Two of my favorite Canon thingies

Here is Gordon, well, a British dude who hosts cameralabs on YouTube. Ahh… 15-85mm.

WhatDigitalCamera on YouTube hosted by Phil Hall

So what do you wanna say about it?

Unfortunately, DigitalRevCom (no offense to Kai and Lok though) failed to review the EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens. Too bad, because they focus more on the billion-dollar thingies rather than those lenses who deserve more recognition. Yep, biased.

Now I have to thank Gordon (Laine?) for reviewing the 15-85mm lens. I liked the review and he meticulously examined the features, pros and cons, which DigitalRev didn’t even bother to err… do? All DigitalRev is doing is nothing more than magnifying the products that they’re reviewing.

The EF-S 15-85mm is a PREMIUM lens, as what Gordon said. I have to agree with him since the 15-85mm lens is a combination of the 28-135mm lens and the revered 24-105mm L lens. Gosh, I’d rather spend a gazillion dollars with that 15-85mm not just because of its focal length, but because of its beauty.

On the other hand, WhatDigitalCamera isn’t that bad at all, and it showed all the features without even damaging it (compared to DigitalRev, the show’s not complete without damaging a lot of things.

Comparing the two British YouTube channels to DigitalRev (DigitalRev is more of Hong Kong), the two British camera review channels are very particular and very descriptive with their reviews, unlike DigitalRev, which only magnifies a certain product’s awesomeness, and sometimes they miss the other lenses such as the 15-85mm. I really couldn’t help but agree with a certain acquaintance who stated that DigitalRev is really biased with the products they’re reviewing, unlike the British reviews, which are more eye-candy to look at, and at the same time descriptive. The only good thing about DigitalRev is, it’s fun and interactive at the same time.


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  1. I remember dying to get lenses like this, including the 17-55mm 2.8. Now I just stick to primes and am purchasing zeiss or L lenses. Still, if you’re disappointed in digitalrev for not reviewing more consumer friendly priced lenses, you can always window shop with the pro lenses Kai takes out for a spin!

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