Trying oh-so hard to belt out!? That is so… insulting.

Cristine Reyes singing the usual song she sings! UGH! Noisier than metal rock music!

The usual song, huh?

Okay, I ain’t a singer myself, but I have to admit, I don’t even like the way AA sings. Daig pa nga siya ni Anne Curtis, eh!

She can’t even hit high notes, and parang inconsistent ang pagkanta niya. Jusko! Palakasan ng loob kumanta ng may high notes, ah? Why not sing Whitney Houston’s songs? I’m sure everyone will laugh out their asses when you cannot even hit the high notes!

Seriously, this ISN’T music to the ears. It is noisy, and it adds more earwax 10x than any other types of cancer right there!

Well, her voice isn’t that bad, but the way she sings, yuck!

Sa totoo lang, I’d rather not waste me own cash watching a concert like this. Nako, compare mo naman kay Sarah Geronimo, at least si SG, singer talaga. Maraming talent. OK sa hosting. OK pa sa acting. Well-mannered. Pero si AA? Jusmiyo! Actually ang mga sayaw niya sa ASAP hanggang pole dancing lang ang alam niya!

ABS-CBN, for crying out loud, you’re only lowering your standards and sacrificing your once good reputation only for this piece of crap like AA? If you’re too desperate to revive her career, so does your company will become bankrupt due to indecency that you’re imposing. SAME WITH VIVA. Parang mamamatay kayo ‘pag ‘di niyo lang pasikatin muli si AA. Ano ba siya, bayaran? WELL, parang OO, eh, ‘no?

Nakakaumay na fezz niya, and at the same time sukang-suka na kami sa pagmumukha niya! Yuck!


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