with his collaboration with George Harrison

Rest in peace, Pandit Shankar. You’ll always be remembered.

Yeng Constantino CD






Finally, I got this CD! 😀 The songs are really great, and it shows that she’s a great singer. Hope that ABS-CBN would make her mainstream.

There is more to Pacman than boxing…|DOWNFALL… is it or is it not!?

Well, after his “defeat” from Bradley, I was expecting his defeat. Very predictable.

Kaya nga hindi nga ako interesado kapag may laban siya at shit, eh! What he did is to fight for profit gains. If that’s what he was thinking, he would make MORE money in public service/politics rather than in boxing.

Mr. Pacman, there is more to you and your life than boxing. You’re a recording artist, politician, what more!? Of course, it’s not yet the end of your career yet, however, you pushed yourself for “MORE, MORE!” This is it. The Filipinos are starting to become delusional when you are having a fight with another boxer (mostly Mejicano). Whenever you have a fight, the Filipinos think it’s a big deal for you to win. However, it’s time for a break.

I think you have to focus on public service. That way, it is a much more refreshing start for your political career. You could serve the Filipinos in a much safer and in a less painful way. I think you still have your celebrity status somehow without being a consistent winner.

There is more to PSY than Gangnam Style

Who would be mistaken that PSY could actually make better MVs than Gangnan Style!?

PSY is really, LOVE. He deserves to be in Time’s 100 Most Influential People.

What I love best about PSY is that, he is able to achieve his fame through the Gangnam Style, although these other two videos are much better. Also, his English is really perfect since he came to the US because of his family’s business.

PSY is rock! He’s love! He’s a great influence to everyone!

Western propaganda in the eyes of err… Korean!?

I really could not agree more with reality shows that have no real substance at all.

Shopping for children in third-world countries!? Yes, I understand that there are orphans, whether black or white, in the US. However, these celebrities couldn’t get enough of people “worshipping” them for their strong influence on the audience. If you guys think that Angelina Jolie adopts kids as a “trend for celebrities,” then that’s how media creates an exploitation propaganda for celebrities. Angelina would have been reputable as well, however, it shows that she would be nothing, if not for Tomb Raider, or if she weren’t John Voight’s child (Jon Voight is really a great actor, anyway).

Western promotion of “skinny rocks” and living in a luxurious life as “cool” does not make sense at all. I really have to agree with Paris Hilton. She would NEVER be that famous, if not for The Simple Life. She is not going to be simply famous because she belongs to the Hilton family. Despite that, she has a good side. She knows how to appreciate things, and usually does not go beyond the line if everything should never go beyond the limit.

Of course, what is even more head-turning is the part of sex exploitation. Surely, reputable people will always be left behind with those talentless people who became famous for nothing — this is what we call as standard-lowering at the present-day world. If you idolize Justin Bieber not because of his talents (in fact, he has a whiny voice, which for a guy, sucks) — but because of his popularity, people HATE him for a lot of reasons. Rebecca Black became a victim of negative attention because of her auto-tuned voice, despite being a YouTube sensation. Well, I really cannot hate Rebecca Black at all, I think she’s fine, it’s only that her voice is obviously auto-tuned. But… Justin Bieber!? There’s nothing really special at him. He’s only a short dude with a whiny voice. Bar none. I would say that his ex (maybe yes, maybe not) Selena Gomez would have been more substantial than him if they weren’t officially on. I feel sorry for Selena as well, because it seems that she’s one of those people who are also exploited for her cutesy image (ah, I hate her body shape, though).

People who would have been as reputable as the following:

– Zac Efron (I really like this guy for his humility)
– Ashlee Simpson
– Emily Browning
– Michelle Trachtenberg
– Scarlett Johansson (seriously, the media is only milking on her good looks and hot body!)
– P!nk
– Nicole Richie (I used to despise her before, but it seems that she does not manifest conceitedness)
– Natalie Portman
– Keira Knightley
– Kate Winslet

…would have been role models for the youth. If you’d rather idolize the following:

– Eva Longoria (Seriously, she looks like a classy whore without any talent… now we know why she parted with Tony Parker)
– Kim Kardashian (She’s sexy, and that’s about it)
– Rihanna
– Tori Spelling (She’s only rich… I doubt she has a talent in acting)
– Actors/actresses who manifest a sex-object-ish/diva attitude

…then you must be demure-minded. Oh well.

