Random Thoughts: R.Y.


Rico Yan is no other than… the matinee idol-next-door who died at the very height of his career. If you’d notice, he is best known for his good boy image.

He may not be a saint, but he was advocating education to everyone. This was also Antonello’s dream: Education for everyone.

However… Rico has a dark side. Or maybe not.

Rico’s… dark side?


It really sucks to write an article like this, but I have to admit, not really a shocking moment to know about his break-up with Claudine Barretto, yet their relationship ended like a tragedy.

Really bloody, isn’t it?

So Raymart Santiago was the third-party on the Rico-Claudine couple simply before the former matinee idol died in March 29. Alright, I don’t want to be judgmental right here, but it seems that the article is showing that Rico is the bad guy. Not to be concluding right here but for me, a guy like Rico won’t ever reveal his private life with Claudine.

Hindi talaga inaasahan na mangyayari ang ganitong insidente.

The break-up was thought to be something like hindi nagpapansinan sa isa’t isa, but reading the article was like, “Weh, hindi nga? So ang rift pala nila, nauwi lang sa rambulan!?”

I really cannot imagine Rico being a violent man. Well, I could, but looking at him, he’s not really very tough to hit a woman. However, Claudine’s ate Marjorie defended her and she said that Rico was the one hiding a girlfriend in Cebu.

The other side of the story shows that Claudine is a very jealous type of girlfriend — hindi talaga nakapagtataka. Ever since, Claudine always had a bad reputation, and you know what? Her reputation speaks for herself. From Mark Anthony Fernandez to Rico Yan, she ended up with Raymart Santiago. Well, I’m not saying that Ray is the bad guy, but if I were to be asked, I think it was Barretta who made patol, not Raymart.


What do you expect from a hypocrite like her? Being able to create a mess in NAIA isn’t really a good thing for a celebrity, and a mom. But at least, she admitted her mistake — but what she did is simply humiliating. Wala talaga siyang hiya, unlike some feisty stars, they would simply apologize for their mistakes.

Okay, Claudine and Rico won’t ever end up in a violent break-up if the former didn’t made patol with Raymart. True or not, I think it was Rico who was hurt, so you’ll really wonder if he really died of overdose.

It wasn’t his fault if he was hurt. Alam mong siya talaga ang mas credible sa issue because he cannot be an A-hoe unlike other actors who would openly deny a girl because of a free fellatio (HAHA, another parunggit!).

He is also the type of celebrity who won’t ever initiate any type of controversy — he came from a well-respected family and guess what? His Chinese roots was a plus factor for him to become an entrepreneur, owning different businesses… no idea if they’re still existing, though (even without his presence).

There are more things that I could say more about him compared to AJ Perez. I dunno, maybe because he reached the age of 20, at least, unlike the latter who died before his 20’s.

If you think that RY died of an overdose, you decide, but I really understand it — he died for a reason: HE WAS HEARTBROKEN. If you’re gonna slap to me that he never liked Claudine, well, get yo’ facts straight. Rico and Claudine became together, but there were different challenges:

1.) Rico’s family did not approve of Claudine at first.
2.) Claudine’s reputation is rusty.
3.) They’re exact opposites, overall.

So, history repeated itself when AJ Perez died of a tragic car crash. Nobody knows who he really is, but the AJsters were at least there to share the word that AJ’s legacy is still living… breathing fire. AJ became a poster boy for Eye Bank and Larunungan.

Indeed, people retain the legacy of their beloved ones. If you’d notice, there’s a Rico Yan Youth Foundation.


This is when Claudine Barretto started to relate with AJ’s girlfriend, Steph Ayson. The tragedy made them close with one another, thinking that this is the right time to get to know one another.

It’s really cool to have a non-showbiz partner. It was AJ’s decision to date someone NOT in showbiz because he believed that it is more peaceful in a non-showbiz world.

This is one lesson that we should learn: Showbiz relationships are never as good as non-showbiz relationships. Always apply a little mystery on it.


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