Israel: The Holy Land in conflict with Gaza|Not even the children are spared from the bloodshed

So what’s new about Israel and its non-stop conflict with Gaza, Palestine and other Middle Eastern countries?

Truth is, I really feel very sad whenever I hear news about Israel being bombed and damaged by its enemies. I was wondering why there’s violence in this so-called “Holy Land,” if one time there was a suicide bomber on the loose way back then?

No wonder it’s not really a good place to live in, unless you’re a Jew, you’ll think that it is YOUR “home,” but not for many.

In its current conflict with Gaza (no wonder, Israel really has a lot of political foes to deal with), death toll is dramatically on the rise, and take note that NOT even innocent children are spared. What now for Israel’s future as one of the most educated countries if everything would be like this?

No wonder some Israeli celebrities (Natalie Portman, Bar Refaeli and Shirly Brener) choose to live in the US because of political conflicts happening in their native land.

How would you feel if there’s always turmoil in your country?

Ever since, Israel never had a good conversation with Gaza and Palestine (correct me of one of these places are not in good terms, but not necessarily an enemy). This also happens with most of its Middle Eastern neighbors (Iran and Saudi Arabia are two of Israel’s worst “enemies”), so no wonder, kawawa ka if you’re an Israeli national — you cannot freely travel to the rest of the Middle East because most of these countries believe that Israel should never exist at all. If you’re talking about Israeli stamps, places like Iraq and the UAE will still accept you, but NOT for Iran and Saudi Arabia. Seriously, why HATE Israel if it brought Christianity to life (remember, the Holy Bible is very Israeli in terms of ancient culture)? I really do understand that the rest of the Middle Eastern countries are Muslim, but they should never hate the Jews — the Jews came first, long before Mohammed founded Islam, so why HATE?

It’s a good thing that Israel and Germany are good friends in terms of diplomacy — and not only Deutschland, the United States supports the Holy Land as well. This also happens when you talk about Philippine-Japan relations. The Philippines and Japan used to be wartime enemies, but it’s a good thing that the Filipinos are very forgiving; one thing that is not discussed in social studies class is that, the Philippines is Japan’s number one raw material exporter.

International Bullying and Overrating

Today, there are MANY international bullies in the world, and it’s not only the US and China (they’re definitely the two most overrated countries in terms of hegemonic contest) that are perceived as “bullies.” In fact, there are some more to consider when talking about hegemony — China has a LONG way to go on its way to become a hegemon; like what I said before, it fears US in terms of economic trade. Usually, China will only improve its products when the US is starting to ask for it (no wonder offshored companies still retain that quality).

I really do believe that Israel is a bullying victim from most of its Middle Eastern neighbors — granted, it is one of the most developed countries in the world with its patriotic people, however, turmoil and conflict won’t even place it at the top of the World’s Most Peaceful… well we do not know about that.


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