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Blast from the Past: Technology and Aesthetics

Disclaimer: All photographs are taken from and

If consumer digital cameras and mobile phones are becoming more mainstream, let us remember how these gadgets changed the image of technology through their precisely-crafted design through imaginative engineering by the world’s most venerated pioneers (wonder who they are BTW).

Before Gadgets Magazine became the “norm” to techie lovers and those who have gadget fetish, T3 used to be the leading gadget magazine in the world (well, IMO) due to its palatable layout and presentation. You’ll really feel mouth-watering satisfaction when you see these gadgets. Also, T3 Magazine is a stone age version of DigitalRev because they “magnify” things. The only difference is, T3 is more detailed in terms of err… technical information.

Now here are some of the gadgets that caught my attention…

The Sony Ericsson K850i, otherwise known as the Cyber-shot phone that has a “real camera” at the back.

The green and/or blue navigation keys that you see in the phone itself is not easy to use. Also, these errrr… three “sensor” buttons are also not easy to deal with. Believe it or not, it makes a good camera but… I don’t think this is user-friendly.

The phone’s beauty… how I wish I have it.

Pretty smartphones such as the K850i isn’t only a “pretty” phone, but it’s also like your “Swiss knife.” Usually, I would look for a phone with a proper Bluetooth, Internet capability, memory card slot, decent storage, MP3 player, camera, voice recording capability… and other multimedia features. But with the rise of the smartphones, everyone has forgotten these important features ever since the apps and Internet convenience invaded the minds of these techies (like me!). Well, the only advantage of smartphones over the previous phones is that you could access the Internet through Wi-Fi and 3G and download lots and lots of apps.

The Sony Cyber-shot P200. I’m sure everyone knows that this was the last surviving model of the P-series.

Ever since the boom of digital photography, this is where the Sony Cyber-shot P-series ended. No, not even a single camera with a distinctive curve did ever succeed the P200. However, in person this looks prettier and much looking more sophisticated. It is thin, light… but long. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem, but before, I was never a fan of huge 2.5″ LCD screens on a digital camera. What I usually look at is at least, the screen should have a 2.0″ screen, and I’m happy with that… not until the boom of digital photography… 2.7″ screen became the norm and replaced the 2.5″ standard. 3.o” LCD monitors are reserved for DSLRs and touchscreen-capable digicams.

Nokia 7380… a simple phone with a stick feature… wonder if this type of phone (if not this model) is still in production.

If you’re not familiar with MP3-like phones, this Nokia 7380 is the best example of this stick-looking phone. Everyone will think of you as someone using a giant cigarette lighter as a cellphone or like, “What does he/she use to call people? A giant cigg lighter!?” Yeah, very funny, but you might be disappointed about its “limited” features despite the awesome mirror screen and a 2MP camera. You only get a non-expandable 52MB internal memory which sucks! Another thing is, you might feel hassle when making a phone call or maybe send a text message. This phone is only stylish in design, but it’s definitely not for busy people and those who do apps, of course!

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-L1

Okay, when it comes to ultra-compact fetishism, you get the L1. Yes, that’s the only L-series in Sony Cyber-shot cameras (too bad you were expecting for a Canon L-series lens, but NO) and guess what? It’s like the “ultimate successor” to the Cyber-shot U-series. When Cyber-shot cameras were still “Made in Japan,” yeah say that again, they were somewhat costly but when Cyber-shots were already Made in China, there comes the bad news: Where are the “aesthetics”?

Sorry to say, but there is no longer such thing as “aesthetics” ever since most camera companies moved their factories to China due to labor cost issues. To tell you the truth, Sony Cyber-shot camera designs are getting crappier and crappier as their technologies improve. That’s sad news if you’re going to check out where you’ll notice that the “magic” in Cyber-shot camera designs are no longer there… they’re bastardized, as a matter of fact.

