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Maligayang Kaarawan sa inyo, Supremo!|Hello to Supremo!

Happy Birthday to the true person who saved our country from the Spaniards, alongside Gat Jose P. Rizal.

In fact, despite his lack of education, at least hie managed to be very nationalistic, and he really served the country towards freedom against the Spaniards.

No wonder, he’s more celebrated than Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, otherwise known as the first President of the Republic of the Philippines (which is sort of nakakahiya because he is not that celebrated and he’s also accused of being a traitor).

One brave soul who died young, because he’s a good soul.

Eraserheads – Ligaya… hmmm… who did the cover version better?

Here’s the original…

(I wanna download this song, it seems that OPM is more fun to listen haha)

Eraserheads – Ligaya

Seriously, hindi ako fan ng Eraserheads, however, when I heard this song, it sounds like… “Okay naman pala OPM ah.”

But when I watched the cover versions, it seemed that Yeng and RJ’s version gave more justice:

Manapla Concert – OMG, this is really funny!

OMG, I love the duo here!

Hahaha, bakit sila pa ang inuna ko!? Call me biased, but… here’s Kitchie Nadal’s cover:

Oh noes! The same “lasing” voice, but once you hear the live version…

Okay, so to speak, mas clear ang voice niya dito.

Same here.

YouTube user’s Mudrax gives more justice to the song.

Kitchie’s version is quite err… inconsistent. However, Mudrax’s version is much better and much more minimalistic. For Yeng and RJ, I really do not know if that’s good, but yeah, more effective.

Now you must evaluate! WHO did it bettuh!?

Reasons why I really admire Yeng Constantino

Please read this blog entry before proceeding. Thanks. (:

When I first saw her, I thought of her as ordinary-looking, generic punk rocker. Like, “Ano ba naman ‘yan, hindi naman siya kagandahan, hindi rin naman siya chaka.” However, when I saw her up close in 2007, I was stunned by her beauty when she sang on stage.

Awit ng Pangarap

Even other people will attest that she’s really pretty, and not to mention that she has softer features.

PBB Teens Clash

My other couz on pop’s side really attested that the Yengsters were really honest about their experience with their idol. I really cannot consider myself as a Yengster, but I’m simply sort of fan. Pretty, nice and approachable. Hindi lang siya typical colegiala na pang-campus lang ang beauty niya. In other words, I could really say that she can be like Dara.

Ang arrive niya talaga is like a combination of Miley Cyrus + Hayley Williams.

I really like her cover version of Millionaire. Kaya ba ‘yan ni Sarah Geronimo? Sarah may also have a talent in imitating singing styles, but Yeng makes it even more like, un-identifiable.


I really think she does deserve more recognition. If I were to be asked, I’d buy a collection of her CD’s and go to her concerts. I’d be very proud if she’s going to be a guest in DLSU. (; Hope that happens if she’s not that busy.

I have to admit, sometimes it’s really hard to appreciate ALL her songs. As in, ALL of them. However, she’s they type of person na marunong naman mag-diversify. However, take a peek at this one:

Salamat – am besten Lied!

foxy_roxy (roxyisferox’s former monicker) stated:

GRAND STAR DREAMER is no other than YENG CONSTANTINO. After all, she deserves it and it is already anticipated that she will be the first champion of PDA.

Actually, Yeng has the same talent as Taylor Swift. Teenager pa lang, marunong na silang mag-compose ng kanta. The only difference is, halos pare-pareho ang tono ng mga awitin ni Taylor Swift. Granted, I also admire Taylor Swift for her “clean” image, however, what makes it “tainted” is her numerous relationships with other guys. Tapos after break-up, she will write a song that will really tell about her lovelife. However, Yeng does not need to do that. Tingnan niyo naman, halos wala ngang isyung naririnig tungkol nga sa kanya, eh! Also, when it comes to lovelife, Yeng does not even need to talk about that.

