Amuro Namie facts and trivia, according to a fan

Thanks Pampril aka for posting this! Hope you don’t mind if I make this a blog post!

All Amuro photos are from again (:


Okay, not really much of an Amuro fan, but the owner of commented on Amuro Namie and the Tattoo Connection, which is an honor since this is the first time I was acknowledged as a blogger, but her reactions with the things I have posted about Amuro were yeah… actually I was intrigued, so I decided to post her comment right here.

Here’s the official statement

Hi, I’m the owner of Toi et moi v4. Thank you for crediting my website, not everyone takes the time to do it.
If I may, I would just like to correct a few inaccuracies in your article about Namie’s tattoos.

First of all, you may have not noticed it because it was discrete but Namie had her first tattoo in 1996 while she was in Jamaica. This was a barcode with her birthday date. It’s on the cover of her first photobook #19970920.

She then had a second tattoo on the same wrist, some flowers but I don’t remember when…

She finally had the two tattoos you mention in 2002 (and not 2003).

On these two pics dating from May 2002, you can already see them.

She has recently removed her two first tattoos and it seems like she replaced them with one tattoo in the interior of her wrist: it reads Love Peace World.

The second thing is that Namie has never been married twice. She only married Sam in 1997 and gave birth to Haruto in 1998. Her mother did not die at this moment, she was murdered by her brother-in-law in 1999, the day Namie’s second come-back single, “Respect the power of love”, was out.

Namie said several times that she was happy her mother could see her son before dying. After her death, she considered stopping her careeer. Then she remembered how proud was her mother everytime she could see her on TV: she decided to keep singing.

Third thing is about Japanese people loving her tattoos. Well, it’s a very new thing! Tattoos are still associated with yakuza and wearing them is still seen as a bad thing in Japan. If you may not see her biggest tattoos in some commercials, it’s not surprising, they were hidden. The sames goes with NHK Kouhaku Utagussen: when Namie used to participate, they would make her hide her tattoos because it was not “correct” to wear them.

Namie has long been the target of the medias: she used to be called a “has-been” as well as a bad mum (for primarily leaving custody of her son to Sam). Divorce is also very ill-considered in Japanese society.

Lastly, it has never been proved that Namie was of Italian decent. It used to be written in all profiles and magazines back in the 1990’s, but Emiko Taira herself (Namie’s mother) stated that she never known which origin was her father. She only knew he was European, she said “maybe English or Italian”. I think Namie’s company thought that Italian was fashionable and exotic at the time and decided to go for it. The truth is that Namie only know she’s not 100% Okinawaian. Her father may also have been an American of European decent, that’s what a few Japanese website write.

As for her English, I absolutely don’t know is she’s able to hold a conversation. She doesn’t write her lyrics and she was really surprise to learn the meaning of some slang in “Want me, Want me”. She only learned the meaning of them quite a long time after she has recorded the song! I guess she can understand a few words, but she may be really bad at languages. It’s true that the full-English songs in Uncontrolled are intriguing, but I don’t think it means her skills have greatly improved.

My Take

Please read at your own risk. You might get disappointed once I rant, but if you can’t stand all the comments I have posted/vent(ed), try reading another blog entry.

The ancestry dilemma

Oh, yes. I forgot about the website I saw… I think one website stated that the part-Italian thing is actually the agency’s decision to make it a part of Amuro’s identity. However, some sources said that she’s “one-quarter white,” but did not even specify the ethnicity.

Okinawa used to be a part of the United States of America, so no wonder you won’t really question one person’s ethnicity if they’re half-white. If that is so, I think that you might get used to it when you hear that Olivia Lufkin was from Okinawa (Olivia BTW is Japanese-Norwegian-American).

No wonder Namie has an innocent look, and you won’t ever believe that she’s a mother of one.

English lyrics and tattoos look cool… really?

My thoughts about Amuro’s English lyrics and tattoos — well, I’m not ranting against the comment stated above ok? These are the thoughts that I really want to vent out, seriously.

With regards to the English lyrics, I really don’t know why THE HELL should someone sing in English if that person does not even speak the language, right? Okay, there’s nothing wrong with singing in English despite your lack of proficiency on it, but please, I don’t think it’s a good idea to say, “Body Feels EXIT! Body Feels EXCITE!”

Gosh, it does not make sense when you say, “Oh, me body feels EXIT!”

Like, “WTF!?”

It’s like you’re trying so hard to seem cool, if in fact you’re only doing it to look cool.

Read the article here.

Jpop Addict stated:

The first example is the recent release of Namie Amuro’s single 60s 70s 80s, which features the song ROCK STEADY. In the chorus, Namie uses the phrase “bungee jump” in the middle of some Japanese lines. If you’re like me, you’re wondering what the hell she is talking about and grow increasingly angry each time she says it. In my opinion, it would have annoyed me less if she had just used Japanese instead.

Granted that Namie does not actually write her own songs, but just in case you’re wondering whether she could actually speak in English, you’ll really gonna scratch your head off! Also, I heard that her son Haruto was making fun of her English proficiency as well (and it was reported that his English is better!).

Actually, these things are the reasons why I was looking up to people like Ayumi Hamasaki, Angela Aki, Utada Hikaru and Gackt. Although they have English words on their lyrics, at least they really have the nerve to speak in English (or can speak, fluent or not). In Ayumi’s case, she learned English, I think, from her ex-husband. Good for her, and you’ll notice that most of her songs are purely Japanese, and there are only a few English words on it, so no wonder, she was more recognized at the Western world, although Amuro was the original. Not promoting Amuro-Hamasaki rivalry here because their style is waaaay different from one another. Ayu-chan is more of the kawaii type, while Amuro diversifies.

