Some of the shots I took from the 60D… and biases

BTW… when I first tested the 60D, I felt I wanna have it as in RIGHT NOW. But that could actually wait because I feel worried about…

…well you know why there’s a hiatus.

Okay, so I am really excited to review the 60D once it was owned by me. I’ll say, “Hurrah! I got the 60D and I’ll make the most of it!”

Getting an upgrade? No problem!

Not a fan of a DSLR’s features (e.g., optimizer) but I think taking photographs is more fun, though. (; The 60D I used isn’t mine, I only tested it and it’s really good in terms of quality. At-par with the 550D, of course, it is expected, but it’s much more challenging to operate. So once more, I will adjust.

Taking bokeh background shots or maybe clearer view of photographs should not make you a “pro.” It’s not easy to be a “pro” because you’ll earn by your own, but if you’re wishing to upgrade to another body, I think you don’t need to make photography as a “profession.” After all, who cares about your full-frame body?

You don’t need to be a pro to buy a full-frame, however it is considered as a luxury item, so no wonder people using those are mostly professionals, but professionals proved that camera bodies do not matter at all, since they consider their budget more than their taste. This is true if you’re really passionate about your field — you don’t need any high-end bodies to be called [as] a “pro.”

Now I really have this first-hand account of someone using a 5D Mark II with an L lens — and that person I think is a student. Dunno if she’s a pro but if you’d notice, if someone OWNS a 5D, you would assume, “Jeez, I think he/she must be professional.” It would be legit if you refer to zemotion as a pro. Another thing, the late Francis M owned a 5D Mark II as well, and I really do not know if he made a career out of it– but forget it.

Canon-biased here!

I really do not know if you’re a Canon user switching to Nikon (oh no, don’t get me started with that! I’m forever a Canon user and will always be!) or a Nikon user switching to Canon (hello welcome to the family!). I’m really Canon-biased, so you can’t question the fact that I’d rather stay Canon forever since I have read a certain source that Nikkor lenses seemed costlier than the body (is there such thing? @_@). Also, if you’re a Nikon user, you need to match your lens with the camera, especially if your camera has no AF motor err… source? Unlike Canon, you won’t ever have compatibility problems especially if you use the xxxxD, xxxD, xxD and the 7D. If you’re likely to hit the full-frame community, don’t invest for an EF-S. Rather aim for the EF — hahaha! Caught y’all!

Also, I chose Canon because of its vibrant feel. Like, the vibrancy is present when you view a Canon photo, and the images have a more pleasant look and feel (Okay, I’m not biased this time). Canon users tend to have less stress when it comes to lenses and their marketing strategy (via brochures) are like, tinototoo. In English, their marketing strategy reminds me of Sony’s — the way they market their products is not like Olympus (which is more of a magnifier). They make the products palatable and also, their descriptions are more detailed– walang kulang sa mga features, as in they do their best to convince people.

Another thing is, Canon’s user interface is easier and faster to learn (I’ll make a video about this ok?). You won’t ever scratch your head while operating the camera itself.

Believe it or not, like what I said, it should simply not depend upon the photographer alone, but it should be from his/her personal taste — lenses, techniques and the like, there are no certain rules that should dictate to create a good photograph. Personal preferences should always be the top priority, from taste to budget… it’s in yours.

I don’t hate Nikon, actually. If I’m Canon-biased, that should not equate I myself, a “Canonican,” should say NO to Nikon. It’s only that Canon is easier to operate IMO. Hehehe.


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