Sony has lost its magic when it comes to aesthetics. Ever since they moved their factories to China, that’s where the “bastardization” started. I was very disappointed when I saw the TX waterproof series in person, when I realized that “Oh my God! I think these things are prettier in pictures… but in person it seems like fucked up!” No wonder there are no more G-series and the N-series (yes, I’ll feature the N1, don’t worry), same with the P-series and the ones with rotating lenses. OMG, Sony needs to revive its good reputation once more… by changing the design director, if ever there’s such a thing.

Everything does not stop there! In fact, I noticed that most Sony Cyber-shots would have this problem of oversaturation. Why!? Because in FLASH ON mode, the screen becomes brighter and when it’s FLASH OFF, it becomes darker. Upside down, isn’t it? Once more, Sony failed to err… improve and improve. God, what happened to the company that I used to admire?

But anyways… let us move to err… something else.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N1

The N1 indeed is the most err… best invented camera in the history of mankind. Frankly, I wanted this camera BADLY but yeah… forget it. (Side note: Tech illiterates get more beautiful gadgets than power users do, which is NOT FAIR AT ALL! GRR!)

One of the reasons why I pushed myself to get an iPhone 4S (boo me for not touching the Nokia N70 fully), and another thing that I like in the N1 is its huge screen! The N1’s screen, however, is an ideal DSLR feature and notice that the screens of previous DSLRS before the 450D were too small… too small. Another thing is, it’s touchscreen, and I believe it’s fun to use.

I hope Sony would make cameras with LCD screens with 3:2 aspect ratio rather than four-thirds, because 4:3 aspect ratio is TOO digital unlike 3:2 which is more traditional.

Canon IXUS i-Zoom

Another example of a compact camera comes from Canon (that time, I was a Cyber-shot loyalist). This camera is really damn hot, and it’s like you wanna EAT it rather than use it. Gah… fuck this baby out here! Guess what? It’s the first IXUS with decent optical zoom… with a 1.5″ inch screen (that’s what I like before).

People missed that part when it comes to compacts. Choosing something that is super-duper handy may be like, “OMG, it’s so classy,” compared to the usual nerdy thing. I used to think that Canon’s are hard to use, but it was only that me bro owned the latest IXUS (which has a plastic-y look and feel BTW) and it seemed that it’s easy to use as well. Now that’s how Canon improved itself — it does not fail to cater everything to its products, whether it’s an IXUS, Powershot or an EOS. Overall, the EOS is the most outstanding.

Canon IXUS i7

If you like a silver camera or a pink or blue one, this is the best thing the world has to offer… and it comes in 7.1 MP! The look and feel is more glossy and despite its size, its megapixel count is like, “WHOA!” This is the i-Zoom’s successor and its err… hmm, can’t think of any word!

Alcatel Mirror Phone

Stylish phones such as this Alcatel one actually had this mirror screen, which seems unusual for a mobile phone. T3 stated that its only known for its design and nothing else more could tell about the overall evaluation. In fact, its memory is only 3MB. BOO.

Samsung F300 (MP3 mode) and F500 (phone mode)

Samsung may be known for being the “Apple of Korea,” but the latest news would tell you that Apple sued Samsung because of copyright issues…? Being the “Apple” of a certain country does not make you extremely popular, but come to think of it, Sony used to hold this “crown” of being the “Apple of Japan,” but it seems like it’s no longer observing proper aesthetic standards.

Before the Galaxy series emerged from the market, Samsung has achieved a lot of innovations, as well as some inventions that we might probably do not know about. This is the original “magic” of Samsung, from end call buttons as power switches to an actual touchscreen world, it’s not mistake that Samsung made a one big leap towards global popularity… being the “Apple of Korea.”

Now why did I gave Samsung the “Apple of Korea” and Sony as the “Apple of Japan”? If you’d notice, their gadgets are really… innovative, and somehow really consumer-friendly. You’ll notice that they had several inventions… and that’s it!

