Dear Titosen: Get yo’ facts straight, dude!

WTF, like seriously? Hindi raw pinag-aralan ng mga ADMU at La Salle profs ang RH Bill? Now what do you expect from a trying-hard senator like Tito Sotto?

I thought he ‘s OK as a senator, but turns out that he’s a fraud.

Number 1: Plagiarism Issue

If K-Pop fans accused Amuro Namie of plagiarizing G-Dragon’s song “Heartbreaker” through the “Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!,” they should have no more right to accuse Amuro since it’s Tito Sotto who’s the real fraud — he could be bashed rather.

HAHAHA, sorry if it’s too err… something.

BUT anyways, Tito Sotto after all, does not recognize blogs as sources authored by people. Like, HELLO!? We deserve to be recognized, and as a blogger, it’s really offensive to take the credit to your own if you’re using some shit coming from another person.

Hindi lang ‘yung blogger ang na-biktima dahil sa katangahan ni Titosen. Si JFK pa, ah! Well, through translating, HAHAHA!

Number 2: Ignorant Atenean and Lasallian professors!?

Now what do you expect, pati ba naman Lasallista’t Atenistang guro, isasali pa niya! Jusmiyo, parang ume-epal lang, ah?

I know that ADMU and DLSU are being too keen in studying the RH Bill. Whether everyone likes it or not, ADMU and DLSU, pro-RH or not, studies the freaking bill. Now where did you get that, Mr. Senator?

Kaya lang ina-accuse mo lang sila dahil ginagawa mo ‘yun! The way you would not study the RH Bill and shit… and everything!? Gah, so people would prefer the PRO side of the bill, because they think you’re NO LONGER credible.

Now I bet if you’re compared to the late Mr. Robredo, it’s like comparison between an honest, sincere, “what you see is what you get” guy (Robbie) versus a typical “I lie, I cheat, I steal” loser (Titosen). To those politicians who do not expose much of themselves in the media unless needed are the more honest ones, while those who LOVE the media hype (e.g., Bong Revilla, Jr.) are simply EPAL.

Now guys, do you think Titosen still deserves a Senatorial seat in the elections? NOT ANYMORE!


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