Okay, no offense to Pampril (I know she’s a real Amuro fan) and to the rest of Amuro Namie fans, but those tattoos? I have nothing against people who think that Kanji tattoos are cool, just in case they don’t speak Japanese/Chinese at all, same with non-English speaking people having tattoos of Shakespearean words on their bodies. However, quoting Kouhei Smith, Kanji tattoos are not that cool at all. Maybe your Chinese character for love is actually not “love” at all. LOL, same with Engrish tattoos.|WTH does that mean, anyway?

Maybe it’s the Engrish version of Love, Peace in this World. So again, I’m not being a grammar Nazi right here, but I don’t think English tattoos for non-English speakers are not cool, actually.

Look at these dudes’ tattoos below:|LOL, like when someone needs something, he/she’s a true friend?|Perfect, NOT “prection!” Wait, maybe “Actions need more erection than words”? LOL!

It should also be taken note that Amuro Namie’s oval tattoo (which is bad-ass) is also in Engrish.

“My mothers love live with me, Eternally in my heart. RIP”

Should it be, “My mother’s love lives with me, Eternally in my heart.”?

Seriously, the tattoos look reeeeaaaally ugly. No offense meant to Amuro fans, but I think these tats look like jail tattoos.

It’s like this: Oval-shaped memorial tattoo, right? Reminds me of an elongated coin coming from that coin-molding machine in Canada. Also, the “Haruto” tattoo is like, “Wait, is that her ex or something?”|, may I have your attention, please?|I am really calling, seriously!

Yeah, curly and straight hair and cute clothes — she can carry those, but tattoos? I don’t think it really suits her personality so well. While I do enjoy her songs (yeah, her songs are great, actually), but please don’t call me jealous. I really can’t stand these types of tattoos at all, so no wonder her arm tats are concealed, because according to Pampril, it’s not correct to wear them on CM’s.

I think I’m the only one who does not really like her arm tattoos. It may be endearing and meaningful, but I can’t stand it. Okay, go on and slap to me, “Get used to it!”, but some people might not like it too!

Seriously, that disturbing oval-shaped vandalism (together with her son’s name) reminds me of a wine label, but TWG teas had it! Overall, Amuro Namie’s tattoos are like jail tattoos, as if she has an elongated coin together with a guy’s name below it. Like a wine label, really.

Not being a hater, but those tattoos really look nuttig to me! I like her right arm tattoos better, since it’s really more fashionable-looking.

Okay, enough with the tattoo thing! It really sounds intriguing if you lately knew about your idol having arm tattoos. If that would be a girl… oh wait, I think I’m not the only person who thinks about Amuro’s tattoos as not very cool…


GTK: Am I only one who thinks that Namie is like….a japanese version of Cheryl Cole?
OSR: Yes.
Namie Amuro:
– 20 years long career
– 32 million records sold
– 16 top 5 albums, including 10 #1’s, 2 #2’s and 2 #3’s
– 39 top 10 singles, including 11 #1’s, 9 #2’s and 8 #3’s
– can sing live
– can sing live AND dance at the same time
– etc.
GTK: Didn’t mean anything negative by that and didn’t mean literally. They both have same appearance, same level of popularity in their countries, their music/fashion style is close, they are both great dancers and ok singers….they both have ugly tattoos.

Amuro and Tweedy are both tanned, sexy… but the tats?

Oh yes, Amuro’s arm tattoos may be meaningful, again, but they’re really haesslich, but Cheryl Cole’s tattoos are REALLY VERY TRASHY! Her thigh and arse tattoos are really disgusting, really ugly and yeah… search for more Cheryl Cole tattoos on Google because I’m too lazy to post them, and yeah, I can’t stand it too, but I think those are trashier, uglier and more dirty-looking than Amuro’s arm tattoos.

I think Cheryl Cole should’ve not been too drunk to have these arse and thigh tattoos done. It’s sluttier and more disturbing. Would you ever date a girlfriend who has those fugly tats? Maybe Apnea and Felice Fawn’s thigh tattoos are better since they’re really ART, but as for Cheryl, I really have a feeling that those are drunk tattoos!

Okay, it’s like Engrish lyrics and tattoos for me are NOT cool at all. In fact, you’re like being an idiot when you speak English without any sense at all!

I really cannot stand people who constantly sings with English words and have Engrish tattoos, but you know… because people might wonder really, if you really know the language. Quoting J-Pop Addict:

Ironically, I complain about bad English lyrics in Jpop when my English is poor and I write articles in this blog. I’m a hypocrite, there’s no doubt about that. I hope I provided some decent examples of bad English in Jpop. I know there’s an abundance of terrible English in Jpop, but I typically stop listening to those songs and remove it from my memory. If you have some examples you’d like to share, feel free to leave a comment. If I’ve offended anyone, say if BoA’s Next World album is your favourite album of all time, direct your anger towards clicking some ads or something…so I can continue buying better Jpop.

I’m not this type of person. I do like songs that have English lyrics maybe because of the music, but being unable to speak in English despite singing English songs and having English tattoos is really cringe-inducing. It is like you’re trying so hard to look cool, if in fact it might offend native English speakers. It’s similar to real singers being insulted to people who claim to be singers if they’re actually off-key. HAHA, I really do have high standards.


So I was really like, very disappointed with the Engrish thing. Okay, Amuro’s oval tattoo is for her mother, but I cannot imagine someone with the same ink for fun. Choz!

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  1. LMAO can Cheryl sing and dance at the same time live? are you serious?

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