Back to the F300/F500…

The F300 is a “back-to-back” mobile phone which is a multimedia toy on the front, but behind it is a useful mobile phone for texting and calling. It’s not the only phone with this distinctive feature, maybe you might check this out…

Such beauty.

A true innovation.

Wait until you see another “invention.” That way you’ll mistake it as a sideways 3-D camera…

Recently, Kodak filed for bankruptcy due to its diminishing sales. What do expect from Kodak? They’re not even continuing their legacy for being an iconic model for photography… and that’s where it is… it’s now a nobody. However, Kodak has made a remarkable achievement which inspired a lot of cameras to create the perfect wide-angle end of their zoom lenses… you might not know that they pioneered something because the only wide-angle end actually before was 35mm, and below that, it’s impossible unless you get an add-on lens.

Kodak V570

This is the first (I think) dual lens camera that I ever seen in me whole entire life. I really do not know if some people are actually buying it due to its dual lens feature (one is a super wide-angle lens and the other one is a normal zoom lens). This is actually the inspiration behind most consumer digicams that we know today in terms of wide-angle zooming.

Before, people who owned a digital camera with a 35mm wide-angle end would find it difficult to fill the frame when they photograph architecture. I really do feel the same way as well, but when I started shifting to digital SLR photography, that’s where I started to discover how “wide-angle” photography really works. It’s actually from the sensor which dictates the focal length of the lens. You do not expect a normal digicam with a full-frame sensor and you know that 4 megapixels during the ancient times of digi-photography was the beginner when it comes to prints, but now, digital cameras should at least have 10 megapixels as their minimum megapixel count because below that, you should leave those to the camera phones.

Kodak V610

Imagine owning a lens with two lenses for wide-angle convenience. During that time, it was really an “innovation” and a good invention, but now, it’s all history. You cannot go back to the past and rant, “Go make some more like these, please?” Remember, aesthetic designs in the tech industry are becoming bastardized rather than “more beautified.” The reason why I’m saying this is because, Kodak also lost its charm and magic at the same time, just like Sony and Olympus (BTW, Olympus was one of the first camera companies that used to have better aesthetics). Companies such as Casio, Panasonic, Nikon and Canon are now taking the seat of “better aesthetics” due to their continuing legacy of replacing the “original giants.” These original giants I’ve mentioned were those who used to have better aesthetics, but is/are now bastardized. If Apply would produce cameras, they won’t ever bastardize their products, however, there are signs that it’s now starting to lose its good reputation because of negative reactions regarding the iPhone 5.

Kodak V705

If only Kodak DID continue producing these cameras, that should be good news to them, but usually, companies with a good reputation go down when people choose to go “digital” just like in the case of people switching from film to digital photography — no one wanted to go back to film. This is similar to those who switched from Windows to Mac. That way, Mac users choose NOT to buy again a Windows PC.

Maybe if Apple agrees to make the Mac OS accessible just like MS Windows, there will come a time that HP, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, etc., would choose to adopt Mac OS (maybe a modified version maybe) as their main platform rather than MS Windows. Of course, there’s always Windows Mobile, but if there’s such thing as MS Windows following Mac OS’s layout, I think Windows Media Player will synchronize all apps to a Windows Mobile Phone (I kid, I kid).

During the time of gadget rise, the Apple Macs were considered as real luxury items

I won’t ever lie when I say that Apple Macs were luxury items during the time of Nokia and Sony Ericsson, but it seems that BlackBerry, Apple, HTC and Samsung are now leading the mobile phone market industry (hahaha, correct me with this description, I really don’t know it). I was never a fan of Apple Macs that time and I only patronized the iPod. Okay, I have to admit that the iPod was the only thing that I liked about Apple, but when the Macs became mainstream, it made me decide to switch from a PC to a Mac, and with that, it seemed that I made a right choice. I loved the Mac so much that I stayed away from that MS Windows upgrade drama and all that stuff. When the term “MacBook” was not yet existing, there was the PowerBook (MacBook Pro today) and the iBook (consumer MacBook). I wanted to have an Apple laptop, but it wasn’t fulfilled before the emergence of mainstreaming Macs. Overall, I decided to own a DSLR, a MacBook Pro (I’ll be buying a MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina display soon if that comes) and an iPhone 4S to get rid of those novelty thing drama. I think it’s the most peaceful when I went away from a “third-world” life to a “provided” life. I was so like in heaven when I learned on my own, evaluating gadgets by myself, and that’s how I became a power user.