Also, she does not even need to join a band to become famous. I really do not understand why Kitchie Nadal and Barbie Almalbis are even more admired than Yeng, if in fact both of them only became famous because of being a band member, blah blah blah. Kaya lang sumikat si Kitchie Nadal because she used to be a member of Mojofly, and same with Barbie because she used to be part of Barbie’s Cradle. Their styles are often generic — in Barbie’s case, she’s like Taylor Swift in terms of song tones and music, while for Kitchie, she’s only well-known for her so-called beauty (I’d say that she’s way cuter before) and her songs that are actually yeah, substantial, but the music isn’t even that lively. Kumbaga, na-overhyped lang sila. Also, despite being rock stars, they don’t even diversify in terms of fashion sense. Lalo naman kay Kitchie, ever since I’m not a fan naman talaga, eh. At the height of her popularity, may something talaga kung bakit hindi ko siya na-appreciate compared kay Yeng. Maybe it’s because hindi masyadong ma-appeal at charismatic si Kitchie ever since. Oh yes, try to read the article here.

If you think that Yeng is really talented and deserves more recognition, I think you should learn to love OPM because there are a lot of songs that are more lovable than those mainstream songs, if not Oppa Gangman Style (the only great K-Pop song ever, seriously) and Baby (Justin Bieber’s most famous song!).

Shoot Like a PRO 101 III

Post-processing err… exposure correction (and its benefits)

When post-processing photos, it doesn’t equate to “emphasize” or “ruin” elegant details. It usually equates the personal preference of the photographer whether he/she prefers to enhance photographs digitally without the need of post-processing.

Hmmm… I think last week we went to one of the finest restaurants in the Philippines. Well, guess where it is.

Well, you guessed it! It’s in Spiral! In Sofitel! Pardon me for the crappy output Photomerge has brought me.

There is one time that I wanted to take a photograph of a dessert. Okay, so to speak me momma is now the new owner of the 550D (iCry). Well, she would usually become “flash-dependent” rather than not using flash at all (y’all know me as the person who refuses to use FLASH).

In this case scenario, I was about to take a photograph of the strawberry dessert, but suddenly the 550D’s flash did pop out (I’m using a 60D here ok!?) and it ignited, while I was taking a photograph of the dessert at the same time.

So here’s the output:

Overexposed, isn’t it? Seriously, it’s really an eyesore!

However, with the magical powers of photo-editing software, you will never be worried about the lighting. Here, I used Lightroom 3 to make it more decent and not an eyesore:

Here you have it! Good as new!

Actually, using Lightroom as your primary editing software in terms of correcting exposure, saturation and contrast would be a better option rather than relying on Photoshop alone. There are things that Lightroom can do that EVEN Photoshop can’t even do, so it’s really much better to have both of them at the same time.

Caution: Before you install Photoshop (and Lightroom) the easy way…

Please take note that bringing your laptop overseas might be a threat. You’ll be questioned about your credibility as a person, and you might be questioned, so it’s best that you rather not bring your laptop at all.

Granted, Adobe Creative Suite Software is really very costly and is very complicated to use. However, with the help of technology that are willing to take risks with regards to the law, you could now access Photoshop downloads and keygens at the same time online (yes, I’m really mentioning this at risk). The only way that you could access these software the genuine way is a very difficult process especially if you’re not yet working — the cost of that software almost equates a single gadget.

I just want to help everyone, so help yourself. I’m not promoting piracy in any way (in fact, I never buy pirated movie DVDs, they’re also an eyesore to watch), but I have no choice but go for download instead.

Hope you understand the situation.

Israel: The Holy Land in conflict with Gaza|Not even the children are spared from the bloodshed

So what’s new about Israel and its non-stop conflict with Gaza, Palestine and other Middle Eastern countries?

Truth is, I really feel very sad whenever I hear news about Israel being bombed and damaged by its enemies. I was wondering why there’s violence in this so-called “Holy Land,” if one time there was a suicide bomber on the loose way back then?

No wonder it’s not really a good place to live in, unless you’re a Jew, you’ll think that it is YOUR “home,” but not for many.

In its current conflict with Gaza (no wonder, Israel really has a lot of political foes to deal with), death toll is dramatically on the rise, and take note that NOT even innocent children are spared. What now for Israel’s future as one of the most educated countries if everything would be like this?

