The iPhone 5 and the all-new 5th gen iTouch

Courtesy of|Here it is, the new iPhone 5 with all-new connector and headset.

iPhone 5: Thoughts

The design’s nice and the screen’s bigger, and all those features are a little bit updated — but I hate to say this: It may be a remarkable achievement by Apple, but the said company won’t be much better without Steve Jobs.

You know that Apple files Samsung and all those crap, right? It seemed that Apple is too desperate to bring its good reputation back as a MNC.

The design seemed like a remote control-esque version of the iPhone 4S. Kumbaga, pinahaba lang siya, but the thickness is thinner than the previous model.

Filing a lawsuit against Samsung won’t ever bring a company’s good reputation back.

BTW, the Wi-Fi’s faster, and there’s panorama mode. iOS 6 is already the OS.

However, the camera is still 8-megapixel and the max. internal storage is still 64GB. Gah, what a bummer.

Dude, after all I was disappointed. Super predictable na ‘yung design, but the 5D Mark III was a total surprise. I applaud Canon for shocking us against those expectations.

Courtesy of|The all-new iTouch. Nice one, Apple! This is much, much better.

iPod touch 5th generation

So, here it is! At last, Apple’s made the iTouch more colorful. (:

If I were to be asked, I’d buy one of these than the iPhone 5. I’d choose the BLUE one. ((:

After all these years, nakabawi na ang Apple sa iTouch, pero ang iPhone? Parang napag-iwanan parin ng SIII.

But if I were to have a new phone, I’d rather buy the SIII and this iTouch at the same time. 64GB parin.


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