I hate to include AA Klenk right here, but if she were to fly her ass to the United States of America, she would be one of the diva-ish sex objects who’d rather be on a reality show… and become famous without any REAL achievements. She fits in there, seriously. Not in the Philippines, or East Asia. Not even in Europe (unless she starts a scandal naked right on the beach, though!). Also, it would be the time that Perez Hilton should write his anti-AArticles in a flowery language!

Lastly, I have to agree with the video regarding Tyra Banks. She’s influential in some ways alright, but she’s waaaaaay more overrated, almost surpassing Julia Roberts and Jessica Simpson (circa 2006~2009). She’s even less reputable than Ellen DeGeneres (Ellen is more substantial despite being a lesbo) for her being narcissistic and at the same time, showing that she qualifies to be a talk show host because she used to be THAT poor. Tyra’s show was better before the start of 2009~2010. She was the type of person who would tell people that they should love their body sizes. However, as time passed by, the recent Tyra version screwed up. She’s overrated. She cannot be Oprah in any way.

I really like how America expresses their liberalism when it comes to show business, however, they’re now lowering their standards. Konting scandal lang, ah! Big time ka! Daig pa nga sila ng Bollywood, eh! Now I know why I am more Asian than Western, although I appreciate something Western, and that is all about being liberal in some ways. The Western world also has a good side, and those are:

– SpongeBob SquarePants (This dude never gets overrated; it’s like the Tom and Jerry of Nickelodeon)
– Childhood cartoons- Powerpuff Girls
– Blues Clues
– Dora the Explorer

However, emulating everything Western and forgetting Eastern values starts the terminating of our cultural heritage. We’re welcoming their bad sides of their influences. You see, it’s not good.

Totoo, kapag sinabing kapag hindi tayo na-invade ng Estados Unidos, we would have been at-par with Japan in terms of economy. True, Americans exploit those countries they capture, and you cannot deny that at all. If the Americans did not even try to invade us, we would have been more Tagalog, Bisaya and we would have been a parliamentary rather than a presidential government. If you don’t even try to love the Philippines albeit its flaws, why not try to find the good side of the country (yes, I’m talking to you, know-it-all who cannot even appreciate the Philippines)?

The Philippines, so far is waaaay much better than the US in terms of family-orientedness, so it’s normal for the US government to promote family-first policies rather than individualism. It is really a living HELL for grannies in the States to live there forever, so it’s much better to promote family values in the US (Australia beats them after all LMAO). This should be a role model to all the countries, and I also hope that Japan would also do the same as well (Japan right now is individualistic, although most Japanese live with their parents. Also, their problem so far is the sexlessness due to their jobs — after all, what reduces population growth is job offerings — the more, the merrier).

Rawr! So you get it so far!

Practicing German

Lachen Sie bitte nicht! Danke!
(oder korrigieren Sie mich! Vielen dank!)

Actually, the reason why I’m thinking about creating blog posts with German words is because I NEED TO MAKE IT FLAWLESS! As if it is really clean and spotless. Here goes…

Gestern habe ich die presentation nicht passen. Ja, ich war sehr schlecht, weil ich schlafe um 00.00 Uhr muss. Ich habe mental block und es sucks! Also, there are things that I have to do today… zum Beispiel, Projekt machen in Statistikkurs. Ich habe nicht die Projekt gemacht, aber ich muss die Paperworks machen. Das ist sehr important, for crying out loud.

Heute habe ich mein Crush gesehen. Das ist super, und sehr Lecker! Probierst du bitte das! Glaubst du mich, you will never regret that! HAHA.