No wonder some Israeli celebrities (Natalie Portman, Bar Refaeli and Shirly Brener) choose to live in the US because of political conflicts happening in their native land.

How would you feel if there’s always turmoil in your country?

Ever since, Israel never had a good conversation with Gaza and Palestine (correct me of one of these places are not in good terms, but not necessarily an enemy). This also happens with most of its Middle Eastern neighbors (Iran and Saudi Arabia are two of Israel’s worst “enemies”), so no wonder, kawawa ka if you’re an Israeli national — you cannot freely travel to the rest of the Middle East because most of these countries believe that Israel should never exist at all. If you’re talking about Israeli stamps, places like Iraq and the UAE will still accept you, but NOT for Iran and Saudi Arabia. Seriously, why HATE Israel if it brought Christianity to life (remember, the Holy Bible is very Israeli in terms of ancient culture)? I really do understand that the rest of the Middle Eastern countries are Muslim, but they should never hate the Jews — the Jews came first, long before Mohammed founded Islam, so why HATE?

It’s a good thing that Israel and Germany are good friends in terms of diplomacy — and not only Deutschland, the United States supports the Holy Land as well. This also happens when you talk about Philippine-Japan relations. The Philippines and Japan used to be wartime enemies, but it’s a good thing that the Filipinos are very forgiving; one thing that is not discussed in social studies class is that, the Philippines is Japan’s number one raw material exporter.

International Bullying and Overrating

Today, there are MANY international bullies in the world, and it’s not only the US and China (they’re definitely the two most overrated countries in terms of hegemonic contest) that are perceived as “bullies.” In fact, there are some more to consider when talking about hegemony — China has a LONG way to go on its way to become a hegemon; like what I said before, it fears US in terms of economic trade. Usually, China will only improve its products when the US is starting to ask for it (no wonder offshored companies still retain that quality).

I really do believe that Israel is a bullying victim from most of its Middle Eastern neighbors — granted, it is one of the most developed countries in the world with its patriotic people, however, turmoil and conflict won’t even place it at the top of the World’s Most Peaceful… well we do not know about that.

ColorMond Daysie II, welcome!

Here it is… the all-new err.. lappie!


Censored for privacy purposes.

The new buttons 😦 I really do miss the old lappie BTW 😥

…for the user WHAT!? Of course, for privacy purposes again, nobody can ever touch it!

Now my original desktop is now on its new home! Take a look at your upper-right side, it’s Molybdenum Studios!

Take Note: Please do not judge me if I ever had a second MBP. Yes, this is the second MBP I have owned, well, just to update the loyal followers out there and not to flaunt it.

I really miss the old MBP, but this new one is… guess how many GB is its hard drive?


It runs Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).
It’s actually err… 2.5 GHz i5 and has 4GB RAM
It has iLife 2011.
It is customizable to three-finger dragging, single-tap and reverse two-finger scrolling (conventional, not natural).

Well, you guessed it, it’s 500GB!

I still have to re-learn its features and how it is operated. While I really prefer the conventional version of the MBP 13″ 2010 version, this laptop this time offers personalized trackpad functions. Yep, I personalized it to the following: Single-tap click, three-finger dragging, conventional two-finger scrolling (the natural one is similar to that when you scroll with the iPhone/iTouch) and right-corner secondary click.

However, the Mission Control and Show Desktop was formerly the four-finger swipe donwards and upwards, respectively. Right now, the Mission Control thing could be achieved by swiping your four fingers UPWARDS and to show the desktop is to separate your thumb from the other four fingers and spread them. Also, single-tap dragging is no longer existent (yes, I have mentioned the three-finger dragging thing). That’s one thing that’s really odd for 2010 MBP users.

Good thing I learned the Time Machine and returned all the files to its new home. It was really exhausting and yet, there are some things that I still have to do, however, I did do everything to discover how everything should be retrieved. The most difficult would be the iPhoto thing. Transferring ALL the files and system should be done through Migration Assistant, however, iPhoto is the most difficult… not until I chose, “Switch Library.” OH EM GEE.

