What is the hype with being fair-skinned and straight-haired!? Take Two

It’s really funny on how people would make fun of me hair. Come to think of it, straight hair is OK, but I find it boring and no style. If you’re thinking that straight hair is more attractive, I think that’s because it’s healthier and less sensitive. If you’re straight-haired yet big-faced, then you have a problem! It should be thick rather than thin.

People used to envy this n*gga hair of mine (to the black people, don’t take it against me this time! No intentions to be racist here), until I wanted to change it. GAH, why oh-so early!? Do you think it’s better not to have modifications at all!? I really HATE pleasing people, but if you were to ask me, I really hated myself for being not fair enough and being kinky at the same time.

Well, the first serious crush who told me that he likes fair skin and straight hair must be very blind. Ironically, he used to have a crush on someone who’s dark-skinned, and that is no other than Cass Ponti.

dolores.pinoyexchange.com|OMG lucky for Cass she chose Antonello!

I liked Cass not because she’s a true morena beauty, aside from the unkabogable Alex de Rossi, but because she has a tattoo on her abdomen (true, and me first serious crush at grade school crushes her too! Hahahaha, hypocrite of him, but I like those who make tattoos sexy). However, me momma doesn’t like her (and unfortunately, she finds AA good enough) because of her fake nose. At least Cass admits her fake nose. Cass is NOT very dark at all in person, but what you see on TV is what she is in person, too. But take a look at her height and hotness… she’s naturally-sexy.

Cass can carry all hair types: Straight and wavy. AND OF COURSE, she’s hotter than Lovi Poe.

Now what’s the big hype with Lovi Poe? She’s only brown-skinned, and that’s it! Unlike people like Bangs Garcia and Nikki Gil (also Janelle Manahan inserted!) who are real brown-skinned beauties, Lovi cannot be as sophisticated as them. Her youthful looks faded away simply because she wanted to fit in the “sosyal-istic” girls (e.g., Georgina Wilson, Solenn Heussaff).

There is MORE to life than making “puri” of AA(has!?)

Now I really don’t get the hype why Cristine Reyes is always pinupuri if her face is nakakaumay. That is accurately and precisely correct, to those who are fantards of AA! I hate to say this, but I think AA would never be a showbiz figure, if NOT for her more respectable onee-chan. I also do not get they hype why Ara is also being judged for being an attention whore. Believe it or not, Ara did earn her worth in showbiz with blood, sweat and tears, in a figurative sense. She’s really pretty and white-skinned, which she doesn’t have to brag about. In fact, she’s more classy than AA. HAHAHA, AA, beat that! Whatever you make “bato” to yer unnie is just… diabolical.

dolores.pinoyexchange.com|Look at AA’s nose! HAHAHA, but much more OK compared to the second nosejob.

Truth is, AA’s only have nice dimples (it’s like saying that the only attractive feature Ziyi Zhang has is her face shape). Trust me, if you’re gonna ask me, AA’s forehead and dimples are her only nice features. BAR NONE!

instagram|Now what can you say? Do you think her nose is too long?

I hate elaborating this, but AA’s face is nakakaumay. Madaling pagsawaan dahil siguro sa makeup or what, but quoting Pete Ampoloquio, AA is plain-looking, and have you seen the other blog post I have written recently?

Maganda ba siya sa lagay na ‘to!? I bet me iPhone on a NO.

Infairness ah, at least WHITE lang siya. Okay, call me insecure of her, but there’s NO way would I ever be insecure to someone who is slutty. Slutty to the point that there’s something cringe-inducing on her.

Another thing, I really find her speech so irritating. Apologies to everyone, but I think she’s never gonna be loved by the Japanese, or the Koreans. The Japanese will think that she’s doing enjo kosai just to earn a career, while the Koreans would demand her to commit suicide. East Asians will NEVER accept a slut like her… and here’s another BAD NEWS:

Pantene Philippines Facebook|Now she’s invading Nature Care! Achtung guys! She’s ruining Pantene again.

Frankly to Pantene, they cannot be like Avon. Avon has very high morality standards, while Pantene isn’t very picky at all. What I don’t like in Pantene is their endorsers — the bad guys, except Angelica Panganiban, of course (Angelica may be bitchy, but at least she does it with class). Now they’re lowering their standards, so this is what they get. A skank.

If most shampoos endorse women with straight hair, this time Pantene endorses people with wavy/curly hair. Yes, they promote beauty in all hair types, but their endorsers!? Oh, come on! Using the bad guys won’t help boost better businesses. All they got is skinny bitches, rather than healthy-looking ones. Thank goodness, no Kim Chiu did ever dare endorse Pantene.

This article won’t ever be complete without the following: Slender bodies (stick-thin this time) and errr… pressure on Korean females with regards to nip-tucking. Coming soon.


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