Make use of technology the right way

I really don’t know if this is true, but before I make the official hiatus for the thesis, I think I have to leave this blog post to you guys… and enjoy reading it!

On the Spotlight: Kouhei Smith

This is how he looks like. (:

He is the guy under jp10IamMeNotU on YouTube! One of the reasons why I admire him not because he’s Japanese (Japanophile mode right here LOL!) but because his videos are really interesting, and he’s got some sense of humor too!

Most addicting videos (of course by Kouhei) that I watch non-stop:

Japan: Tattooed Teachers at Primary School in Japan?!
I Am Anti-Korea Japanese
What It Is to Have Tattoos in Japan
Smoking Is Damn Bad! Don’t Even Try! LOL

…but actually, the smoking video was the funniest! Even though he said, “Don’t laugh,” it’s really hilarious because there’s something in him that is comical… or maybe that’s just me.

In the “Anti-Korea Japanese” video, that is where I realized that you should not refer to people as “racists” if they hate a certain ethnicity, because the terms, “Chinese,” “Turks” or even “Danes” are actually ethnic terms, not racial. For instance, you say, “I hate whites!”, that is racist. However, if you say, “I don’t like Arabs,” that is “ethnicist.”

Here are the pamatay quotes:

“I am not a racist, I’m not a racist, don’t think I’m a racist, because you know, Korea(n) and Japanese, we’re same Asian.”

“If I were anything, I’d rather be called err… ethnicist, if there’s such a word.”

*pamatay – Tagalog for FTW.

His English

Seriously, his accent is NOT Engrish at all! It’s suave, and it sounds sexy! Seriously, I’d rather go for guys who has a “Gackt-like” voice. Kouhei sounds like Gackt in some way…

When I saw this one…

I was like… “OMG, I like your usual accent better!”


I recommend him if you want to learn more about Japan… but you might focus more on those… controversial topics. I think they make these the most interesting, IMO.

THIS! I really like this one!

Good for him that he does not use the word n*gga to refer to black people. That’s RUDE, and racist at the same time, but sometimes there are “benefits.” These so-called benefits are like… when you call your BFFs “n*gga,” that’s no problem to me, but for others, it’s like “DUDE, like DAFUQ!?”

One of the reasons why he deserves more recognition is because he represents Japan in a pleasant manner. He is a mediator between Japan and the world, and of course, the English-speaking world. He proves to everyone that “speaking English does not make you less a Japanese.”

He made this video BTW…

Here he talks about English education in Japan. Some of his videos might help you out on Japanese culture but this interests me the most. He said that English education in Japan is “crap.” Okay, so I observed that most Japanese I’ve encountered would actually insist on their English skill if you don’t look Japanese at all who only knows essential Japanese. This is actually true when you go to Japan especially if you’re a foreigner — they’ll really insist on their English skill, but there are some of them who don’t speak English at all yet they won’t hesitate to accommodate you. This is one of the reasons I like to go back to Japan 5x just in case I win one million dollars!

I actually learn to love Japanese everything because of him. He does not fail to make our day happy and he does reply to your comments, too. (;

Canon EOS 6D

Welcome, 6D. Finally my predictions are becoming true. That’s how promising Canon is.

The front is so much like the 5D Mark II, but the rear? For the love of gawd, I don’t think you might be impressed.

I think if you’re going to ask me, I might as well get this one instead, since this is the only EOS thing with Wi-Fi. If this is really true like what Canon shows us, we might bring this without anymore excuses when uploading photos on Facebook!

