Japanese Models and their Beauty

After Tricia Gosingtian (me idol!) showed her you know, Lena Fujii thing… I’d like to present you how Japanese are naturally-pretty with their cutesy hairstyles and their charm.

Believe it or not, Japanese beauty is VERY ENVIABLE. It’s like you’re looking NOT ONLY on their almond-shaped eyes, but also on how they show off their charm.

If you’re gonna analyze how their combination with other races mix, it’s one proof that Japanese genes are stronger than you think. Most Japanese I think didn’t realize that — and those who look too foreign are often the subject of discrimination because of their homogenous err… beliefs.


Lena Fujii

Jun Hasegawa|Gosh, she looks like Denise Laurel right here.

Yuri Ebihara|It’s simply like Sayaka Akimoto + Baifern Pimchanok in one!

Kiritani Mirei|Take a look at her other KAWAII photos…

Now that’s KAWAII factor!

Other photo collections from afspot.net

Rosa Kato|Yes, one of the people I WANNA look like. She looks like a doll.

Karina Nose|Beauty at its finest. If only Rufa Mae Quinto is small-chested and taller, she’d look like her.

Take II.

Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori|Not fair-skinned, but she bagged a prestigious award.

They are like the Thais. Watching A Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a movie composed of uber-pretty girls out there. FAIR-SKINNED OR NOT, most of them look like models and dolls. You’ll see a lot of pretty Thais and Japanese out there that you’ll really envy at — those are the looks that most Filipinos wanted.

Okay, not to hate what is on my own, but I think Thai beauty is more enviable than Filipina beauty — well probably because Westerners do appreciate something that is really exotic to them, such as Venus Raj, sort of things like that but to idolize the Thais is “HOMG!” But if you’ll take a look at the Japanese, you’ll realize that your conceptions are wrong. Some people DID agree with me that there are prettier Japanese girls out there that you wanna date with.

Check these out…

LOL here’s what you wanna know most about… ehem!

Another thing to watch…

Oh, yes. It’s Nina Kodaka! The half-Filipino, half-Japanese soft-spoken lass is actually from StarStruck. It’s not only Iwa Moto who is another fella Japinoy who was one of the StarStruck people, but I really like to tell you that Nina’s more well-bred compared to Iwa.


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