Stars without makeup|Cecilia Cheung looks much better sans makeup.|Aishwarya Rai looks like the child of Mr. Bean! No wonder Rowan Atkinson’s good-looking pre-Mr. Bean days.|Can’t believe Charlize doesn’t only have a big face sans makeup, the wrinkles are starting to reveal.|I have to agree with Avril rulez without eyeliner… but you might not believe your eyes when you see the truth…|…without makeup. Gosh, you might wanna see Apnea Pemberton sans makeup rather.

Last but not least…|Guess who?

If you think that AA is prettier without makeup in person, some accounts said that she looks ordinary, and another thing, she lacks height. I really can’t judge if true or not, but another account said that she looks gay.

BUT… take a look at this…|Yeng Constatino looks like Koo Hye Sun right here! Kawaii!

Kitchie Nadal is prettier in person… without makeup! Trust me, magugulat kayo dahil cute lang siya sa TV, but mapapa-WOW ka talaga when you see her LIVE. I wonder where she is now, though.


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  1. Charlize’s before picture was actually taken from the movie Monster where she was deliberately made to look unpretty and worn out.

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