So this is the year 2012. First off, the 5D Mark III. Second, the 650D/Rebel T4i/Kiss X6i with its touchscreen feature. Third… OMG, this is it! I hope people who will buy FF cameras would consider this one, but sadly, I won’t be one of those people. 😦

Photography Tips from Molybdenum Studios (MSP Person)

HA, that’s me, actually. Pardon if I am not good in retouching lol.

*Results may vary depending upon the person.


If you’re really passionate about being hired in weddings, magazines… or maybe school projects, for instance, here are some of the tips and advice I compiled from amateur and pro photographers… and also from my personal experience.

I am neither a professional photographer nor a photography expert, but recently, I simply thought of writing some photography tips in a notebook so that I could show you how I actually “work” with the camera.

So, if you’re really interested in photography, let me share you a few tips and advice you might wanna know about:

1.) There is no need for you to religiously follow all the rules to take a decent or a good photograph.

The rule of thirds is the usual norm when you compose your subject. However, this doesn’t really work ALL the time. You need to find the best angle even without following the rule of thirds. Each focal length has its own specialization.

2.) No, not even one single photograph is one-shot perfect.

That is why the usual, general and the most overrated rule is to “shoot in RAW.” Actually, the main purpose of photo editing is to correct certain portions. Enhancements and effects usually depend upon certain preferences. However, if your lens is decent enough to take a good photograph (although not necessarily one-shot perfect), then you may opt not to shoot in RAW at all.

3.) If your photo is good enough (at least, in your own perspective), there’s no need for you to edit it.

Editing a photo that has good aesthetics is no use at all, if that’s the case. If you think that the colors and the composition are good enough, then there’s no need for you to edit it.

4.) You don’t really need a tripod unless necessary.

Tables, books and certain types of bags make a better alternative for a tripod. You know what? I take long-exposure shots without the help of a tripod. Even fireworks. A tripod is after all, a personal preference.

5.) Sometimes, pop-up flashes create good photographs.

If you’re not satisfied with the lighting, or if there’s a certain “against-the-light” phenomena occurring, a pop-up flash is needed. However, there are certain times when a diffuser is needed.

6.) Composition should always be the top priority.

Find the best angles for you to compose a shot. Straight angles usually come out in unflattering and boring results, while extremes and bizarre angles might lead you to much better results.

7.) If everything should depend upon the photographer, that is not necessarily correct. Every photographer has his/her own personal preferences and style/s, so they have the freedom to choose their lenses/camera bodies/equipment/freedom to edit.

People would say, “It always depends upon the photographer. Well, HELL NO. Usually, it depends upon the lens that was used. If you use a lens with a damn good quality, that should not totally make your photos “good.” It actually motivates the person to take more photographs for a clearer view.

Anyways, to look for a lens, you should consider the following: Full-time manual focusing (1:3 macro ratio is the most ideal), over-all quality and most of all, flexibility. I actually do not recommend you to buy a superzoom lens since its manual focusing range is limited (that means, it cannot offer full-time manual focusing). That’s why buying a superzoom lens obviously means that you’re not the type of person who changes lenses (although it’s a hassle, at least non-flexible/specialized lenses teach perseverance).

8.) Manual Mode is for everyone.

If you really want to learn photography, maximize the manual mode more than P mode or CA mode (Canon user here, BTW). Always maintain ±0 EV depending upon lighting situations. Set ISO to AUTO since this helps you maintain the ±0 EV and the desired aperture and shutter speed.

⚠ Using the Manual Mode is not desired when taking photos in a hurry.

9.) Capture certain moments effortlessly.

Please credit|Remember this is not a scandal! Only a sample photo!

Doing a roleplay should never be taken seriously. In fact, captured moments should have a story behind it, or maybe not. After all, capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments are not that hard to do!

10.) Explore, Experiment!

