Reasons why I really admire Yeng Constantino

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When I first saw her, I thought of her as ordinary-looking, generic punk rocker. Like, “Ano ba naman ‘yan, hindi naman siya kagandahan, hindi rin naman siya chaka.” However, when I saw her up close in 2007, I was stunned by her beauty when she sang on stage.

Awit ng Pangarap

Even other people will attest that she’s really pretty, and not to mention that she has softer features.

PBB Teens Clash

My other couz on pop’s side really attested that the Yengsters were really honest about their experience with their idol. I really cannot consider myself as a Yengster, but I’m simply sort of fan. Pretty, nice and approachable. Hindi lang siya typical colegiala na pang-campus lang ang beauty niya. In other words, I could really say that she can be like Dara.

Ang arrive niya talaga is like a combination of Miley Cyrus + Hayley Williams.

I really like her cover version of Millionaire. Kaya ba ‘yan ni Sarah Geronimo? Sarah may also have a talent in imitating singing styles, but Yeng makes it even more like, un-identifiable.


I really think she does deserve more recognition. If I were to be asked, I’d buy a collection of her CD’s and go to her concerts. I’d be very proud if she’s going to be a guest in DLSU. (; Hope that happens if she’s not that busy.

I have to admit, sometimes it’s really hard to appreciate ALL her songs. As in, ALL of them. However, she’s they type of person na marunong naman mag-diversify. However, take a peek at this one:

Salamat – am besten Lied!

foxy_roxy (roxyisferox’s former monicker) stated:

GRAND STAR DREAMER is no other than YENG CONSTANTINO. After all, she deserves it and it is already anticipated that she will be the first champion of PDA.

Actually, Yeng has the same talent as Taylor Swift. Teenager pa lang, marunong na silang mag-compose ng kanta. The only difference is, halos pare-pareho ang tono ng mga awitin ni Taylor Swift. Granted, I also admire Taylor Swift for her “clean” image, however, what makes it “tainted” is her numerous relationships with other guys. Tapos after break-up, she will write a song that will really tell about her lovelife. However, Yeng does not need to do that. Tingnan niyo naman, halos wala ngang isyung naririnig tungkol nga sa kanya, eh! Also, when it comes to lovelife, Yeng does not even need to talk about that.

Also, she does not even need to join a band to become famous. I really do not understand why Kitchie Nadal and Barbie Almalbis are even more admired than Yeng, if in fact both of them only became famous because of being a band member, blah blah blah. Kaya lang sumikat si Kitchie Nadal because she used to be a member of Mojofly, and same with Barbie because she used to be part of Barbie’s Cradle. Their styles are often generic — in Barbie’s case, she’s like Taylor Swift in terms of song tones and music, while for Kitchie, she’s only well-known for her so-called beauty (I’d say that she’s way cuter before) and her songs that are actually yeah, substantial, but the music isn’t even that lively. Kumbaga, na-overhyped lang sila. Also, despite being rock stars, they don’t even diversify in terms of fashion sense. Lalo naman kay Kitchie, ever since I’m not a fan naman talaga, eh. At the height of her popularity, may something talaga kung bakit hindi ko siya na-appreciate compared kay Yeng. Maybe it’s because hindi masyadong ma-appeal at charismatic si Kitchie ever since. Oh yes, try to read the article here.

If you think that Yeng is really talented and deserves more recognition, I think you should learn to love OPM because there are a lot of songs that are more lovable than those mainstream songs, if not Oppa Gangman Style (the only great K-Pop song ever, seriously) and Baby (Justin Bieber’s most famous song!).


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  1. Molybdenum Studios Founder and CEO

    BLOG UPDATE: Here’s Barbie’s “Dahilan” song:

    This is one song that is different from her songs, “Today is the Greatest Day.” I also find her epic, but because she is already married and has a child, I think it’s good for her to take a break.

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