For the very nth time, AA Klenk is not the ideal girl (and a good example)! Take Two

Disclaimer: Photos are via (a web version of Instagram)

Do you think it’s sexy or slutty?

One very good comment stated:

Of course, this is really like good! I like this one!

AA is bald here… still looks gay, though. You defeated Justin Bieber! *jackpot*

This the song that she sang as a “recording artist.” Takte, parang bakla ang boses niya hahahaha.

Well, here’s another video… with a negative comment on it.

julius1416 stated:


White skin doesn’t rock at all. Well, occasionally, white skin is only for the elites, but for the real white-skinned people, they wish to be darker. Oh, hindi ba?

Pero ang white skin naman ni AA, parang Michael Jackson.


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