Always have the time to maximize your camera settings. It may be hassle, but knowing almost everything in your camera might as well earn you a one-way ticket to a full-frame DSLR. Find new ways to take photographs of subjects with natural or artificial light (besides flash of course) and always find the right angle to flatter your subjects. It’s never too late to improve your photography style, and please, never ever copy the style of other people since there’s always room for creativity!

The iPhone 5 and the all-new 5th gen iTouch

Courtesy of|Here it is, the new iPhone 5 with all-new connector and headset.

iPhone 5: Thoughts

The design’s nice and the screen’s bigger, and all those features are a little bit updated — but I hate to say this: It may be a remarkable achievement by Apple, but the said company won’t be much better without Steve Jobs.

You know that Apple files Samsung and all those crap, right? It seemed that Apple is too desperate to bring its good reputation back as a MNC.

The design seemed like a remote control-esque version of the iPhone 4S. Kumbaga, pinahaba lang siya, but the thickness is thinner than the previous model.

Filing a lawsuit against Samsung won’t ever bring a company’s good reputation back.

BTW, the Wi-Fi’s faster, and there’s panorama mode. iOS 6 is already the OS.

However, the camera is still 8-megapixel and the max. internal storage is still 64GB. Gah, what a bummer.

Dude, after all I was disappointed. Super predictable na ‘yung design, but the 5D Mark III was a total surprise. I applaud Canon for shocking us against those expectations.

Courtesy of|The all-new iTouch. Nice one, Apple! This is much, much better.

iPod touch 5th generation

So, here it is! At last, Apple’s made the iTouch more colorful. (:

If I were to be asked, I’d buy one of these than the iPhone 5. I’d choose the BLUE one. ((:

After all these years, nakabawi na ang Apple sa iTouch, pero ang iPhone? Parang napag-iwanan parin ng SIII.

But if I were to have a new phone, I’d rather buy the SIII and this iTouch at the same time. 64GB parin.

Another set of Hipsta Disposable Shots

Apologies for showing off the bad mood recently. GAH, the past should never be a hindrance, ok?

So here are the only shots I could show you. Aww so much for making me privacy much stricter haha.

I really do not want everyone to know more about me personal life, and these photographs reflect how much I really am into photography. Gosh, thesis is already there, and I really do not know who to work with. >.<

Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM pt. II

The review is still not yet stopped. HAHA.

I have to admit, I edited these a bit with Lightroom lol. But anyways, if you really want to know why I’m too biased with this lens is because, its quality is VERY Canon.

Notice the signature saturation of the lens itself, and you’ll see that it is indeed, Canon quality. I haven’t tried some of the L lenses just yet (I would reserve this once I get the 5D Mark III when I earn on me ownies haha) but soon, I’ll try to review those things.

But if I were to be asked, the EF-S 15-85mm is the best choice for those who want to take photographs with premium quality. Some would prefer the EF-S 17-85mm lens if they’re on a budget, but its aperture range max. is only f/4, which is lacking, but not to worry, the EF 24-105mm L lens has that aperture too!

Rating this lens, using the GPA system, it is automatically a 4.0 since you don’t need Photoshop to edit your photos if you used this lens.

Quick Evaluation

PROS: Lesser chromatic aberration compared to other lenses; versatile, flexible walk-around lens, full-time manual focusing, smooth focus ring, USM.

CONS: Macro is not 1:3; the usual — apparent color fringing at the extreme focal length ends.

Verdict: A great performer, 5-star.

Oppa Gangnam Style

MV for the “Oppa Gangnam Style”

Okay, so I was curious about this “hype.” No wonder the Dougie was dead! LOL!

It’s much better than any of JB’s songs! HAHA.

Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM

Official Video Review of the lens by Molybdenum Studios (pt. 1)

So, please give a round of applause to my very own baby, the EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens!

If the review is too bitin for some of you guys, this post would be the blog version of the lens review…

A Brief Overview

The EF-S 15-85mm lens is actually designed as a premium kit option for the Canon EOS 7D. Now you know why this was my first lens choice ever since?

