Eraserheads – Ligaya… hmmm… who did the cover version better?

Here’s the original…

(I wanna download this song, it seems that OPM is more fun to listen haha)

Eraserheads – Ligaya

Seriously, hindi ako fan ng Eraserheads, however, when I heard this song, it sounds like… “Okay naman pala OPM ah.”

But when I watched the cover versions, it seemed that Yeng and RJ’s version gave more justice:

Manapla Concert – OMG, this is really funny!

OMG, I love the duo here!

Hahaha, bakit sila pa ang inuna ko!? Call me biased, but… here’s Kitchie Nadal’s cover:

Oh noes! The same “lasing” voice, but once you hear the live version…

Okay, so to speak, mas clear ang voice niya dito.

Same here.

YouTube user’s Mudrax gives more justice to the song.

Kitchie’s version is quite err… inconsistent. However, Mudrax’s version is much better and much more minimalistic. For Yeng and RJ, I really do not know if that’s good, but yeah, more effective.

Now you must evaluate! WHO did it bettuh!?


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