Thanks justinonenonly for the article! Yeah, despite negative write-ups about the Pop Princess’s mother, I believe that tama ‘yung sinabi ng isa kong kakilala, na kahit superstar parin si SG, she won’t ever be as rebellious as any other star out there, and even though she has diva moments too (yeah, actually aminado naman siyang mahirap mag-retain ng almost-perfect image diba?), she gives a very great impression to her fans. Sabi na nga eh, si Mother of Divine Mercy pa ang magte-take action kapag may mishap na hindi katanggap-tanggap ang Pop Princess, hindi ba?


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  1. Hi, thanks for reblogging my post. And thanks for the appreciation. I have more articles in my blog, you might want to check on them, too. Thank you! 🙂

    • Molybdenum Studios Founder and CEO

      No prob! (: Sometimes people are too judgmental to someone whom they haven’t encounter yet hehe.

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