You got it, boss! Flexibility, build quality and almost-perfection. It is a lens that is both a combination of the EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens and the EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens, only packaged for APS-C EOS cameras.

One distinctive feature of this lens is its ability to reduce color fringing (officially called as Chromatic Aberration). This is one of the reasons why I have yet to create a video comparing both the Sigma and the Canon lens.

Here is one sample photograph taken with the EF-S 15-85mm lens:

Apologies if the white balance is wrong, but anyways… never mind.

Don’t worry… there’s still part two of the video review of the lens. In addition to everything that I have mentioned in the video and here, full-time manual focusing is only 1:4 because 1:3 is almost-macro (authentic version of full-time MF-ing). It should also be taken note that it has a METAL mount, not a plastic mount.

Comparison with the Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC

I guess that the EF-S 15-85mm lens would be the winner right here. No biases intended.

I personally believe that the dude in SG was wrong. He was only forcing me to choose something that I didn’t like at the first place for profit. You know… profit-oriented sellers? But here in the Philippines, I feel more lax in choosing the 15-85mm lens. I love its performance due to its err… magic CA reduction inside? LOL, but speaking of comparing the two lenses… this will be featured in part two of the video. HAHA.

Well, I really had problems with the Sigma in terms of Manual Focusing. I think its focus range is VERY LIMITED, like I made a very wrong choice. Basically, I’m one of those people (not to brag, though) who do intensive research and ask advice from enthusiasts, because they know better, and it’s a good thing… I bought something at least, in me home country.


There’s still a part two of this review! HAHAHA, stand by!

Shanzhai industry in China: A Closer Look

China is known for its mercantilist policy and for its errr… closed markets (well, not really “closed” because it opens its markets in a limited form) and of course, its reputation for counterfeiting genuine products.

Now let us take a closer look…

Part One of the Shanzhai Documentary

Part Two of Shanzhai Documentary

It should also be taken note that the Chinese society have a reputation for being profit-oriented. Okay, I’m not going to be negative this time, since most of the designs of genuine products actually originated from the fake ones. Think about pirated CDs coming first before the original ones.

So it’s no wonder that when you visit China for a shopping spree, there’s a very high chance that you’ll really get fooled by profit-oriented sellers. They would magnify the fake ones and comment that genuine products are “toys.”

Now what are the toys? China phones that have designs of Hello Kitty and a cigarette box. HA, even those with SpongeBob designs might be like from China.

Now what are the features of a China phone that you cannot even find in costly, genuine brands?

Dual SIM card slot feature – This is an original Chinese innovation. I’m not joking about this, most genuine brands relied on the “single SIM policy” since they focus more on quality and their target consumers would be normal users, not hardcore power users, geeks and errrrr… inventors. However, there are a few popular brands who eventually adopted the dual SIM feature — but most phones still stick on the single SIM thing.

TV – Television feature isn’t even present in most genuine brands. Most genuine brands won’t ever place “TV” on their products for no apparent reason. Maybe for them, it would turn out to be bulky, but it should not matter if they still want to develop their own products.

Cheaper price – Of course! What do you expect?

More colorful, creative designs – The reason why most genuine brands would design their products in a boring way is because they want it to look “more professional-like.” Now who wants to bring a phone that looks like a Pikachu in the corporate world?

Not only mobile phones — tablets as well

Tablets such as the iPad isn’t also spared in the Shanzhai industry. However, businessmen who runs a firm that produce these fake iPads/tablets claim that their technology came first before the iPad launch. Now there is more than one side of the story…

1.) Bill Gates introduced the tablet computer in around 2002 – Nobody did noticed it or praised it at first. Well, the tablet PC was introduced FIRST long before the iPad came. However, the tablet PC’s design was oh-so business-like and too geeky, unlike the iPad, which is sleek and stylish, and looks like an elitist, futuristic wonder.

