ColorMond Daysie II, welcome!

Here it is… the all-new err.. lappie!


Censored for privacy purposes.

The new buttons 😦 I really do miss the old lappie BTW 😥

…for the user WHAT!? Of course, for privacy purposes again, nobody can ever touch it!

Now my original desktop is now on its new home! Take a look at your upper-right side, it’s Molybdenum Studios!

Take Note: Please do not judge me if I ever had a second MBP. Yes, this is the second MBP I have owned, well, just to update the loyal followers out there and not to flaunt it.

I really miss the old MBP, but this new one is… guess how many GB is its hard drive?


It runs Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).
It’s actually err… 2.5 GHz i5 and has 4GB RAM
It has iLife 2011.
It is customizable to three-finger dragging, single-tap and reverse two-finger scrolling (conventional, not natural).

Well, you guessed it, it’s 500GB!

I still have to re-learn its features and how it is operated. While I really prefer the conventional version of the MBP 13″ 2010 version, this laptop this time offers personalized trackpad functions. Yep, I personalized it to the following: Single-tap click, three-finger dragging, conventional two-finger scrolling (the natural one is similar to that when you scroll with the iPhone/iTouch) and right-corner secondary click.

However, the Mission Control and Show Desktop was formerly the four-finger swipe donwards and upwards, respectively. Right now, the Mission Control thing could be achieved by swiping your four fingers UPWARDS and to show the desktop is to separate your thumb from the other four fingers and spread them. Also, single-tap dragging is no longer existent (yes, I have mentioned the three-finger dragging thing). That’s one thing that’s really odd for 2010 MBP users.

Good thing I learned the Time Machine and returned all the files to its new home. It was really exhausting and yet, there are some things that I still have to do, however, I did do everything to discover how everything should be retrieved. The most difficult would be the iPhoto thing. Transferring ALL the files and system should be done through Migration Assistant, however, iPhoto is the most difficult… not until I chose, “Switch Library.” OH EM GEE.

Pardon if it’s not the one with Retina Display, since I cannot live without an OPTICAL drive — without any optical drive, there would be no such thing as movies, music, et cetera.

Of course, I am doing my best to keep it clean and presentable even though I am a hardcore user — if the same thing will happen again, I don’t think I deserve something better than this.

So, that’s all for now. Ciao!


About Molybdenum Studios

I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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