Shanzhai industry in China: A Closer Look

China is known for its mercantilist policy and for its errr… closed markets (well, not really “closed” because it opens its markets in a limited form) and of course, its reputation for counterfeiting genuine products.

Now let us take a closer look…

Part One of the Shanzhai Documentary

Part Two of Shanzhai Documentary

It should also be taken note that the Chinese society have a reputation for being profit-oriented. Okay, I’m not going to be negative this time, since most of the designs of genuine products actually originated from the fake ones. Think about pirated CDs coming first before the original ones.

So it’s no wonder that when you visit China for a shopping spree, there’s a very high chance that you’ll really get fooled by profit-oriented sellers. They would magnify the fake ones and comment that genuine products are “toys.”

Now what are the toys? China phones that have designs of Hello Kitty and a cigarette box. HA, even those with SpongeBob designs might be like from China.

Now what are the features of a China phone that you cannot even find in costly, genuine brands?

Dual SIM card slot feature – This is an original Chinese innovation. I’m not joking about this, most genuine brands relied on the “single SIM policy” since they focus more on quality and their target consumers would be normal users, not hardcore power users, geeks and errrrr… inventors. However, there are a few popular brands who eventually adopted the dual SIM feature — but most phones still stick on the single SIM thing.

TV – Television feature isn’t even present in most genuine brands. Most genuine brands won’t ever place “TV” on their products for no apparent reason. Maybe for them, it would turn out to be bulky, but it should not matter if they still want to develop their own products.

Cheaper price – Of course! What do you expect?

More colorful, creative designs – The reason why most genuine brands would design their products in a boring way is because they want it to look “more professional-like.” Now who wants to bring a phone that looks like a Pikachu in the corporate world?

Not only mobile phones — tablets as well

Tablets such as the iPad isn’t also spared in the Shanzhai industry. However, businessmen who runs a firm that produce these fake iPads/tablets claim that their technology came first before the iPad launch. Now there is more than one side of the story…

1.) Bill Gates introduced the tablet computer in around 2002 – Nobody did noticed it or praised it at first. Well, the tablet PC was introduced FIRST long before the iPad came. However, the tablet PC’s design was oh-so business-like and too geeky, unlike the iPad, which is sleek and stylish, and looks like an elitist, futuristic wonder.

2.) This dude who makes tablets claimed that his technologies came first before the iPad launch. He even had these products exhibited in Germany. Well, what do you expect, Western exploitation at its finest. I ain’t blaming Western brands exploiting Asian countries who offer a cheap cost of labor, but this is reality: Fakes come first before the genuine one, and I have no idea what that term/theory is… lol.

3.) After the iPad launch, several fake iPads (aka iPed/s) came into the market, running Android. Now I was wondering if Android was fake, but it was after all a Google mobile OS. So the Galaxy Tab adopted Android and the rest is all history. Now you know why Apple filed a case against Samsung — for its despair to dominate the market (now I am not pro-Apple or pro-Samsung, but what matters most is consumer preference).

Moral of the Story: Don’t simply be kiss-arse to these Ch*nks

Sorry for the term, but if you have MORE Chinese friends who are businessmen (not to generalize the Chinese diaspora) compared to friends of your own ethnicity, please make sure that you get your facts straight, because most of these people are actually profit-oriented. Dealing with them isn’t that hard, if you’re only wise and witty enough to think they’re wrong. LOL.

Now remember the dude who said that “the real iPad is a toy.” Now where did he get this “fact”? Alright, if I once said that Western firms usually claim their designs as original, in response to the original “fakes,” well, people would still choose the branded one. It’s a waste of money if you buy the fake one if you could actually afford the more genuine product. Also, to think that some of you are from the middle-class society, I think that you’re lucky because people like you (alongside with the elite class) have the opportunity to at least, follow copyright law. This isn’t implemented that much in the Philippines due to its status as a low middle income country, but just so you know, it’s more of an opportunity than of a right.

I’m not saying that you should NOT buy the fake ones. What I’m trying to say is that, customer care and warranty really matters when having these fakes fixed. Also, it should be taken note that the Chinese diaspora in the Philippines (or in other places in the world) won’t ever dare support fake products (most of the Chinese are in the middle- to high-income social status). To distinguish between profit-oriented business and quality-oriented business may or may not be difficult, but when you visit first-world countries with a VERY HIGH cost of living (in other words, an expensive country), fakes are often confiscated, such as fake bags in Japan, or maybe fashion police arresting people wearing fake brands. I highly doubt that Japan has fakes, despite the fact that it’s near China through its southern half (to name a few, Fukuoka, Okinawa). If this is true, I think it would be safe for consumers who follow copyright law to shop there.

Shopping for gadgets TIPS in the Philippines

Alright, it is really to love my own, but the Philippines is a very good place to shop. No joke about that, since you’ll really be welcomed by sellers who at least, respect your decisions and tell you the advantages and disadvantages rather than to show off their profit-oriented behavior through ranking which is “better.” Okay, I’m after all, a power user.

HAHA, I know this shouldn’t be in the blog post but I ain’t showing any form of superiority complex. This is a matter of honesty vs. delusioning, so I’m being honest right here.

1.) Always shop on places like malls – Okay, this is the most delicate thing. If you’re going to shop in malls, make sure that you’re entering high-class malls such as SM, Trinoma, Rockwell, Eastwood… 100% sure, you get the genuine ones.

2.) Do some research – A friend or two does not help if there’s no such thing as the Internet! Also, read gadget magazines such as “Gadgets Magazine” and err… hmmm… I dunno if T3 Mag is still alive but uhh… never mind.

3.) Always ask for advice from people who are power users, or who are interested in the field of gadget reviews. This is often the problem when meeting profit-oriented sellers (who are mostly self-centered HAHAHA!) — they would tell you that do not trust a friend, but in some cases, Filipino sellers won’t do that, alright.

4.) Of course, shopping is more fun in the Philippines – “Love your own” moment again. Of course, you’ll like it when you’re treated without any discrimination at all. After all, this is the Philippines!

5.) But please be careful as well… and take note that even sellers make mistakes too! Compare Filipino sellers to Chinese sellers, they treat gadgets with care compared to the latter, because in me personal experience (LOL, not again!), my camera was treated so badly, which is ugh. Form of rudeness.

So remember, always be careful in shopping!


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