On the Spotlight: Kouhei Smith

This is how he looks like. (:

He is the guy under jp10IamMeNotU on YouTube! One of the reasons why I admire him not because he’s Japanese (Japanophile mode right here LOL!) but because his videos are really interesting, and he’s got some sense of humor too!

Most addicting videos (of course by Kouhei) that I watch non-stop:

Japan: Tattooed Teachers at Primary School in Japan?!
I Am Anti-Korea Japanese
What It Is to Have Tattoos in Japan
Smoking Is Damn Bad! Don’t Even Try! LOL

…but actually, the smoking video was the funniest! Even though he said, “Don’t laugh,” it’s really hilarious because there’s something in him that is comical… or maybe that’s just me.

In the “Anti-Korea Japanese” video, that is where I realized that you should not refer to people as “racists” if they hate a certain ethnicity, because the terms, “Chinese,” “Turks” or even “Danes” are actually ethnic terms, not racial. For instance, you say, “I hate whites!”, that is racist. However, if you say, “I don’t like Arabs,” that is “ethnicist.”

Here are the pamatay quotes:

“I am not a racist, I’m not a racist, don’t think I’m a racist, because you know, Korea(n) and Japanese, we’re same Asian.”

“If I were anything, I’d rather be called err… ethnicist, if there’s such a word.”

*pamatay – Tagalog for FTW.

His English

Seriously, his accent is NOT Engrish at all! It’s suave, and it sounds sexy! Seriously, I’d rather go for guys who has a “Gackt-like” voice. Kouhei sounds like Gackt in some way…

When I saw this one…

I was like… “OMG, I like your usual accent better!”


I recommend him if you want to learn more about Japan… but you might focus more on those… controversial topics. I think they make these the most interesting, IMO.

THIS! I really like this one!

Good for him that he does not use the word n*gga to refer to black people. That’s RUDE, and racist at the same time, but sometimes there are “benefits.” These so-called benefits are like… when you call your BFFs “n*gga,” that’s no problem to me, but for others, it’s like “DUDE, like DAFUQ!?”

One of the reasons why he deserves more recognition is because he represents Japan in a pleasant manner. He is a mediator between Japan and the world, and of course, the English-speaking world. He proves to everyone that “speaking English does not make you less a Japanese.”

He made this video BTW…

Here he talks about English education in Japan. Some of his videos might help you out on Japanese culture but this interests me the most. He said that English education in Japan is “crap.” Okay, so I observed that most Japanese I’ve encountered would actually insist on their English skill if you don’t look Japanese at all who only knows essential Japanese. This is actually true when you go to Japan especially if you’re a foreigner — they’ll really insist on their English skill, but there are some of them who don’t speak English at all yet they won’t hesitate to accommodate you. This is one of the reasons I like to go back to Japan 5x just in case I win one million dollars!

I actually learn to love Japanese everything because of him. He does not fail to make our day happy and he does reply to your comments, too. (;


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