Pardon if it’s not the one with Retina Display, since I cannot live without an OPTICAL drive — without any optical drive, there would be no such thing as movies, music, et cetera.

Of course, I am doing my best to keep it clean and presentable even though I am a hardcore user — if the same thing will happen again, I don’t think I deserve something better than this.

So, that’s all for now. Ciao!

Subscribe for 1-day Globe Internet without charge on your iPhone!

For iPhone users, I think this is a good guide for you to know why…

First, make sure that your APN is: [].

How to achieve this:

For people who have updated to iOS 6

1.) Go to Settings > General > Cellular > Cellular Data Network

2.) Under both Cellular Data AND Internet Tethering, change your APN from [] to [].

3.) Press the HOME button and follow these steps:

4.) Go again to Settings > General > Cellular.

5.) Turn on Cellular Data. It is optional whether you want to Enable 3G or not.



“Look East”: A Chinese dream for an African student

Monalisa Moyo is a Zimbabwean national who is a Miss Africa candidate studying in the University of International Business and Economics in China. She is almost fluent in Chinese, and is planning to be the ambassador from Zimbabwe to China.

She’s very lucky that she didn’t experience discrimination in China. Okay, so to speak, China is somewhat very regionalistic when Filipinos visit the country, but for people of African descent (notably black people) would usually stand out. Maybe because the Chinese are very eager to welcome foreign people, no matter what the race or ethnicity is.

I really salute this person, at least she has a strong personality. (;

A counter-argument regarding F. Sionil Jose’s anti-Chinese sentiments

Guten Abend! Ich bin fertig fur Brief schreiben — ja, ich suche fur Brieffreunden. LOL.

Pardon me if I’m not that good in German yet — maybe you’ll hear me say, “Ach, es ist 8 Uhr! Ich muss froh sein!”

Not being too much of a Europhile, but anyways, I have read this counter-argument against F. Sionil Jose (OH MAN! You must be crazy!).

The article|The Chinese character for “death.”

I believe, F. Sionil Jose’s view on the Chinese people is merely a sign of xenophobia. Well, not so.

Of course, that also means that having white skin doesn’t make you a “wannabe white person.” This also means that being “dark” or “tanned” for the white people doesn’t really make them wannabe Latinos.

Granted, the Chinese are said to be rude (check out these profit-oriented shops in Beijing, Singapore and HK!) and profit-oriented, but elite Chinese people won’t ever patronize cheap, low-quality China-made stuff. Also, being Chinese doesn’t even make you filthy rich or traditional, or even speak Fukkien at all!

Generalizing the Filipino-Chinese community as “exploiting foreigners” does not make you a patriot at all. In fact, “ethnicism” isn’t going to make you more than patriotic.

Paraphrasing Kenneth Duncan,

Filipinos of Chinese descent are sent to Chinese schools to learn more about their heritage, but there’s no such intention of being loyal to the country of their ancestors which they’re not really familiar with. Not all Filipino-Chinese can afford to study in a special language school, and there’s nothing wrong with Chinese schools — in fact, countries like Indonesia are supporting and promoting them!

Correct, and the fact that the Chinoys send back their remittances to China, Taiwan or Hong Kong isn’t (that) true after all. Kenneth Duncan stated that these Chinoys can hardly trace back their ancestral roots in the Sinosphere, which is quite true — after all, famous Filipinos who bear a Chinese surname, pure Chinese or of mixed ancestry — are apparently more loyal to the Philippines and they choose to stay here to grow their businesses. Now what’s wrong with that, right?

Some wealthy Chinese people even marry Filipinas of native or mestizo/mestiza descent and let their children roam around in a Filipino environment — famous Ateneans such as Tricia Gosingtian may be half-Chinese, but they’re Filipino on the inside. They even promote their styles and works of art in representation of the Philippines and NOT the Sinosphere. They cannot even speak Fukkien at all. As a matter of fact, these wealthy Chinoys are actually more Filipino than Chinese.

