The RY Conspiracy: True or not?

0:05 – 1:51|Take a look at those scenes… Rico Yan smoked!

WARNING: Please take note that hindi ko sinisiraan si Rico in any way. Don’t take it against me, please please please. Kahit si Dominic Ochoa pa ‘yan, ‘wag niyo akong murahin baka mamaya WWIII na ang magiging katapusan joke. Wala akong binubuhay na isyu para lang mapag-usapan. I am only sharing thoughts of what I have read in and kung sino pa ‘yung umiidolo ke RY, please, don’t take this against me, ok? Don’t get me started with the lines, “Patay na ‘yan, eh! Kaya tantanan mo na siya!”

It’s up to you whether you believe it or not…

Now please don’t take this seriously against me… I’m really very curious about urban legends and it seemed that Celebrity Urban Legends are the most intriguing, like La Greta’s elevator incident and Ruffa Gutierrez’s Brunei scandal.

I won’t be surprised if AA had some urban legend stories about the casting couch thing… but the most recent I’ve heard is the “Herpes” thing. What do you expect? If AA was heard to snort cocaine or had more than one abortion, well, I won’t even mind at all. Also, how she entered showbiz? I think the “bugaw” thing might be true… or a rumor.

First Stop: Cristine Reyes Urban Legends…

Here is some urban legend about AA… well it seems that the casting couch thing might be true enough:


Ako kung gusto ko talaga sumikat then kelangan dumaan muna sa mga lopez, go ako hindi dahil desperado ako sa showbiz, pero dahil type ko ang isa sa mga lopez – gaby lopez, kahit oldie na guwapo pa rin!

Pero yah mukhang true nga ito. Examples na lang si kristine hermosa, cristine reyes, wendy valdez, at now si bangs garcia. Kung mapapansin lahat sila instant bida sa isang teleserye.

kristine – pangako sa’yo
cristine – eva fonda
wendy – margarita (kahit yung pagiging runner up sa pbb ay luto)
bangs – magkano ang iyong dangal (ipapalabas pa lang)

Pag sa guy naman, hindi sa lopez, kay deo endrinal na very powerful gay executive sa abscbn. Pinakamatunog ang pangalan ni jake cuenca na isa sa mga baby nya.

jake – palos

Grabe talaga sa showbiz, napakarumi pero masaya.

I think this is the “bugaw” thing… or maybe the casting couch thing. To roxyisferox, I hope you’ll see this! HAHA! Now bakit hindi nasali si Mariel Rodriguez dito? Doesn’t ABS before realize way back then that Mariel isn’t photogenic/telegenic enough to be over-exposed?

So let me redirect you to its root quote? lol


—kala ko kalat na ito eh, hndi ito chismis, c ping lacson ang tatay ng kambal ni carmina.
—*** sa mga lopez 22o ***, *** mga biglang sikat na tipong nkkita mu na agad sa primetime na galing lang sa isang teen oriented show every saturday afternoon. well, my cousin works in abs, gnun daw **** dun.if ur a girl and d mashadong sikat well go to lopez, ewan ko kung cnu sa lopez. pero sbi nya kung sa girls meron, sa boys meron din, hndi lang nya alam kung cnu.


heard these as well:

~ john lloyd cruz is a druggie. as in drug dependent. he’d beg sources to sell him drugs in the middle of the night. he is older than what he says in show-biz.
~ aga fathered carmina villaroel’s twins. some say the boy looks like aga. and, well, aga has twins by charlene fernandez. hmm.
~ all girls who want to be big in abs-cbn have to be gabby lopez’s fubus like kristine hermosa.
~ and willie revillame pimps girls to the Lopezes. ever wondered why the dude have such staying power?
~ kris aquino and boy abunda underwent liposuction. they claim to have lost weight from diet and exercies, and a certain diet pill, though.
~ julio diaz is gay. as well as piolo pascual, sam milby and paolo ballesteros.
~ sharon cuneta is REALLY a chain smoker.
~ fubu daw ni sharon si ariel rivera noon.
~ kiko pangilinan and david celdran were an item before.

Hindi kataka-taka kung ang mga Lopezes nga talaga ay mukhang pera. As in ‘yung BUGAW thing, hindi pa nila inaamin. Now does everyone know how AA got into Viva? The art of pimping might be the possible answer.

No wonder nagkaka-project ‘tong bruha (AA). So ginagawa pala siyang BAYARAN ng DOS, alongside Kristine Hermosa and Wendy Valdez. Pero bakit hindi sinali si Mariel dito? HMMMM…

Actual Topic: Rico Yan’s… secrets?

But let’s now err… discuss the late RY’s err… you know what. I know, it’s like tormenting the spirit of someone who passed away… but please don’t take it against me. Believe it or not, it is STILL HARD to believe that he used drugs, although it should not surprising that he smokes — although I don’t think it fits him lol.

No wonder if R.Y. had THIS STORY.

I’m not saying that smoking is bad… it’s like to keep a clean image is like, someone who does not smoke, drink or doing drugs… but it is really sad to see people who smoke, lalo na kung me inaalagaan kang reputasyon.

So if you’re going to wander around (PEX), you’ll see that Rico Yan smokes, did drugs and “banged” a hooker and something… and also, si Rosanna Roces pa raw ‘yung nagbenta ng drugs sa kanya, which is a rumor/urban legend, kaya nung nagwala si Osang regarding R.Y.’s “secret,” she received cold stares because of her behavior.

