Revised: Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC

If you’d notice that my account in dArt is lately about endless ranting, let me tell you about these bullshit that I encountered. Call me discontented, but please, it proved that my intensive research is true. I was right all along, and please, leave me be when I go shopping (yes, you manipulative narcissist, good thing I will not name-drop you here because that’s how I love you!) for I have higher standards and better taste.

Before you read this article, please read THIS and THIS. I am too keen and particular about things.

The kit lens is too honest when it comes to quality

Deeper blacks. LESSER Chromatic aberration shit. That is how I describe the kit lens. It may have limited focal length but at least its quality is unbeatable. NO NEED to use Photoshop and some add-ons. What you only need is this: Filters. UV filters, C-PL filters, there’s NOTHING wrong with it.

I’m sorry if I have to post the disadvantages of the Sigma lens, but let me tell you that the telephoto end has a crappy quality. Call it Made in Japan, but I don’t think it’s credible. Also, there’s NO OS.

This serves as a lesson to some Singaporean Chinese sellers out there. I don’t care if I get banned in SG for being too honest about the sellers’ behavior out there.

Also, there’s NO full-time manual focus. Aspect ratio? 1:8.

Aspect ratio 1:3 equates full-time manual focusing. Yeah, you may still insist that Sigma offers a variety of choices, but please, please, please! Always look at the quality (CA, extreme end clarity) first before buying it!

Add-ons are only putting weight to everything

I really do not want to discriminate, but the add-on macro lens and the wide-angle add-on isn’t working as well. It only worsens the amount of Chromatic Aberration and also the poor quality. The appeal is LOST. I think I made a big mistake during the year 2011. I should HAVE NOT BOUGHT ANYTHING IN SG.

If you’re going to buy camera equipment, I think it’s better in the Philippines. At least etiquette is observed by the Filipino people. Not being racist, but I think me personal experience would tell you to be more careful about choosing what is more credible or not.


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