Ich weiss, speaking Denglisch sucks big time! Aber in die Philippinen, die Junge menschen sprechen Taglisch. An der DLSU, am meisten Studenten sprechen “Lasallienisch.” “Lasallienisch” klingt besser als “conyo,” weil conyo schlechte Worte in Spanisch ist. Na ja, mein Blog muss ein Tagebuch sein. Am morgen muss ich checken meine Gruppe fuer die Projekt! Uh-oh!

Ich muss treffe mit meine Freundin, ja, sie muss in Deutschkurs sein, aber sie hat Fehler weil sie immer sehr spaet war! >.< Nein, das muss nicht approve sein.

Ich muss graduate, or else! Ich koennte eine Job nicht finden… bad luck to me, Uebrigens! HAHAHAHA.

I know that it’s really a pain in the ass if you read this blog post of mine, just in case you’re a native German speaker. I’m really practicing German right now because I have to, and remember, I am still willing to make friends with German people or people of German descent.

To those half-German guys in Romblon, mein herzlichen Gruessen fuer euch! Don’t worry, I’ll try to practice German with you guys, but why the hell don’t you like to live in M-A-N-I-L-A? Ich brauche euch! Bitte kommt hier! Es ist more fun in Manila, Manila, simply no place than Manila…

Happy Birthday to Yeng and Mario!


They both turn 24 years old today! Can’t believe they’re really THAT old, but not to worry, there are some other people born in 1988:

Adele (she does look older than her age)
Nadia Shami
Rupert Grint

However, I’d say that Mario Maurer does resemble AJ Perez in some angle, and they’re both charming. Same with Yeng resembling Koo Hye Sun (who sometimes remind of Jessy Mendiola).

Right now, Yeng is celebrating her birthday in China, dunno with Mario.

But anyways, HABURDAY to you peoplez!

Iceland: A Mystical Paradise|The Icelandic Flag

Even though I never set on foot on Iceland, I’d like to discuss to you the homeland of Bjork!

Iceland is a European Nordic country situated near the Arctic Circle, and its capital, Reykjavik, is the northernmost capital city of a sovereign state in the world. Ever since, it is the most peaceful country in the world, considering its climate and geography. As of now, its population does not reach a million at all. It never achieved 1M people in the territory itself, so basically, almost everyone are familiar with one another.

Iceland is also known for its natural wonders, and two of the most famous are Vatnajokull and Strokkur. Detifoss also included.




You could never deny that these are very beautiful, so no wonder, Bjork was inspired by nature when she thought of writing her music — you’d never know, she flaunts it the right way, a’ryt.

For me, I would call it “exotic” despite being a European country (exotic does not only apply to Latin and African countries alone) — its language, derived from Old Norse, is “purified” to strengthen Icelandic national identity. It is close to the Faroese language, and its “Norse-ness” is really, distinctive. Not even the other Scandinavian languages could actually be related to Icelandic besides Faroese, despite being classified as “Germanic.”

Iceland Trivia:

It is a right-hand traffic country.
People do not only learn Icelandic; English (as in UK English) and Danish are also taught.
It is the most peaceful country in the world.
It is a train-free country (awww…).So far, Reykjavik is the only metropolitan area (as in CITY), but I do not know if this has changed.
There is no such thing as McDonald’s in Iceland.
Check out other things that are NOT in Iceland… (which is sad huhuhu).
Fermented shark is a delicacy in Iceland.
Magnus Scheving, the gymnast who portrayed Sportacus in Lazytown, hails from Iceland.
The Icelandic surname system is very unusual — most likely it’s a patronymic. For instance, Bjork’s surname is Gudmundsdottir (Gudmond’s Daughter), which is one example of a patronymic. So it’s most likely to happen that in a telephone directory, Icelanders are listed according to their first name (how awesome is that, right?). So, if you’re going to address an Icelandic person, you might as well address him/her through their first names. If in other countries, this is rude. However, for them, it’s not rude after all. I don’t really know if they observe honorific language.
You may find other err… many-to-mention trivia HERE and HERE.