Another thing, since Claudine Barretto was said to have abortions, it is also said that she once had a supposed child with Rico. If that was the case, siguro nalulong sa droga si RY ng palihim because of their rift, and tragic break-up. No wonder hindi pinalapit si Clau sa mga labi ni RY.

Argument between two conflicting err… beliefs

Now please don’t gemme started with that “Being blah blah blah… does not make you this or that” shit. It may be very sad to reveal that Rico’s clean image is very doubtful, but unlike any other stars, if he were still alive, Rico won’t ever reveal his private life EVER. Unlike other stars na bunyag ang ka-etchosan, siya, he won’t ever reveal whatever he does behind closed doors.

Kung me haters man si RY, normal lang ‘yun. Remember that AJ Perez has haters as well, and there’s this one fanpage na anti-AJ, which is sad. RY and AJ do not deserve any salute from the middle finger, although there are first-hand accounts that AJ smokes and drinks as well, which is normal for a guy (although saddening). Nagulat pa nga si Daddy Gerry nung nalaman niyang marunong mag-yosi si AJ, hindi ba? My two major crushes smoke as well, but the first serious crush of mine was very open about it. He tried marijuana pa nga, eh. Unlike “that guy,” dini-deny pa ‘yung smoking thing, although I sense that he puffs. (Okay, with regards to AJ, I’d rather NOT comment about it.)

Back to topic. Another first-hand account (this came from me momma of course) is that, the doctors that examined RY would really tell you that RY died of drug overdose. Roxyisferox even explained that RY’s cause of death was faked, and to think that the Yan family is very respectable, they don’t really want their reputation to be damaged.

Of course, na-curious ako after I saw the scene of RY smoking. That way, I Google-d it, and suddenly, there are sources na nagsasabing smoker daw talaga siya, which is typically normal for most celebrities.

I’m not forcing you to believe me… it’s up to your own judgment

…and I ain’t also telling you to judge people. It’s a matter of fact that urban legends are simply there… and there’s no wonder that the “clone” issue of Rita Avila and Bongbong Marcos might also be a single trace of the Illuminati cult. Of course, there are mysteries everywhere you go.

A Conspiracy Emerging: Illuminati Legacy

If you were to ask me, these urban legends might be the legacy of showbiz illuminati, which is of course, really something to worry about because we were colonized by the Americans before, right? If that is the case, then the Illuminati thing lurked through because of our colonial mentality. Kaya ‘yung Brunei scandal. The clone thing. The bunyag of secrets thing. It’s also why AA gets more projects… but that’s only a guess (illuminati). Kaya hindi mo talaga masasabi kung me conspiracy ang mga artista sa Pilipinas… hindi lang ‘yun. Parang ingrained sa ating kultura ang gumagawa ng mga malikhaing kuwento tungkol sa mga artistang ganito-ganyan.

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  1. I already knew that, the Rico Yan thing. I dunno if he’s a real E-addict, or took loads of E after a hell of depression from Claudine Barretto. Nasabi ko sa ‘yo sa FB na nung nag-break si Mark Anthony Fernandez si Claudine dun nagstart mag-adik si Mark. It took a long time bago maging all-clean and reborn si Mark. Kaya nung plano ng GMA na i-pair si Mark kay Claudine biglang nag-inarte si Mark. Bitter much? Well, Mark has a wife and kids now, but it appears na bitter pa rin kay Clau. Maybe, ang pangit ng break-up nila.

  2. sadly I’m at work so diko mapanood yung video blocked dito sa ang youtube



    • Molybdenum Studios

      Hindi ako nai-insulto sa comment mo dahil halatang ikaw ang walang breeding, kaya mas gago ka! Pweh! #LOL

    • Korek puro siya “errr”. Novice ang dating kahit napakatagal ng nagsusulat. And in fairness patola siya kahit s mga random comments sa forums ha.. Very gullible lang.
      By the way it’s me Aa. Ayan maniniwala din kaya siya or… Lol. Sarap mong kasuhan ng libel ‘te. Worthless piece of living organism, panggulo lang.

      • Molybdenum Studios

        Hahaha… to Ry: Hindi mo ako mai-insulto dahil iba na ang tingin ko sa mga bashers gaya niyo. Singuraduhin niyong matatas ang inyong Critical and Logical Thinking skills. BTW, have you been living under the rock? Puro kayo banat, eh.

        If you don’t like my blog posts, then you’re free to leave. Go create your own blog instead, rather than infesting someone else’s blog. (:

        Before I forget: Kung matapang ka talaga, pwes, ipakita mo naman sakin ang DP mo, and I’ll judge whether you have the same good looks as Kristine Hermosa or Song Hye-Kyo. Stop using some random pen names if you’re only going to bash someone else’s blog. Thanks.

      • pilosopongkomikado

        RY, pussies like you should not infest on MSP’s blog. Opinion niya lang ito at wala nang iba. Mga kagaya mo kasi, please get a life and go create your own blog. Wala pong bayad iyun. Salamat.

      • Molybdenum Studios

        Kasehodang walang life ang mga iyan… in short, bangkay!

  4. pilosopongkomikado


    Kayo ang mas gago’t PUSSY pa ang buong pagkatao. Dali, gawa kayo ng sarili niyong blog! Dun kayo mambira ng ibang tao!!!

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