Happy Birthday to Francis M!

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Happy Birthday to the King of Rap!

Awwww… if he didn’t die of cancer, he would’ve been 48 years old! But that’s okay, because I would consider him not only as one of the National Artists (if ever this is true… no idea), but I believe he should be one of the national heroes for his patriotism and renewing the face of Original Pinoy Music.

Mabuhay ka, Mr. Francis M! Forever legend! \m/


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  1. Reblogged this on Spitfire Rants and Thoughts over the Kimchi & Adobo and commented:
    Actually, he has every right to be the National Artist, that if National Artist Committee doesn’t impose some qualifications that are not truly needed. Just because you have behaved in a morally upright manner doesn’t name you a National Artist. Being an ARTIST means MAKING A DIFFERENCE for your people thru your work of art in any means. FrancisM empowered Filipino people thru his music, showcased a lot of paintings. Even if he had a rough personal life, that shouldn’t hinder him from being one of the artists

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