2.) This dude who makes tablets claimed that his technologies came first before the iPad launch. He even had these products exhibited in Germany. Well, what do you expect, Western exploitation at its finest. I ain’t blaming Western brands exploiting Asian countries who offer a cheap cost of labor, but this is reality: Fakes come first before the genuine one, and I have no idea what that term/theory is… lol.

3.) After the iPad launch, several fake iPads (aka iPed/s) came into the market, running Android. Now I was wondering if Android was fake, but it was after all a Google mobile OS. So the Galaxy Tab adopted Android and the rest is all history. Now you know why Apple filed a case against Samsung — for its despair to dominate the market (now I am not pro-Apple or pro-Samsung, but what matters most is consumer preference).

Moral of the Story: Don’t simply be kiss-arse to these Ch*nks

Sorry for the term, but if you have MORE Chinese friends who are businessmen (not to generalize the Chinese diaspora) compared to friends of your own ethnicity, please make sure that you get your facts straight, because most of these people are actually profit-oriented. Dealing with them isn’t that hard, if you’re only wise and witty enough to think they’re wrong. LOL.

Now remember the dude who said that “the real iPad is a toy.” Now where did he get this “fact”? Alright, if I once said that Western firms usually claim their designs as original, in response to the original “fakes,” well, people would still choose the branded one. It’s a waste of money if you buy the fake one if you could actually afford the more genuine product. Also, to think that some of you are from the middle-class society, I think that you’re lucky because people like you (alongside with the elite class) have the opportunity to at least, follow copyright law. This isn’t implemented that much in the Philippines due to its status as a low middle income country, but just so you know, it’s more of an opportunity than of a right.

I’m not saying that you should NOT buy the fake ones. What I’m trying to say is that, customer care and warranty really matters when having these fakes fixed. Also, it should be taken note that the Chinese diaspora in the Philippines (or in other places in the world) won’t ever dare support fake products (most of the Chinese are in the middle- to high-income social status). To distinguish between profit-oriented business and quality-oriented business may or may not be difficult, but when you visit first-world countries with a VERY HIGH cost of living (in other words, an expensive country), fakes are often confiscated, such as fake bags in Japan, or maybe fashion police arresting people wearing fake brands. I highly doubt that Japan has fakes, despite the fact that it’s near China through its southern half (to name a few, Fukuoka, Okinawa). If this is true, I think it would be safe for consumers who follow copyright law to shop there.

Shopping for gadgets TIPS in the Philippines

Alright, it is really to love my own, but the Philippines is a very good place to shop. No joke about that, since you’ll really be welcomed by sellers who at least, respect your decisions and tell you the advantages and disadvantages rather than to show off their profit-oriented behavior through ranking which is “better.” Okay, I’m after all, a power user.

HAHA, I know this shouldn’t be in the blog post but I ain’t showing any form of superiority complex. This is a matter of honesty vs. delusioning, so I’m being honest right here.

1.) Always shop on places like malls – Okay, this is the most delicate thing. If you’re going to shop in malls, make sure that you’re entering high-class malls such as SM, Trinoma, Rockwell, Eastwood… 100% sure, you get the genuine ones.

2.) Do some research – A friend or two does not help if there’s no such thing as the Internet! Also, read gadget magazines such as “Gadgets Magazine” and err… hmmm… I dunno if T3 Mag is still alive but uhh… never mind.

3.) Always ask for advice from people who are power users, or who are interested in the field of gadget reviews. This is often the problem when meeting profit-oriented sellers (who are mostly self-centered HAHAHA!) — they would tell you that do not trust a friend, but in some cases, Filipino sellers won’t do that, alright.

4.) Of course, shopping is more fun in the Philippines – “Love your own” moment again. Of course, you’ll like it when you’re treated without any discrimination at all. After all, this is the Philippines!

5.) But please be careful as well… and take note that even sellers make mistakes too! Compare Filipino sellers to Chinese sellers, they treat gadgets with care compared to the latter, because in me personal experience (LOL, not again!), my camera was treated so badly, which is ugh. Form of rudeness.

So remember, always be careful in shopping!