Hiatus IV

Okay, so because this is the thesis season, I won’t blog often.

Luckily, I’m free every Tuesday and Thursday after 9.30AM, so I could do me homeworks and obligations during that time (HAHAHA, did not take International Law for personal reasons).

I would only do lens reviews (okay I’ll remind you guys if I got the 50mm f/1.8 II) if I used it for at least 5 days (indoors/outdoors) because I really have to do the thesis part. Oh such a hassle, I know!

Actually, before I leave, ibubuhos ko lahat ng mga nilalaman ng isip ko, ok?

So I won’t have any plans to buy the iPhone 5 at all. First, 8 megapixel parin naman eh, and the fact that it is 64GB maximum storage, wala rin. Also, it’s not really a great surprise when I saw it — it’s really freaking predictable.

I’ll simply comment to your replies if ever, though. ((:

Photography Fetish Mode Again

First, I have settled for these plans:

– Upgrade to a Canon EOS 60D
– Buy the 50mm f/1.8 II lens
– EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens please!
– 72mm C-PL and ND filter/s
– Gorillapod

Invest more, spend less! UGH >.<

For personal reasons…

So I really did not take International Law for personal reasons, not preference. First of all, I hate to name-drop or to give a blind item right here, but reading tons and tons of readings for a single day does not help at all. In fact, marami na akong naririnig na personal accounts regarding dropping (okay Cybercrime Law, I’m challenging you this time!). Okay, so to speak, I am not really fond of reading at all, but to read something is to understand and take down notes and all those things… gah!

Cybercrime Law Challenge

Ipinasa na pala ‘yung Cybercrime Law dito, ah? Well, this reminds me of SOPA and PIPA, only that it’s more questionable. If this should be implemented, will you please ban and censor all pornographic sites that do not look artistic enough? That may help make the Internet a breathable place more than a disturbing one. Also, isama niyo na rin ang mga chain posts na nakakauto lang ng isip.

I’m not joking right here. People are free to express their thoughts, but authentic freedom means to reduce all the unnecessary things and the ones that are confidential.

Medium format photography

Okay, so I’m thinking of buying a Diana F+ and a pack of Velvia 120 film. HAHA, I never tried film photography the actual way, but just in case time comes, I might have collected all film cameras (35mm or medium format ayos lang hehehe). Ano kaya ang magandang film camera for a start? hehehe


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