Iceland is almost like Australia — usually, the cities, towns — if it’s a town, it really looks like you’re in the countryside. No joke, look at the photographs, it tells you everything. However, the difference is that, Iceland is much healthier to live in because it has greens and snow on it, unlike Australia, which is mostly desert.

One strange thing about Iceland is that, it’s the only country in Europe that would err… provide electricity due to its natural wonders that could generate power, energy and electricity for the whole Europe.

Its waters are pure, and need not to be chlorinated in any manner — potable enough if you’re in an Icelandic home.

Iceland and its wonders|If this was brought to the Philippines, people will treat it as a waterfall from Villa Escudero.|Indeed, Iceland is very green and its climate is mild, so it should be “Waterland” or Greenland rather.|Unusual water-FALL.

For more Icelandic beauty photographs, HERE is the source.

Why I regard Björk as one of the best singers in town

Bjork is one of the raspy-voiced singers with exceptional talent — she does not only sing, but also, she could also imagine something really exceptional — unlike other singers, she could actually sing about nature, politics, aside from simple love songs; an she could pull that off. You cannot imagine Lady GaGa or maybe Ke$ha doing the same thing.

Singing Oceania in Icelandic

Bjork in Atta Raddir, an Icelandic TV show

Bjork expresses her love for country — Icelandic pride!

Bjork moved from her native Iceland to the United Kingdom to pursue a solo career after she became part of the Sugarcubes. One reason why I admire Bjork in some way. She really made Iceland placed on the map — just like these artists/celebrities:

Charlize Theron – South Africa
Amuro Namie – Okinawa, Japan
Regina Spektor – Russia
Heidi Klum – GermanySophia Loren – Italy
Marion Cotillard – France
Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman, Hemsworth Brothers, Miranda Kerr – Australia
Pierce Brosnan – Ireland
Natalie Portman – Israel
Greta Garbo – Sweden
Audrey Hepburn, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley, Robert Pattinson, Alex Pettyfer, Orlando Bloom – UK
Famke Janssen – The Netherlands
Milla Jovovich – Ukraine
Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz – Spain
Salma Hayek – Mexico
Shakira – Colombia

Other artists:

Asia Argento – Italy
Audrey Tautou – France
Franka Potente – Germany
Ivana Baquero – Spain

The Uniqueness of Bjork Gudmundsdottir

Bjork is very unique. Call her “weird,” but she’s not as mainstream-ish weird like Lady GaGa, or maybe retro-cutesy like Katy Perry, or maybe trashy-punkish like Ke$ha. Bjork is an experimental singer — she is a definition of an artist.

Right, Justin Bieber?

When she sings, she talks about nature (Oceania, Biophilia songs, Nattura), politics (Declare Independence) and patriotism (Joga). Also, she also does storytelling (Bachelorette, Isobel).

Now what’s even very special about her is that, her weird costumes and out-of-this-world music videos (mostly directed by Michel Gondry) really make her stand out, and imagine that the Japanese really loved her so much that she’s hailed there (you know naman, Japanese people embrace weirdness).

Also, you won’t question it if Bjork wins an award due to her uniqueness — no other artist could pull off the avant-garde style that Bjork has.

When I was in high school, I would usually defy the social norm of worshipping mainstream popular music by rather leaning onto Bjork, Chick Corea and Yoko Kanno. Amy Winehouse is also included. Yeah, I really do not like mainstream music after all, except when you listen to Lady Gaga or maybe Japanese composers like Junichi Nakatsuru (the real legend!).

Unfortunately, Bjork is not that popular in the Philippines. Her target is usually countries that have first-world standards — countries that do not simply lean onto pop music alone. Singers alongside her only target first-world countries which is really even sad because third-world countries cannot even at least, try to understand her a bit. They would rant out and think that “No, this is not music! These are all… messy.” If you think that Bjork is nothing, why can’t you ask music critics? After all, they could really choose Bjork over Willie Revillame.

Cross-over between weird and mainstream

Overall, I think that Bjork is really fantastica!

Well, it makes me want to tackle about Icelandic culture.