To Lieber Herr Jose,

I think it’s time for you to re-think your path as a writer. Degrading the Filipino-Chinese community does not help the nation prosper in any way. In fact, being against the Chinese in the Philippines does not make you even moooooore patriotic. Granted, some Chinoys are really hardcore Sinophiles, but that’s the way for then to preserve their culture. There won’t be such thing as Chinese New Year, hopia, siomai, siopao, noodles, Peking duck, paputok, F4, Meteor Garden, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Huawei or anything Chinese if you’re only going to say that.

If China or the concept of “Sina” never existed, there would be no Kanji or Confucianism at all. What makes family bond together in East Asia is the Confucian belief of valuing family. However, being family-oriented is very Asian, which you don’t even see in most Western countries. Countries such as Italy, Germany, Australia and Canada are best examples of Western places that practice the value of family, even the United States is trying to promote family values as a payback to the people’s choice. If your folks taught you not to love the other races of people around you, think again. If you were educated at public schools, then they must have taught you the essence of embracing and mingling with people of different backgrounds. If you are half-Chinese or half-white, Filipinos around you are expected to err, mingle with you and consider you as their own, rather than letting you feel that you’re different. The funny thing is, half-white people who absolutely have NO trace of Filipino features will be worshipped and hailed as a “god/goddess.”

I also wanted to learn Mandarin when the Taiwanese F4 made it to the Philippines. Even Vic Zhou only speaks Mandarin and Fukkien at the same, at mas lalo pa nga si Jerry Yan, eh! After all, you don’t need to be a Chinoy to study in a Chinese school.

Kung tutuusin pa nga, CCTV (China Central Television) is already provided when you subscribe to SkyCable, Home Cable, Sun Cable, Destiny, and many more. CCTV is also in HD quality and at the same time, it offers programs besides Chinese — English, Arabic and Russian, to name a few.

CCTV in Russian|Her Russian is even better than Sharapova’s!

CCTV in Arabic|This Chinese dude still managed that sexy voice!

CCTV English|Australian English at its finest!

Side note: Give me a German version this time, please!

Alongside Deutsche Welle, NHK, KBS World and Australia channel, you don’t need to pay extra bucks to subscribe to those channels. Can TFC err… do that!? I don’t think so… I also have doubts with GMA PinoyTV if they could make it overseas without paying extra bucks for subscription.

These channels are very influential and they prove that they’re really wealthy enough to spread the word without even being paid for exclusive purposes. HAHA!

With regards to CCTV itself, their programs are of course, in Mandarin Chinese. YES — with regards to Putonghua, it’s the most melodic of all the languages of China. How melodic? Well, Chinese women speaking the language are really refined and they really communicate with finesse. Also, most Taiwanese people speak Mandarin, alongside with their native Taiwanese Fukkien. Since Mandarin is only composed of four tones, it’s not that hard at all when you master the language (unlike Fukkien and Cantonese, which has eight and six tones, respectively).

Now I really do understand you, Herr Jose for switching to Mandarin after you learned Cantonese. Surely, Cantonese is much more difficult because of the six tones, but don’t you know that it came first before Mandarin? Yes, Cantonese may be first before Mandarin, but Yue (other term for Cantonese) is also an official language in Hong Kong. I also believe that it is also spoken in most parts of Guangdong, particularly Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Even Jackie Chan’s accent is obviously Cantonese, and it seems that he’s even more comfortable in speaking Cantonese than Mandarin (his Putonghua has a hint of Cantonese accent as well, too bad). However, China’s government puts importance on Mandarin over the other languages of China is because of its rich tones and ease of use. You’ll feel yoga, Buddhism and a calm aura when an old woman speaks the language. After all, the Chinese language is almost everything — from the food that you eat, from the tea that you drink towards their rich cultural heritage.

Despite the controversies surrounding China, it is still a mysterious place, despite its pollution in the cities. Also, the Sinosphere does not forget to turn back to its rich cultural history, despite being modernized.

I am not a China expert

…but this might help me a lot since I’m going to tackle about trade relations between China… and guess what the other camp is!